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All posts created by Bob

Eventually we will need +2s when the system for individual management of DI and resources is released post EE11, but I was under the impression that we'd still be using the current system of setting max level using the same resource requirements of today irregardless of building level. Bob can you confirm?

Correct. With EE11, you'll be able to place the +0 structures, but you won't be able to upgrade them yet. Until that system goes in (and possibly even for a little while past that), you'll continue to set your Settlement Level just as you do now.
The only issues that occur to me right now would be an inability to train, craft, or run auctions until you can build those structures. Any crafting you'd already started, items you'd already offered to sell, or bids you'd set up, would continue to operate in the background. If anyone else can think of something they do at a structure, or by interacting with characters associated with a structure, those would also be blocked.

That said, I'm pretty sure I'd get everything handed out within a couple days, so it wouldn't be a long delay.
The vast majority of the monster hexes are all treated equally and should have the exact same probabilities for starting any particular escalaton. The only exceptions are the ones near Thornkeep that are now restricted to running the tutorial escalation.

I really have no clear idea why the monster hexes near Aragon have had such bad luck. Every time I've tested the system the probabilities appeared to be working correctly. It's completely random, so it's possible to just have a run of bad luck. It's also possible that many of the times those hexes tried to launch escalations, there were already a lot of T2 escalations elsewhere, lowering the odds of getting one. It's possible to push the odds up by clearing your hexes, then killing off more distant T2 escalations and leaving distant T1 escalations alone until your nearby hexes repopulates. That takes a fair amount of travel, and only increases the odds rather than guaranteeing anything.

All that said, I've already made some adjustments for EE11 to increase the odds for T2 escalations and decrease the odds for T1 escalations. That should improve the situation for everyone.
Having the escalations alter the ability to gather is something we've always wanted to do, and there are some possibilities that wouldn't be too hard. We'll just have to see how that fits into the priorities after EE11.
I'll admit the growth rates and strength rewards for the escalations may need some adjusting to match the current server population. We plan to eventually add some more dynamic aspects to those to help them self-balance a bit more, but in the short-run I may need to just make some temporary adjustments to keep the world more balanced.

One option would be to remove the growth from the few escalations that still use it. They do seem to be sticking around longer than intended at this point, and a lower population makes them more unpredictable than before.

I could also introduce negative growth to the escalations pretty easily, much like I used to have in the mini-escalations. That would effectively create a timer for each of them that would cause the Win Boss to start appearing after a certain number of days. Once the Win Boss is available, I'd expect someone to come take it out pretty quickly for the boss rewards.

I could also raise the fallow times slightly. That would mean everyone having to travel a little further to find an escalation sometimes, but might also help get the escalations in less populated areas some more attention. If most of the settlements find that there are usually escalations running in the majority of monster hexes near them, that's a sign that the fallow times are too low.
I definitely appreciate the concern about crushing me under the workload, but even giving everyone complete choice of 8 small, 3 medium and 3 large structures is feasible. It would just take longer and potentially push more settlements into not getting their kits on launch day.

I'm also sympathetic to the concerns that making things too easy on everyone has problems, but I think with the current player levels it will still be a reasonable challenge for settlements to build beyond the base kits they'd be receiving, not to mention the need for more +2 through +5 kits in the future. I also think there'd still be some incentive for some settlements to trade between each other, as some settlements might prefer more or less buildings of certain sizes.

All in all, I'm happy to do the extra work involved if the community is okay with slower delivery of the kits and generally agrees that the extra choice is good for the game at this point in time. It would certainly help ensure that there's a good variety of training and crafting available across the map shortly after EE11 goes live.

I'd also like to say that I'm deeply appreciative of all the contstructive feedback that's been give here, and even more appreciative that so many of you have stuck with us through all the ups and downs of the development process. That gives me more than enough incentive to reward everyone with a little extra choice here.
Being able to swap one of each building size is a bit redundant, since all class combo templates have the two large buildings they may want.
When I said 3 buildings, I ment ANY 3 buildings of ANY size
(i.e. swapping; 3 smalls, 3 mediums, 1 of each, 2 mediums and 1 small, 2 smalls and 1 medium, 1 Large and 2 mediums etc).

Fair point. Once you've had your pick of templates, I guess odds are pretty good that you've already chosen the one with the large buildings you wanted.

I'd be fine with 3 swaps of any size.
Is that quoted revised list by Lee no longer the plan?

If we decide on a plan that's in some way based on the original templates, then I would still use those lists for each template. For example, I could just let each settlement pick whichever template they want, or settlements could pick a template and then be allowed a small number of changes.

Also, can you give a brief reason why whatever kits we may choose are more time consuming? My gut is telling me that they must not be "objects" like the ones that GM's create with a command.

For the template lists, I created what we call treasure boxes containing everything in them for each template, except for the Cathedrals which require a specific choice from each settlement. Once I teleport to the settlement representative, I type in one command to add the appropriate treasure box, possibly two more commands to add the Cathedral +0 and +1 kits, and then just trade everything in my inventory over to the representative. Getting the proper items into my inventory is pretty quick.

If everyone can choose their items, then even if I get lists in advance, I have to manually create each kit. The most straight-forward way for me to do that is to use a GM command for each kit, which makes for typing a lot of commands accurately without copy/paste. At least I get to repeat the +0 commands to add the +1 versions, but it definitely makes it slower for me to get the proper items in my inventory before arriving for the trade. Alternatively, I could make treasure boxes containing every possible kit that I need and then just carefully add the ones I need to the trade window. Either way, it requires a lot more care to make sure I give each settlement exactly what they're supposed to get.

I suspect with the template kits, it would take no more than 2 minutes to prep my inventory and put all the items in the
inventory. Adding a little variety on top of that might add 1-2 minutes to the process, while having every settlement get a totally unique list might push it to 10 minutes, largely because of the extra care required to make sure I get it right.

One more ???: Could you just reactivate the mechanic on the login screen that gave us the New Player Packs and put the kits in those? Couldn't you even do that and have it activate when EE11 goes live?

That's an interesting thought we hadn't considered. I'll have to look into that on Monday. If it's feasible, I still couldn't apply the kits to the appropriate accounts until EE11 goes live, but I could at least do it pretty quickly, and without all that time-consuming teleporting.
Seith of Coedwig
There was nothing that ever led me to believe we'd be able to make individual kits. Simply having the option to select a new template is all we ever expected.

Understood, but as expected, opening up this conversation got people talking about the possibility of everyone being given even more choice than that. I'm certainly not against that, but I'd like to both keep the amount of choices reasonable and give everyone the same choices (with the exception of the extra choices available based on the War of Towers, which are clearly only for specific settlements).
Let the rule be; Pick a settlement template and limited up to 3 building swaps.

Something along those lines could be a reasonable compromise. Another variant would be to allow everyone to swap one building of each size (S/M/L). Either way, it would only add a couple minutes to getting each transaction prepared, and I'd probably still get kits delivered to everyone who could make themselves available that first day.