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FYI, the option of letting every settlement choose from among the template-based kits is not significantly more complicated than restricting settlements to their current templates. It's only when settlements can make specific kit choices that things really start to slow down. It's still possible, just slower, and it might be hard to be patient while your settlement sits empty.
My understanding is that a fair amount of trading has been going on based on the structure kits various settlements have been expecting to receive. Some players might regret some of those trades if they turned out to be unnecessary, though perhaps some additional flexibility in which structures they're getting would balance that out. And if those trades were for recipes, those will still be necessary to get +2 and above kits when upgrading becomes possible.
Being organized about things would definitely make the whole process easier to manage, and there's a way I could set things up for EE11 to make it a little easier to put each set of kits together. It would still mean a lot more manual work putting each set together, and would increase the odds that some settlements might not get their kits right away, possibly even taking a few days to get everything sorted out. Just something to keep in mind.
Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
@ Bob,

Why can't we just get a uncategorized (except for plot size) menu of structures?

Maybe even let us combine plots in various ways, to add even greater diversity. Ie. 2 x smalls = medium; 3x smalls = large; Medium + Small = Large.

With this system, a settlement would still be prevented from doing all things.

With me handing out all the kits manually, providing a full choice of kits would slow the process down quite a bit. We'd also hoped to have settlements do at least some trading between each other. All that said, it's worth considering. There may also be some ways to provide a smaller number of choices on top of a core set of kits.
So, it's become clear that some decisions to claim a settlement were made based on implications that we'd be letting those settlements pick a template later. Along with that, there was some precedent for letting some other settlements switch templates when they switched owners.

Had we realized this offer had even been implied before all the work was done to claim these settlements, the conversation would likely have gone very differently. Fortunately, nothing has been done at this point that blocks us from reconsidering this decision and changing the way things get handed out.

I'm still concerned that any decision to make this choice more or less flexible for any or all settlements will be justifiably disappointing to a considerable segment of the settlements. However, now that this conversation is out there, I'd like to hear more opinions about what seems fairest to everyone.

I also recognize that some discussion of this topic might involve mention of settlement strategies or opinions you'd rather not discuss on the forums. If you'd rather discuss your opinion with me privately, please contact me at
Had a posted reply here for a second, but just deleted it based on possible new information. My impression was that the offer to give a choice of settlement kits was made after the settlements were claimed. If it was made beforehand, then we'll have to reconsider. I'll look into this further.
I'm getting things set up so that I can distribute all the settlement kits for EE11. Each settlement will get to choose 8 small structure kits, 3 medium structure kits, and 2 large structure kits. All settlements will automatically come with a Keep and a Bank.

For now, I will only be distributing the +0 versions of these kits. When upgrading of structures is ready to go live, I'll distribute the +1 versions for all the previous choices (plus the Keep), along with any +2 kits each settlement gets to choose based on War of Towers participation.

Please send your list of choices, along with the name of the representative who will be receiving the kits, to I will begin distributing the kits as soon as EE11 goes live.

Edited: The original plan was to restrict everyone to kits based on each settlement's current template. After much discussion below, we switched to the new plan detailed above.

Edited Again: Turns out that any kits I hand out prior to EE11 wouldn't be as inactive as I thought. To prevent any accidental usage, we'll wait until EE11 goes live and the kits are all properly set up before distributing these.
It is possible to extend it to 60 minutes?

It's certainly possible. A longer timer gives you more time to prepare yourself before going back to reclaim your stuff. A shorter timer provides a little time pressure to do so quickly, and somewhat simulates the ultimate goal of having everyone expect that an unprotected husk will get looted by other players fairly quickly. It also further cuts down the number of husks in the world at any one time.

Our original thinking was along the lines that 30 minutes gives everyone enough time to run from the shrine to the nearest town, then back to the husk, with 10 or more minutes to spare. It was also that 30 minutes felt like a long time to expect a husk to go unlooted. It would be interesting to hear whether others regularly find that timer too restrictive, or feel that even with a higher population husks would regularly go unlooted for longer times under various situations where we wouldn't want to apply a little time pressure.
The lists of active auctions don't get refreshed as you're looking at them, so it's quite possible for a particular offering to time out or be purchased by another player between the time you got the list of available items and the time you actually tried to make the purchase. However, if you're opening the auction house and immediately finding yourself unable to buy a variety of items, then that would require some investigation to figure out.
Your previous husk should only disappear if it is either fully looted or if it is more than 30 minutes old. However, Maxen is correct, the mini-map only shows the most recent husk. I'll file a feature request to see if we can improve on that.