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All posts created by Bob

Encounter Density is definitely one of the settings I'd like to be able to set for each Phase instead of just for the Escalation as a whole, but it will require some programmer time to get that set up.
Ulf Stonepate
What's up with the monster density and strength in hexes that have just had their escalations cleared? The crater hex north of Talonguard generally has a low-level escalation, but when it gets cleared, it goes immediately to "Ogre Homeland" status and becomes more dangerous at ground state than it is at 100%. I had thought there was supposed to be a rest period following the successful completion of an escalation?

The rest period just returns the hex to its natural state, where it spawns its default encounters. In the mountains and highlands, that means ogres. An oddity of the system is that some of the escalations (particularly the mini-escalations) are actually easier to deal with than the default ogres in those hexes. We'll improve this over time, both as the player population increases/advances (allowing us to make escalations more difficult overall) and as the monster-spawning systems improve (giving us more tools to balance the world properly).
The Escalation Strength determines what Phase the Escalation is in. Each Phase has its own lists for Encounters to spawn, Enemies to populate those Encounters with, and Events to run. In general, as multi-Phase Escalations go to higher Phases, they're set up to launch a higher percentage of larger Encounters, with tougher Enemies, and more challenging Events.
Were you by any chance near a hex border?
The Boss loot drops are supposed to guarantee 1 expendable for the player delivering the killing blow and all of that player's party members who are within the standard visibility distance of that player. It's possible that if you're doing a bunch of flanking and kiting, that some members of the party could be just far enough away from the party member who delivers the killing blow to not get included in the loot.
I took a look at mob density in various places and it is indeed much higher than I'd intended. I'd checked it out under various conditions before we shipped, but it looks like the specific hexes I checked had other things going on that kept the encounter density under control. Many of the hexes aren't so lucky, so I'll adjust the target numbers down enough to keep the worst-case scenarios from being so out of hand.
Okay, I'll hop into my gm character and teleport to Brighthaven. Any hex in particular I should look at?
Bob, I like the changes; however, I see a lot of people feeling 'frustrated' for gatherers. Go to the Birghthaven area and try to gather.

I'm likely going to have to tone this down a little for some other reasons (looks like it's trying so hard to spawn encounters that it sometimes spawns them very close to players, which I can minimize by reducing the numbers a bit), but I think we can find a good balance where it's a bit tricky to get around mobs but still possible. Is there anything in particular going on around Brighthaven to make things worse, like an escalation?
Dazyk of Phaeros
There are so many mobs now! I am actually stuck in the mountains near BH. And I'm in T2 armour. I feel very sorry for any lowbies who need to do any traveling now…

Is this intended? The roads are swarming with encounters.

We have a new system for spawning encounters and I'm still fiddling with the numbers. That said, the hexes I visited generally felt pretty good. Lots of encounters (more than before), but still enough room to maneuver between them if I'm careful.

The number of encounters is dependent on the type of hex and what's going on there at the time. For example, monster hexes will have significantly more encounters, and that could be made even worse if a very dense escalation (such as Bonedancers) is running there. Of course, those are areas you should stay away from unless travelling in an appropriately powerful party.
Last night I was able to fight a very large pack of wolves by kiting them so that they would path through two trees very close together. I was able to stand just behind the gap and fight them off in waves of 3. Definitely felt like an exploit…

Certainly doesn't sound good. The big question is how often you're able to pull this off and how efficient it is.