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The two new monster hexes to the south and east of Thornkeep are restricted to Mini-Escalations. Those do spread faster than normal escalations, but they also never get very strong and can only spread to a total of 4 hexes each. Also, the mobs they spawn are pretty low level, so they're not significantly worse to have around than the default mobs. In fact, they may even make life easier for new players since there won't be any random Duergar or Elementals in hexes infected by Mini-Escalations.

As a side note, I have toned down their spread rates to better match the rates they had before EE8 (when they stopped dropping in strength naturally, but that will only make a small difference.
The way Ogg is set up, what should happen is that Ogg bounces between his home hex and a random hex. If he's defeated in his home hex, he should be blocked from respawning there for 72 hours. During that time, he's pretty likely to spawn somewhere else. By the time he's defeated at that other location, his home hex will hopefully have run through its 72 hour fallow time, so he should respawn there within an hour. There are a couple bugs keeping it from operating exactly that way, but at least his current behavior spawns him out of his home hex once in a while.
We're still looking into what can be done for any influence lost to this bug.
When a feud ends, 80% of the cost of that feud should be returned to the company at the next downtime. Instead, the company's influence is being set to that value. So a company that has 500 influence and spends 100 influence on a feud will show 400 available influence the rest of the day (500 - 100). The next day after the feud ends, that company will have 80 available influence (80% of 100), when they should have 480 (400 + 80).

We've tracked down the bug and will roll out a fix as soon as we can.
Unfortunately the feud system appears to be bugged and I would suggest that anyone else thinking of feuding hold off until the devs have had a chance to poke around a bit. Instead of reducing my influence of 12.k by 20% of the 129 influence points required (i.e. by 24 points) to feud Bloodstone Swords after the feud, it reduced my influence TO 129 points so it cost me over 1k influence points expended to feud the GW company.

We took a close look at the code for this and unfortunately that's exactly what's happening. We're working on getting a fix out as quickly as we can.
Yeah, we've seen several weird cases like that, still haven't been able to track down the exact cause. They usually seem to clear up at the next downtime, though that could just be coincidence. We'll keep trying to figure it out.
Probably due to you being the only one there. Hexes become more crowded the higher the traffic (them not going away is what caused the issue with a previous update).

Actually, since that bug was fixed, the number of encounters of each size inside a hex should remain pretty constant. However, if you're the only person/party in the hex, and you're restricting yourself to particular parts of the hex (following the road, staying on the half closest to your settlement), then the number of encounters in the area you're patrolling will drop, while the number in the area you're avoiding will rise. But if you're covering the entire hex, this shouldn't be a problem.

There is another effect that happens when there are lots of people killing off encounters all over the hex that makes it feel like the encounters are denser, and in a very important respect they kind of are. Cleared encounters are replaced very quickly, so the number of encounters in the hex at a given moment in time should be constant no matter how quickly they're being killed. However, each party can still clear encounters just about as quickly as they were before, so the total number of encounters being cleared per hour in that hex goes up dramatically. Also, this is likely to keep the encounters pretty spread out, so you'll have less occasions where you run around looking for another encounter before finding one, keeping the speed of clearing encounters higher.
There are some escalation quest where I have to kill X someone and grab Y something. okay, standard MMO mechanic, but why do those counters reset without me doing anything ? (after I logged off for a few hours)

Most of the quests/events you see in PFO are public, where your contribution is added to the contributions of everyone else. The quest isn't asking you personally to kill 30 Skull-Basher Soldiers, it's saying that if the community can kill 30 Soldiers in that hex within the time limit, then the Skull-Bashers will be weakened. Weaken them enough and the Skull-Bashers will abandon that hex (for now). So even when you're logged off, each event could end because other players have killed the remaining Soldiers, or because it timed out. Your contribution isn't lost, it helps decide whether the Skull-Bashers get weaker (because you and the community succeeded) or stronger (because the Skull-Bashers held everyone off long enough).

There are some personal quests that various characters in the NPC towns, including Thornkeep, will offer to you if you right-click on them. For example, there's one to kill some ogre shamans, and when you kill enough you'll get some coins as a reward. Your progress on those quests is tracked right up until you finish them or decline them, even if you log off.
The starting times aren't supposed to affect the cost, they're just for convenience.

The part of the cost formula that takes duration into account is tiered, so the cost can only go up when the duration crosses each tier. We're looking into better matching the tiers in the formula with the durations that are actually offered.
Cheatle for TEO
I know this is in the patch notes, but I ran around for awhile, seems like there are at least 1 random mob from an escalation out of 4 spawns that I see. I was wondering if that seems about right?

That's about right. The new percentages for EE8 are that 60% of the Uneven encounters come from whatever forces are dominant in that terrain, and the other 40% are a random assortment. Many of those random monsters come across as totally unaffiliated (like the ogres, bandits and goblins), while others sound more directly associated with a particular escalation (Mordant Spire elves, duergar, Moloch cultists). In general, even if the random monsters mention some kind of group affiliation, they're not necessarily meant to be thought of as part of the related escalations. Not all Ustalav knights work for Tairina Olislova, nor do all Moloch cultists work for Brevain Talmont.

Of course, these percentages are also just numbers in spreadsheets, so we'll see how this feels and adjust from there. The upside of more random monsters is that the world gets a lot more variety. The downside is that individual hexes have less character. I've been pretty happy with the way it feels when I've been running around, but I'd love to hear from more players as they experience the change on Zog and eventually on Live.