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All posts created by Bob

Dang, thought I caught all of those. Will check again Monday morning. Thanks for the detailed report.
Hmm, if that's the only Event target showing weird text, then I probably made a typical copy/paste error in the spreadsheet. I'll take a look first thing Monday. Thanks for reporting it.
Any chance we can get one for Milani?

/findstrength: "Find your hidden strength."
/knowworth: "Know what is worth more than yourself."
/peacelove: "Peace, love, health, and life."
Would you be able to at least adjust some of the events (like the Brambleclaw Spy, or the Stone Claw Paymasters) to not require talking to the NPCs quite so frequently?

I'll take a quick look through and see where adjustments seem to be needed. I just increased the number of Brambleclaw Spies from 1-3, so they should be easier to find (probably in EE4). There are still a couple events where there's only one person to find on the map, but they're usually events that don't require much repetition, so they should feel okay.

One thing to keep in mind is that the number of times it's necessary to revisit an NPC is based on an assumed party size of 3-4, since Events aren't meant to be soloed. What that means is that when visiting the Brambleclaw Spy, every player in the party should talk to the Spy. That way, each player can plant a picture on the Skull-Basher goblin elders before the party needs to revisit the Spy, with most parties having to visit the Spy a total of 3 times before planting 10 pictures to complete the Event. If I set the numbers to something where solo players only had to revisit the Spy 3-4 times, then parties wouldn't have to revisit them at all. Still, I'll review all the numbers and adjust them when it seems appropriate.

That said, it turns out that Kill quests, like the Paymasters, actually share kills amongst the party as long as the party is all at the killing stage. That means that the party currently needs to revisit an Intelligence Officer every time a Paymaster is killed. I only discovered things worked that way yesterday when I was testing out the better Win Boss loot, so I'd set the numbers based on incorrect assumptions. I'll definitely fix those, and the numbers should work out for both solo players and parties.

I'll also go ahead and file a feature request to make the progress on Interaction quests shared just like Kill quests, which will allow me to rebalance things for those as well in a way that works for both solo and party play. However, it will probably be a while before that fix gets made.
[It seems to me that it might be worthwhile to not start the timer for the Event until the first objective is achieved. This should make it so that the Timers are better able to serve their intended purpose of giving appropriate groups "enough" time while also making it ineffective to try to complete them with significantly underpowered groups or solo.

The timers are indeed meant to push players to tackle events in an efficient manner, but that's ultimately intended to mean that "players at large" tackle them efficiently, not just the players who happen to show up. Part of tackling them efficiently is spotting them quickly and sending in appropriate attack forces, something best handled on a Settlement/Company basis. Yet another incentive to work with larger organizations.
Okay, I'm tired of saying "that's new tech," so let's move on to the things I can do:

  1. Win Boss Loot: There are later systems, such as settlement-level rewards, that will eventually fill this role, but meanwhile, we talked it over a bit and there is some unused tech in place that makes it possible to provide additional loot to the party that kills the Win Boss. We also decided that rewarding the party with appropriately-leveled Expendables makes sense. This was clearly very popular, and is probably the quickest to tackle, so the first thing I'm going to do is add Expendables to all the Win Bosses, based on what kind of Boss it is. For example, if a party kills a Tier 1 Bandit Boss, everyone in the party will receive a Tier 1 Rogue Maneuver. Hopefully I can get that in for EE4.
  2. Events: This seemed to be the next most popular item, so my second order of business will be to sweep through the Escalations and make sure there are at least 2-3 Events to choose from during each Phase.
  3. Phases: Another relatively popular choice, so I'll make adding more Phases to the standard Escalations my third priority. Of course, this will in turn require making more Events to go with those Phases, so this will take some time.
  4. Escalations: This got some mentions, though mostly in terms of providing additional variety that only new tech will make possible. I have some ideas for some new enemy mixes using existing assets, but I won't work on those until the Events and Phases for the existing ones feel better. But if some new enemies become available, this will move to the top of the list.
  5. Encounter Variety: This didn't come up much, so I'm not going to worry about it for now unless someone points out an Escalation or Event where it's a particularly egregious issue.

Thanks for all your comments everyone. Hopefully we can get back to some of the more tech-heavy ideas sometime soon.
I rarely see anyone finishing off escalations, so I'd say more phases from the list and variety of size/type of groups within the escalations. The exception being a few category point oriented escalations where we can go to rack up divine points from the NPCs and quests (Float Any River) or subterfuge points (Skullbasher Ogres).

I've set up achievements for all of the Escalations, but they're currently not being granted consistently because I'm using them in a way that we hadn't originally planned for. Once they're working better, I can take another look at which categories they're applied to (right now they're all Adventure, but we could make changes similar to the ones we're making for various Slayer achievements in EE3 (e.g. killing knights gives Martial points).

Quest critical NPCs are the ones you have to talk to in between advancing a quest. Steal 5 onyx gems then talk to the Goldenfire Wizard. WHERE THE EFF IS A GOLDENFIRE WIZARD!?!? It's awful to search 80% of a hex then find two on opposite sides of a road from each other. Brambleclaw spies are the worst. Only one single quest item at a time and then you have to run literally across half the hex to an elder then half a hex back to get one more quest item.

In the long run we intend to provide waypoints or something to help find these NPCs. Meanwhile, the best I can do is to place more than one at a time in hopes of making them easier to find. I've generally boosted them to 3 or so, but I'll take another look through to see if others need more boosting.

It would be great if they can be forcibly distant from each other so they're more spread out and easier to find one from any particular point in the hex, but even better if the critical NPC spawned and despawned with clusters of their related encounters.

Definitely something we're looking at improving in the future, but right now, they're all purely random.

A lot of people say they want to see timers, probably because it SUCKS to be 80% done then the quest resets to zero on you. But also I HATE the idea of visible timers for most situations and I have a better proposed solution than seeing every clock all the time.

Bonedancer recruiters getting killed off should make it take LONGER for the recruitment drive to succeed i.e. an invisible timer that gets rest each time the quest is advanced. Make steady progress and it will never fail on you, yet you don't have the immersion break of a digital clock in the corner.

I'm totally on-board with extending the timers as players make progress, but that's definitely new tech. And even with that in, I think players will want to be able to see the timers in order to understand what's going on. That said, I agree that showing them constant could be overkill, but that's something we can balance and polish over time. The important thing is that we need them in so that players are aware that there's a time limit and aren't surprised when the event times out. Extending the timers during steady progress lowers the odds that an Event will time out while it's still being actively worked on, but doesn't eliminate it.
-Make the events that require you to 'speak to NPC_NAME_HERE' more obvious in regards to how to find them. No flashing arrows, or giant exclamation points obviously, but something as simple as, "Speak to the Hellknight near the bridge to the west!" (with location being based upon HEX center)

Definitely something I'd like to see improved soon, but all of this would require new tech. The Event NPCs are randomly placed in each hex every time the Event runs, so there's no way to know where they'll be, or what landmarks exist in that particular hex.

-Competitive Escalations: Offer two ways, each opposing the other, to complete an escalation.

Once factions are in, we intend to allow various factions to either help or hinder certain Escalations. Choosing the winner between two rival proto-Escalations would be an interesting variant of that. But, of course, all new tech.

-Special Resource Nodes: Put resource nodes that have much higher chance of providing higher tier resources in Legend + Escalation camps.

The resource node system and the Escalation system currently don't speak to each other. We've talked about adding some of that functionality, particularly when gushers get added and need to be attacked by proper monsters, but right now I can't add nodes to Events or Escalations, or have them react to the presence of nodes.
Gudrun Grimfury
-A big, stubborn escalation that spreads and stays. I've not seen one with ogres or trolls (there are a few ogres in some, but the "natural" ogres are more plentiful than escalation ogres).

I don't have any trolls to work with at the moment, but for ogres your best bet is to go find my friend Ogg the Undying. Nice fellow.

The Skull-Bashers, who are a little easier to find, don't spawn as many ogres per goblin as I'd intended. I'll get that rebalanced shortly.

Gudrun Grimfury
-More variety in the types of escalations

Most of the variety right now has to come from the various mixes of enemies and Events. More complex variety will have to wait for more tech.
1- Make it easier to understand what is going on, what is required, and put timers in.

Sadly, much of this (particularly the timers) would require new tech. The best I can do from a content side is to edit some of the text to provide better explanations. If you find an Escalation or Event where the text is confusing, submit a bug and I'll try to make it clearer.