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I will be on sporadically and have verified that my GM character can use that command to drop the strength in these hexes to zero.
This is a known issue. You have to clear out the Escalations around that hex because there's an Infection that's just too weak to show up yet.

Once the hex is in the process of being infected, clearing neighboring hexes won't fix it. Without neighboring hexes attacking it, the invisible strength in the problem hex will remain at the same level indefinitely. However, clearing them in advance will prevent the hex from being attacked in the first place, so it won't start the process of being infected and won't have any invisible strength.
Okay, I may know what's going on here. The first two hexes (-9,-1 and -10,-2) aren't technically infected, but they are in the process of being infected. That means they have some invisible strength in them as the result of attacks from neighboring infections, but not enough to take them over the infection threshold. Hex -10,-2 is completely uninfected, probably because it was cleared within the last hour. It will probably start the process of being infected at the top of the hour.

Assuming this is correct, it may be necessary to place holdings right after an infection is freshly cleared, before the attacks from neighbors are processed on the hour. Unfortunately, once a hex has started the process of becoming infected, there's nothing players can do to reduce that invisible strength to zero. If you have an eye on a particular hex, it may be necessary to wait until it counts as infected, then clear it and quickly place the holding.
Which hex are you having this problem in?
Caldeathe Baequiannia
It's possible the quick-spawning, low-level monster hexes should not give holding construction tokens, or they might be too easily farmed by nearby groups.

Good point, I can adjust the boss loot drops for these to account for their more continuous nature.
Dazyk of Phaeros
Edit: the one bummer though: click targeting STILL only responds on the up-click, as opposed to the down-click we thought was going in. However, moving mobs are much easier to target now, as is click targeting while you are in motion, which is a really huge boost.

We've had a few different versions of the up-click/down-click thing. Way back, we only checked which character/object the cursor was over on the up-click. That led to errors where you'd be turning the camera and wind up selecting whatever the cursor happened to be on when you released the button. Then we started checking what the cursor was over on the down-click, but validating it on the up-click, only making the selection if the cursor was over the same thing both times. That does pretty well at preventing accidental clicks, but makes it tough to click on a moving object, or while the camera is moving.

Now, we decide what the cursor is over on the down-click, and consider it selected if the cursor doesn't move more than 5 or so pixels before the up-click (anything else we consider an intentional camera movement). It still feels like the selection is made on the up-click, since we have to wait until the button is released before we know whether the player just meant to control the camera, but the decision of what was clicked is now made purely on the down-click. Whether it was intended as a click-to-select is made on the up-click, purely based on whether the moused moved.

But as Ryan said, we pretty much all agree that it still needs more work, though at it seems to be an overall improvement on the previous system.
Dungeoneering is correct.
The servers are down for daily maintenance from 9AM to 10AM Pacific.
I think Markers are an excellent incentive for killing of a T1 escalation, however I am wondering how the churn of these markers will be. At some point holdings will be able to be destroyed but will this happen enough to get a real economy going? Or are markers consumed on a regular basis by an operating Holding?

It's hard to predict whether the churn will be sufficient, but we'll make adjustments if necessary. For now, the need to create new kits as buildings are destroyed is the primary source of churn.
the need to clear infected hexes before building holdings and such,

side question: how do holdings and escalations interact?

(ie: Is holding output reduced by monsters? Do escalations grow slower in developed land? Am I just not paying attention to info we've already been given, did you not tell us yet, or is this still in flux?)

Right now, the only interaction is that holdings can't be placed until the hex has been cleared of escalations. We've discussed having having holdings affect interactions (and vice versa) in a variety of ways, but that will get added later and iterated on over time.