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All posts created by Bob

Mourn Blackhand
by simply increasing the amount of strength points one gets for each individual kill in T2 , it forces us to still go through the motions of killing off the escalation, yet makes it more manageable in overall man hours…. same loot, same regen. rate, same monster spawn rate…..problem solved?
What about this idea Bob? This would make sense if it is only applied to Tier2 escalations….

Making changes like this in a balanced way takes a fair amount of work, since the monster strength drops are balanced against the event strength drops separately for each escalation. I've already been planning to make a rebalance pass that moves more of the strength drops to the monster killing side, with less on the event side, but I've been holding off on that because all that work will get tossed if we decide that the new reversed-strength method you'll soon see with the Elementals works out. If it does, then I'll be reworking most of the escalations to work in a similar way, requiring all-new numbers anyway.
The biggest problem right now is that the setting telling monster/home hexes to remain empty for 12 or 36 hours after an escalation is defeated is being ignored after downtime. As a result, escalations are coming back much too quickly, plus any increases to those timers that I'm tempted to make won't have any effect until that bug is fixed.

For the Ustalavs, the big problem is that their events currently require 15m encounter sites, the same ones that are taken up by outposts and some other buildings. Some hexes have very few 15m sites to begin with, a few even have no such sites, so the event encounters sometimes spawn rarely or not at all. In the home hex in particular, there are only 2 15m sites, and both are occupied by buildings. Fortunately, this will be fixed in EE8, since I expanded the events to also spawn 5m and 30m encounters.
1:41 AM or PM? If you mean AM, then the Razmirans probably spawned right after downtime, which is a known bug. If you mean PM, that sounds like the Razmirans spawned within hours of Ogg being defeated, with no downtime to trigger the spawning. That would imply the bug is worse than originally thought.
Doc is once again wandering the River Kingdoms.
It is possible to do so with the current tech by basically duplicating an escalation and then changing the text (or even some of the settings and events) for one of them, but there are two caveats.

The first is that each duplicate creates some management overhead. Every time a bug is fixed in one variant, we have to remember to fix it again in the duplicate. Not a huge deal, but it's a good reason not to do this too often.

Secondly, when this is done, the two escalations are treated as totally different escalations. That means that they can't acquire each other's orphaned hexes, and they'll actually try to take hexes from each other. That's fine if the factions really seem like they'd be at each other's throats, not so great for minor intra-tribe drama.

Long-run, we talked about adding some tech that would let us basically say "This is an instance of Ripping Chains, run by Warchief X, who also adds Special Event Y and gets to include Special Minion Z." However, anything like that is a ways off.

Short-run, it's certainly possible for me to do more minor variations of existing escalations. We've got some bigger things in the pipeline right now, but depending on how the balance is feeling once that work's done, I might go ahead and put a few variants together just to add some quick variety.
And on a positive note, I believe all of these are also likely to be problems with 7.1. I'll get these logged as well.
Many good points here. I'm pretty sure all of them are also true of 7.1, or at least don't cause significantly worse problems for 7.2, but I'll make sure they all get filed to be looked at post-7.2.
If you have a chance to check out 7.2 on Zog, let us know about your experience here. The most important things to report are problems with 7.2 that don't occur with 7.1, but it would also be useful to hear from those who checked it out and didn't find any problems.
… all but Ogg can run multiple times…

Ogg is currently running twice. Once near Riverbank, and once east of Phaeros in the Home hex.

Perhaps the home Hex does not count as one of the available spawns.

Apparently that's not as unpossible as I was led to believe. Not sure what's going on there, but I'll file a bug on it.
I wonder if the code might be written in such a way that the list of monster hexes is always processed in the same order, and the "good" escalations are always used up before the bottom of the list is reached.

The hexes are always processed in the same order, so I suppose the order of the home hexes could have a small influence on things. However, all but Ogg can run multiple times, so the effect shouldn't be dramatic enough to notice. The monster hexes themselves, should be pulling randomly from the available pool, so order shouldn't matter, since they should be no more likely to use up T2 escalations than to simply overdraw from T1 escalations. Weirder things have certainly happened, and there could be problems with the random number generation here. However, every time I've done multiple test runs of the system, most of the outcomes looked pretty well spread out. Those that weren't spread out didn't seem to cluster in any consistent manner.