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Ryan Dancey
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Did you mean ""?
Ninja edit FTW!
Since we're still trying to figure out what exactly is causing the fallow time issue, I've gone ahead and prepared a partial fix for the home hexes to go out with EE9. I figured out a way to take advantage of the bug allowing Ogg to appear in two places when he's only set to one, allowing me to create special variants of the escalations for the home hexes. Those variants will generally operate just like the regular escalations, except that they'll grow in strength and spread to their neighbors at 1/5 the rate of their peers. Because they're technically new escalations, they'll all immediately orphan their neighbors, so the home hexes will effectively be starting fresh with these much slower growth rates.

In addition, I've lowered the number of Elemental Rift escalations to take into account how much longer they take to deal with than most other escalations.

To clarify the changes that I've made recently, I did lower the chances for the mini-escalations to spawn slightly. I can't remember for certain, but I may also have raised the number of some T2s allowed to spawn, but not by much (if any). Between that and adding the Elemental Rift escalation, the chances of a T2 escalation spawning did increase, but they should be on the order of 50-75% more likely to spawn. The T1 escalations would also be a little more likely to spawn, but I didn't add any new ones of those, so maybe more like 25% more likely.

I have not yet raised the speed with which escalations grow or expand, with the exception of the mini-escalations, for which I took away their natural drops in strength. I do plan on eventually adjusting those growth/expansion numbers, but not until the number of players justifies it.

As Lisa said, we are meeting tomorrow to discuss escalations and figure out the best ways to improve on the system. There are many things about the system that work well for our sandbox, but as a totally new system, we're still learning a lot about what works and what doesn't now that you're all interacting with it more regularly, and now that it's feeding into other systems like holdings. We definitely appreciate all the feedback as it really helps us balance the experience and focus our efforts.
Earlier today in-game, a player (I believe it was Sperin) asked me whether the restriction on infected hexes only reinforcing from stronger hexes to weaker hexes also applied when attempting to infect a neighboring hex. In other words, could you prevent a hex from hitting its infection threshold by knocking its already infected neighbors below that threshold first? I did some testing and the answer is yes, the restriction applies to infection as well as reinforcement, so this is a valid strategy.
Clearly I need a bigger monitor.
Which hex is that in, and where is the outpost located in the hex?
I tried a few things to duplicate this issue but didn't have any luck. If anyone else has run into similar issues recently and can give some specifics about how the death occurred, maybe we'll spot some similarities and be able to narrow in on the cause.
Defenders and Silencers now give 18, and Champions give 26. It's almost a 50% increase over their old numbers of 12.5 and 18.

To balance that out, the events dropped by about 40%. Their original numbers were close to 700, so they both dropped closer to 400. However, the Stormcaller event then got credit for all those dead Stormcallers, so its final reward nearly doubled over its old one.
I lowered the strength rewards for events overall and raised the strength rewards for killing each mob. In general, pursuing events should give you more rewards along the way (for killing associated mobs, along with killing other mobs to make room for the events to occur), but less on the back end, for a total reward that's roughly the same as before.

There were also a couple cases where I made more significant adjustments because I discovered some faulty assumptions or math errors along the way, so some things may have changed even more dramatically.

In addition, I boosted the event rewards for those events that require killing specific mobs, since those mobs don't properly pay out. Those events got significantly more rewarding and should help speed things up.
On further reflection, it looks like it will be okay for me to lower the spread rates even further for the mini-escalations, so I'm going to go ahead and do that for EE9. They'll still occasionally spread very quickly if their neighbors were already partially infected, but it will usually be 3-4 days before they spread at all.
The server side fix is up and running on Zog.