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There is a known issue that can allow an escalation to seem to take more hexes than it's allowed. There's a brief moment after downtime where the escalations are able to spread while they're not fully hooked up, then the reacquire enough hexes to meet their maximum. The end result is that there may be more infected hexes than the maximumum, but only those up to the maximum actually run events and such. The others should all be orphans. Which ones are acquired and which are orphans can shift a little each day.
Awesome thanks

How are current OGG, Duegar, Ustie, MS, and Elemental numbers in EE8 to compare?

I think the only big change I made for EE9 was to drop the Elemental Rift Max Instances from 4 to 2. Anything that has a home hex also got dropped by 1 (except for Ogg), to balance out the variant that will regularly run in the home hex, so the total for those remains the same. The old Ogg still has a Max Instances of 1, plus the home hex version will give him an official total of 2. That said, a bug was already causing him to run 2 times despite his official max of 1, and may have allowed some other escalations to run 1 extra time as well.
Here are the EE9 numbers for all the escalations:

Bandit Raid: Max Instances = 5, Max Hexes = 4
Bonedancers: Max Instances = 5, Max Hexes = 30
Broken Men: Max Instances = 5, Max Hexes = 9
Duergar Slavers: Max Instances = 4, Max Hexes = 9
Elemental Rift: Max Instances = 2, Max Hexes = 9
Float Any River: Max Instances = 3, Max Hexes = 4
Goblin Ghouls: Max Instances = 2, Max Hexes = 12
Goblin Raid: Max Instances = 5, Max Hexes = 4
Mercenary Raid: Max Instances = 5, Max Hexes = 4
Moloch Cultists: Max Instances = 2, Max Hexes = 6
Mordant Spire: Max Instances = 3, Max Hexes = 6
Nature's Wrath: Max Instances = 3, Max Hexes = 21
Razmiran Cultists: Max Instances = 2, Max Hexes = 9
Ripping Chains: Max Instances = 4, Max Hexes = 30
Skeletal Uprising: Max Instances = 5, Max Hexes = 15
Skull-Basher Ogres: Max Instances = 2, Max Hexes = 6
Undying Ogg: Max Instances = 1, Max Hexes = 7
Ustalav Invaders: Max Instances = 2, Max Hexes = 12

The new home hex variants use the same Max Hexes settings, they just all have their Max Instances set to 0 so they'll only appear in the home hexes.

understandable, I am just trying to think outside the box until you get the bug fixed…, what about putting a hard cooldown on each monster hex of 2-3 days before it can respawn anything? is this what the fallow time is attached to already or is it tied to the specific type of escalation that was recently killed in that spot?

That's kind of what the fallow system does. When an escalation is defeated, it tells the hex not to launch another escalation for a certain number of hours, that number being specified by the defeated escalation. That effectively puts a cooldown on the hex. Unfortunately, something about downtime is clearing or ignoring that cooldown.
Duffy Swiftshadow
Do you have a rough man hours expectation for the T2 escalations in terms of time to grind down? Curious what your expectations are compared to what is actually going on in some areas of the map.

Currently, most of the T2 escalations could be beaten down with about 8 hours of effort from an appropriately-leveled party, adding one additional hour for every day the escalation has been around. That party could be 2-3 high-level characters or 20-30 low-level characters, whatever works. The important thing is that the party is completing events efficiently and generally doesn't have to use a lot of time-consuming battle tactics.
Maybe a stop gap solution would be only do server shutdown and maintanence every 2-3 days and extend the time needed on those days…..the server survived paizocon whe it wasn't shut down for the whole weekend so I am pretty sure this is doable… this way you are forcing the fallow times onto the server….

Unfortunately, a fair number of things are tied to downtime at this point. The system can survive when daily maintenance is skipped, but it's definitely preferable for it to happen on time each day.

I think you answered all questions and concerns except for mine (page 2). smile

Yeah, I was still vaguely pondering what I would want to do in terms of starting up a thread. Hadn't realized it came up in last night's chat. I see you started a thread up, which works for me. I'll engage there when I can.
At prime times when we have a few groups clearing, it goes about this pace…I am mainly concerned with mid week off times when there is only myself and 2-4 others working on MS….. And yes we do at least one quest inside our 2 hour slot…… Once again, I wouldn't be requesting any change if you would just get the fallow bug fixed…If were putting in the work to "Grind" it down while fighting against a considerable uptick then we shouldn't be faced with any possibility that the very next server reset we will get the same T2 to repop and have to grind it all over again without any rest. by dialing back the uptick until the bug is fixed, we will still be putting in the work but at least we wouldn't feel like we were Salmon fighting to get upstream everyday.

Yeah, progress would be expected to be a bit slower during times you can only pull together a smaller party, so that's somewhat expected. As long as you're finishing quests, at least you're getting full credit for your efforts.

Since the home hexes are guaranteed repeats, those are the ones I focused on lowering the upticks for in EE9. For typical monster hexes, I would expect the chance of a T2 repeat to be less than 5%. Definitely annoying if it happens, but at least it's unlikely.

Out of curiosity, for the hexes you're dealing with, are there neighboring settlements for whom those monster hexes are also a threat? If so, can you get them to share the load, or could you push the escalation in their direction if they're uncooperative? Mordant Spire is a particularly good candidate for steering away from your settlement, since it can only take 6 total hexes and mostly stops expanding once it hits the max. Alternatively, could you hire another company to assist in clearing those hexes, essentially offloading any encroaching repeats so you can focus on more varied escalations elsewhere, or just on other activities?
Regarding the fallow time bug itself…..whatare you up against with the coding that is not working? I know that there are many genius programmers here in the game and on the forums, have you tried in another thread to solicit anyone's help on figuring out the solution? This should be a priority PVE wise in my opinion to get fixed ASAP.

Most issues like this come down to some specific flaw buried in the code, so only folks with code access can really hunt the problem down. Ours is a very complex system with lots of moving parts that interact in interesting ways, so sometimes it just takes a while to isolate the point of failure. Once found, the fixes often turn out to be fairly simple.
The current hourly uptick numbers are still at 1/4 of the intended level.

[For home hexes] I have further lowered the growth rate for EE9 down to 1/5 of their regular versions.

Bob, sorry to pester about this, but I can read those two ways:

1. In EE9, the growth rate of Escalations in Home Hexes will be 1/5 of their intended rate, which is 4/5 of their current rate.


2. In EE9, the growth rate of Escalations in Home Hexes will be 1/5 of their current rate, which is 1/20 of their intended rate.

Can you please verify which of those is correct?

Interpretation 2 is correct.