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UPDATE: Turns out that you are only supposed to be able to use 2 of the 3 available large slots. Edited the original post to reflect that. What I originally said below is incorrect.

Not sure where that impression came from. There could have been some confusion because the original list of kits to be handed out included 3 large buildings, 1 of which was the keep. Since the keep would be autoplaced, you'd really only have to place 2 of the kits. For the keep, we would have just been handing out the +1 kits for upgrading, but we'll now do that in round 2 of the distributions.

To my knowledge, you can place as many buildings as you have slots for and can afford the upkeep on. Right now, we won't be charging upkeep per building, but you'll want to keep that in mind and not place more than you think you're likely to be able to afford when we do start charging that.
Here's how the numbered slots are assigned:

Slot 1: Keep
Slot 2: Bank
Slot 3: Tavern
Slots 4-6: Large Structures (maximum of 2 can be placed, leaving 1 empty)
Slots 7-12: Medium Structures
Slots 13-22: Small Structures
Slots 23-32: Support Structures
Slots 33-82 (or unnumbered): Smallholdings

You'll get the Keep, Bank and Tavern automatically.

Edited: Added in the limitation that only 2 out of the 3 large slots can be used. The other slot sizes are limited only by the number of available slots.
We looked into the facility rating issue and the new plan for player settlements is to hook the facility rating into your settlement level, much like training. Your facility ratings start at 60 if you don't pay upkeep (settlement level 9), then rise to 70 at level 10, 85 at level 11, and 100 at level 12. After that, they rise by 25 for each settlement level until they hit 300 at settlement level 20.

When upgrading becomes available, the rule will pretty much be that each facility has a rating of 50 at +0, and gains 50 points for each upgrade.
My bad, sent the emails to the Settlement Leaders list, didn't know there was a separate list for Outlaw Council. All future notifications will be sent there.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Will we be able to use the assorted songs, psalms, writings, texts and insane meanderings to make codices for the libraries?

Not at the moment, but we've often talked about making it possible to craft a collection of those writings into some kind of book. It's possible that sometime post-EE11 I could look into doing something similar to the codices with them, though I've always hoped we could get some tech that would make it so that you can only craft the collection when you have all the writings available in a particular group. Definitely worth looking into though.
Forgot to mention, I did manage to update the crafting recipes on the public spreadsheet to include the bulk of the items that need to be crafted in order to then craft structure kits, such as decorative censers and builder's blessings. I haven't put up the codex recipes, probably need to crate a whole new sheet and process for that, but they're extremely simple: 10 recipes/expendables of the appropriate kind, and all require rank 5 in the most closely associated crafting skill (for example, armorsmiths can make armorsmith and fighter codices).
Also, FYI, you generally have to craft a codex from 10 recipes/expendables, then refine a codex collection from a variable number of codices (gotta love English for its creative pluralization). So, for example, you'd craft smelter recipes into smelter codices, then refine those codices (plus some other stuff) into smelter codex collections, which you'd then use to craft a smeltmill structure kit.

For the library structure kit, you'll need what's called a reference collection. That's made largely from reference books, and any codex counts as a reference book. Essentially, a reference collection is just another codex collection, except it can be made from a variety of codex types, instead of requiring that all the codices are of the same type.
Do the levels of the ingredients provide any benefit? For example is a level 8 apothecary recipe equal in value to a level 1?

All recipes count the same, so you'll want to use whichever ones you can obtain most easily and/or cheaply, or have the biggest stockpile of.
Thanks Bob, items like targeting dummies, staff uniforms, etc are finished goods that we'll need to know the recipe list to plan what we can make.. As Midnight pointed out the codexes may be difficult. What are they? A collection of recipes and if so which ones? There was talk months ago of new tech needed to encompass multiple types of ingredients into one category. For example, we could replace any steel weapon for any prerequisite of 'steel longsword'. Is this still the case, or are the components we're seeing the final ones?

The crafting/refining codexes will be made from recipes matching their feats (10 apothecary recipes can be turned into 1 apothecary codex), while the role-based codexes will be made from expendables (10 trophy charm maneuvers can be turned into 1 fighter codex).

The tech for allowing multiple types of ingredients will be used here so that any recipe of the appropriate type will work. Later, we might reuse that for other things, but the recipes you see should be what we're going with for now.
Date and time confirmed.