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Two more questions, Phyllain:

1: Going off MidknightDiamond's comment, did you play on one of your alts between logging Venmis off after posting the sale and then logging back in?

2: Did you have any other items for sale at the time that you'd posted earlier?
Ryan makes a good point about transaction delays, and your comments that the items hadn't actually sold and that you logged out and back in before noticing the missing money give me a point to start. I'd been using full purchases, when I should be focusing on items that were simply put up for sale. Logging out and back in may also be an important part of replicating it, we'll see.

A few other things I'd like to ask:

1: Were you carrying any coins in your inventory when you put the armor up for sale?
2: Did much else happen between putting the items up for sale and then noticing the missing money? Or did you put them up for sale, log out right afterward, then notice the missing money right after logging back in?
3: Were there any downtimes between putting the items up for sale and noticing the missing money?
4: Did you put the items up for sale at 60 silver period, or were they starting at 60 silver and dropping to a lower price?

Sorry about the third degree, but since the auction houses generally seem to be working, it's likely to be some tiny, seemingly insignificant detail that's essential to replicating the problem.
I've tried duplicating this, but every time I test out a purchase, all the money changes hands properly. Can you provide more details so I can better understand what happened?
There's no difference between how that works at any specific percentage, it just always gains .00001% of the strength of its neighbors, which I believe always gets rounded down to zero. At worst, it could account for 1 point of growth per hour.

The growth you're seeing now is all from internal sources. The source hex gets 80 points per hour naturally, and then gets additional points if an event times out (135 for the Strike Forces, 275 for the Drill Sergeants). Since Ustalav Invaders only has 1 phase, those growth rates aren't affected by the current strength of the escalation. In multi-phase escalations, the events that spawn are based on the current phase, which is based on the current strength, so in those cases the exact strength number could make a big difference.

Because there's basically no reinforcement going on, attacking infected hexes doesn't contribute significantly to taking out the source.
More upcoming escalation changes posted here:

Beans spilled here:
There are a lot of good ideas here, and many of them are in line with things we'd already been hoping to do. In the short-run, I'm going to look at changing most of the escalations to remove the timers from events and remove their growth mechanics. Since they won't recover their strength losses anymore, all your progress battling them will be preserved. At that point, the main time pressure to take the escalations out yourselves will be the desire to claim all the rewards for those escalations for yourselves. And the only time pressure on the events will be that they need to be completed before downtime each day to get full credit for them.

Speaking of rewards, I'll also look at adding some extra rewards for tackling events, since those are the easiest things for me to attach such rewards to. For the moment, those rewards will have to be from the existing loot tables, but they should provide a nice little incentive for choosing to take on the events.

Where it makes the most sense, I'll leave in the growth mechanics (Skeletal Uprising, Skull-Basher Ogres and Mordant Spire come to mind, there are probably a couple others). And when it comes time to start ramping up the expansion mechanic, I'll only bring it back to a select number of escalations, which I'll probably restrict to one instance each. Those in turn will have greater rewards to balance out the extra effort required by their growth factor.

I'll also steadily start transitioning more of the escalations toward the reverse strength style of Elemental Rift, which is actually a lot easier to do when growth is removed from the equation. They'll require a little rebalancing to make sure that working your way through all the phases doesn't make them too hard, but that shouldn't be a problem.

Larger changes will have to wait on code, but the things listed above can be done using the tools I have available now. They'll just take a little time to roll out.

A couple quick things to point out. For EE9, I cut the reinforcement mechanic to effectively zero, so now source hexes don't get additional strength from neighboring infected hexes. However, I didn't cut the other forms of growth. Source hexes still get their natural growth each hour (that's a constant, steady number), along with small amounts of growth whenever an event times out (that number depends on what events spawn and when they time out, so they provide less even growth).

For the "one-hit wonder" feature, even when that's gone at the top of the hour, all remaining orphaned hexes have a 10x multiplier every time an escalation mob is killed, so it should take 1/10 as long to clear them out.

Offering a bounty for clearing the escalation is an excellent choice. There are at least two companies accepting commissions for taking on escalations, and I'm sure others would be open to a deal.
A big reason for wanting the eventual implementation of the escalations to have a lot of negative aspects is that one of our long-term goals is to make escalations effectively one of the weapons in settlement vs settlement warfare. We want settlements to plant escalations in the middle of enemy territory in order to open up a new front in a war. To make that a viable tactic, escalations need to include downsides, since otherwise their enemies would simply thank them for all the extra resources.

That said, part of the issue is that we currently really only have one kind of escalation, and we've kind of been putting all our eggs in one basket. As we've been reviewing the escalation structure, it's becoming clear that we need to have a few different kinds of escalations for different purposes. We need some that spread and some that don't. We need some that get stronger when ignored and some that can only be made weaker (we made a partial step in that direction already with the mini-escalations). Similarly, we probably want many of the escalations to focus almost entirely on rewards as incentives (the kind of content you really want near you), and then some others that focus more on penalties (the kind of content your enemies want near you). Just because some escalations need to be feared, doesn't mean they all need to be feared.

In the case of these bosses (the ones that only appear because the escalation's been allowed to grow near full strength), I tend to focus on using negatives to make them interesting and meaningful purely because you're not supposed to want them to appear. For the mini-escalations, I've actually removed them, since those never get stronger. I'll probably remove them from some others as well now that it's been working well for the mini's, and leave them in where they feel most appropriate.
The way those boss events work is that they only show up because the escalation was allowed to spiral out of control, so putting big rewards on them would be problematic. I'd like to eventually make them more meaningful by having their presence have more impact on the escalation (maybe it's harder to damage the escalation while they're out, or the escalation spreads each time they're out for a certain amount of time without being killed), so you'd all have a big reason to want to get rid of them, and even more reason to prevent the escalation from reaching that point to begin with. With that in, I could think about adding some more loot, just not enough to fully balance out the consequences of letting them appear in the first place.

I'd also like to have eliminating them reduce the strength substantially, but there's currently no way for me to attach strength drops to the boss events. Unfortunately, all of these changes will have to wait for some programming time.