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Can you edit your first post in this thread with the new information on how this will work now, as it is, your need to read over 5 pages to understand what is going on…

Include the "Edited:" tag with what was changed

Sent our list to you Bob. I did not include our picks for +2 kits. If you want that now, as well, please just let us know. smile

Thanks for sending that in. There's no need to send in the +2 requests at this time, I'll let you all make those choices when the time comes.

Edited: Turns out that any kits I hand out prior to EE11 wouldn't be as inactive as I thought. To prevent any accidental usage, we'll wait until EE11 goes live and the kits are all properly set up before distributing these.
Bob I didn't want this to get lost or overlooked; we will want this before making selections:

"Bob, now that you're asking us for selections are the recipes finalized? Can we see the components needed to craft the kits ourselves? Our decision to select kits will be influenced by what we can craft. Are all of the components made from common recipes, or is it possible we won't be able to finish kits without obtaining some uncommon recipes for components like uniforms, codexes, etc?"

It looks like the recipes for the structure kits themselves are already in the public spreadsheet. They're on a separate tab.

However, the recipes for some of the crafted components don't seem to be up there yet. I'll see what I can do about that. I did check a sampling of those recipes and they appeared to be common recipes that you get automatically. Can't guarantee they all are, but I'll also try to find that out.
I'd like to make a slight change to the plan, just to make things a little safer. Since the +1 and +2 kits are really meant for upgrading buildings, and since you won't be able to upgrade things yet in EE11, I'd like to hold off on distributing those and just hand out the +0 kits for now. That will make it a little easier for us to verify that all the proper kits are being handed off during each trade (shorter lists to check) and will prevent anyone from accidentally using a +1 or +2 kit before upgrading is possible.

This will mean making a separate pass in the future to hand out the rest of the kits, but better safe than sorry for something this important.

If anyone can see a problem with this, let me know.
Send your picks, along with the name of the character who'll be receiving the kits, to
The current structures vary based on the current settlement types. So NPC settlements will still be 50 facility rating, crafting settlements (pre EE11) will be 200 and adventure settlements will be 100 no matter what kits are chosen? I just want to clarify and make everyone aware. It's important to remember if settlements are planning changes to their existing offerings.

Okay, that's more complicated than I was aware of, and doesn't sound appropriate once you're hand placing buildings. I'll look into that further.
The general sentiment seems to be in favor of letting settlements choose their kits relatively freely, and I'm more than willing to put in the work to make that happen, so let's go for it. To keep it simple, each settlement will get to choose 8 small structure kits, 3 medium structure kits, and 2 large structure kits. All settlements will get Keep structure kits as a 3rd large kit. For each structure chosen (including the Keep), the settlement will get a +0 and a +1 kit. I'll also try to distribute the +2 kits from the War of Towers at the same, but need to discuss that briefly with Lisa to make certain I understand who's supposed to get what.

I looked into the possibility of distributing these using something similar to the premium packs, but I think the easiest and lowest-risk method is still for me to put together the sets of kits manually. On the positive side, that means I can actually get a headstart handing these kits out before EE11, but I'll wait until at least Wednesday to start doing so to let you all try to poke holes in this plan. There's no rush to get these distributed, so you can wait right up until EE11 to decide what you want, or even wait a bit past that if you're still undecided. I'm not sure exactly when EE11 will go live, but it will certainly be later than Wednesday. Beyond that, we're trying to get it out there as soon as we can, and we'll provide as much warning as possible before it's ready to go.
Another question is what will the facility ratings be on the post EE11 crafting stations? Today there is a difference between crafting vs non crafting vs NPC right? Ratings are very important for crafting times and the chance for crits.

For the moment, the facility rating in these new structures should work exactly as it does in your current structures. When the upgrading system is fully implemented, I believe the facility rating will be based on the plus value of the structure.
Do the structure kit items currently exist, just without the functionality required to do anything with them? If so, then distribution need not be delayed until EE11.

The kits do already exist, so I might be able to get a headstart on distributing them. The treasure boxes that would make it easier for me to deliver the template-based sets of kits wouldn't be in until EE11, but that's less relevant if you all just get to choose your own kits. However, I can only do the distribution when I don't happen to have other work that needs doing on EE11, and there's still quite a bit to do.
Quijenoth Starkiller
Bob - to alleviate the stress of time simply hand out basic +0 buildings according to the locations current templates - let them wait for the higher plus ones when you have time to dish them out.

Oddly, due to a fluke of the way I put things into my inventory, it's a pretty trivial amount of additional work to hand out the +1 kits at the same time as the +0 kits, so it's best to do them at the same time. If it was a lot of work, I'd definitely put it off since they won't be useful for upgrading yet.