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All posts created by Bob

Was /hopewater and /hopswater born from a typo at one point?

I have no idea where the original inspiration for those two variants came from, but the "hops and water" version is an Aphorism for Torag worshippers, while lay folk often alter it to "hope and water."
Dazyk of Phaeros
Wow… I love emotes, but I'm never going to remember all of those lol

I'm hoping players will each find a select few that they like to use on a semi-regular basis. Like Cayden Cailean? Then memorize /caydensname and /barleybrew. There are a few for all of the major deities and a variety of other factions.
In addition to the emotes, we've added a long list of aphorisms and other common sayings using the same system. For example, if Player1 types /havehold into the chat window with no characters selected, here's what will be displayed in the local channel:

What Player1 sees: You remind everyone, "You have what you hold."
What other players nearby see: Player1 reminds everyone, "You have what you hold."

And if Player1 types /havehold with Player2 selected, here's what will be displayed:

What Player1 sees: You remind Player2, "You have what you hold."
What Player2 sees: Player1 reminds you, "You have what you hold."
What other players nearby see: Player1 reminds Player2, "You have what you hold."

In addition, all of these sayings can be varied slightly by adding a question mark or exclamation point at the end:

/caydensname: You swear, "In Cayden's name."
/caydensname?: You ask, "What in Cayden's name?"
/caydensname!: You shout, "In Cayden's name!"

Here's a list of the currently available sayings:

/abandontears: "Abandon your tears."
/allfall: "All fall to a thousand bites."
/allwholive: "All who live must face her judgment."
/asbrothers: "We walk the land as brothers!"
/avengethree: "Avenge yourself times three."
/backsofothers: "All men lift themselves up upon the backs of others."
/barleybrew: "Sweet barleybrew!"
/beasttakes: "The Beast takes its time."
/beready: "Be ready for challenges and unexpected friends."
/bereceived: "Be received… stranger."
/bettertodie: "Better to die a warrior than live a coward."
/blackhand: "Point with the finger of the scorched black hand."
/blessedmother: "Blessed be the Mother."
/bloodmouth: "By the blood and the mouth."
/breakshields: "Let them break upon our shields."
/breakwalls: "Let them break against our walls."
/byblood: "By blood it is sworn."
/bythelight: "By the light of the Starstone."
/caydensname: "In Cayden's name."
/changegrowth: "All change is growth."
/chaosreigns: "Without culpability chaos reigns."
/cleverstrength: "Cleverness is strength."
/comeprepared: "Come prepared."
/courtskings: "Courts are for kings."
/cowardsflee: "Cowards flee, warriors retreat."
/cubered: "The cube is the red is the sphere."
/darkblood: "Dark blood of the sea!"
/darknesslies: "In darkness lies enlightenment."
/dayslabor: "Nothing is more satisfying than the fruits of a day's labor."
/dominancetrade: "We seek dominance through trade."
/drinkdeep: "Drink deep, think fast."
/emotionweakness: "Emotion is weakness."
/endnow: "The end is now."
/endquarrels: "End your quarrels on shore."
/endurerenew: "Endure and renew."
/establishorder: "Establish order, no matter the costs."
/everytyrant: "Every man a tyrant."
/executionflame: "Execution by flame."
/explorereport: "Explore, report, cooperate."
/faceofdepravity: "We will bring judgment in the face of depravity."
/fairprice: "I wait for a fair price."
/feedpain: "Feed your pain."
/feetwalk: "Feet are for walking."
/findstrength: "Find your hidden strength."
/followbear: "Follow a hunch, but bear the consequences."
/followroot: "Follow the root."
/forheart: "For victory, for the heart."
/freedomall: "Freedom and democracy for all."
/freedombond: "My freedom is my bond."
/futurepast: "Don't sacrifice the future for the past."
/godsfear: "I am what gods fear."
/greatasmodeus: "Great is Asmodeus."
/grimone: "Let the grim one judge you."
/hailasmodeus: "Hail, Asmodeus!"
/handhammer: "The hand with the hammer shapes the future."
/hanspurtake: "May Hanspur take my sons."
/havehold: "You have what you hold."
/highestart: "The creation of beauty is the highest art."
/hopewater: "Hope and water is not beer."
/hopswater: "Hops and water is not beer."
/inventimmortal: "Invention is immortality."
/kingdomhis: "The kingdom shall be his."
/knowworth: "Know what is worth more than yourself."
/ladykeep: "The Lady shall keep it."
/lastgasp: "Last gasp of the sky."
/learndifferent: "Learn from what is different."
/lendme: "Lend me your might."
/lifefeeds: "Life feeds on life."
/livefree: "Say what you will, I live free."
/lovefood: "Love the food, not the chef."
/lovegreatest: "Love is the greatest of all things."
/loyaltyelse: "Loyalty to the Decemvirate above all else."
/masteryform: "Mastery without form."
/naturesmiracles: "Let not nature's miracles become commonplace."
/neverborn: "Love is never born of evil."
/neverforget: "The Hellknights never forget."
/nevertrust: "Never trust a fool."
/newlight: "The dawn brings new light."
/nobilityunited: "Nobility united for a common cause."
/noneinnocent: "None are innocent."
/notfought: "A fight not fought is a battle won."
/notthisyear: "Not this year, not yet."
/nottoday: "Not today–I have work to do."
/oathbreakers: "Oathbreakers die."
/onehand: "With one hand I give."
/ourlands: "Away from our lands!"
/packmore: "Pack more than you need."
/paradisedespite: "Paradise despite any crime."
/pathfinderfirst: "Be a pathfinder first."
/patientmoon: "The patient moon pulls the tides."
/peaceknowledge: "Peace is knowledge."
/peacelove: "Peace, love, health, and life."
/poisonedkiss: "A poisoned kiss is better than a naked blade."
/powerglory: "Power and glory to Asmodeus!"
/questionpropose: "Question, propose, test."
/reasonsflame: "Reason's flame consumes the shadow of corruption."
/recordeverything: "Record everything."
/righteousobedience: "Righteousness by obedience."
/ruineverything: "Ruin for everything."
/savageryquelled: "Savagery must be quelled, in the land, home, and mind."
/scarsproof: "The scars are the proof."
/secretstriumphs: "In the secrets of the past, we shall find today's triumphs."
/serpenthead: "A serpent without a head cannot bite, but a head without a body has no coils."
/shareknow: "Share what you know."
/showscales: "Show me your scales."
/slaveryabomination: "Slavery is an abomination."
/societygood: "Use the Society for good."
/societymercy: "Society cannot survive mercy."
/sojudged: "So it is judged."
/spreadwisdom: "Spread the wisdom of Tian Xia within the inner sea."
/stabthee: "I stab thee with my heart."
/stoneendures: "Stone endures."
/stormsalt: "Storm and salt!"
/sunfury: "For the sun and the fury."
/swearsellen: "I swear by the Sellen."
/thirtystripes: "Thirty stripes lacking one."
/thiscanhelp: "This can help us all."
/tidesteel: "Be the tide of steel."
/truceends: "Truce ends at the horizon."
/trueliberty: "In pursuit of true liberty."
/trustcosts: "Trust costs more than money."
/twistingpath: "Follow the twisting path."
/twofriends: "Two friends for every enemy."
/understandcycle: "Understand the cycle."
/untilskulls: "Until our skulls are gathered."
/venomspoison: "The venoms of the mind poison the body."
/walkanyroad: "Walk any road, float any river."
/watchfirst: "Watch first, act later."
/willfight: "Will you fight?"
/wisdomfuture: "Unlock the wisdom of the past for a brighter future."
/withoutlegs: "A body without legs can slip through even the smallest cracks."
/withoutlimits: "Experience without limits."

One more emote for the list:

They'd actually taken over about 6-7 hexes. They've been trimmed down to 3, and the underlying bug has been fixed (fingers crossed). One of the trimmed hexes still thinks it's running a weird form of the Stormcallers Event. That should clear up either at downtime tomorrow or possibly in about an hour when it's scheduled to time out.
The Ogg and Mordant Spire Escalations have both been trimmed down to 3 hexes. In some of the hexes, there are residual Events running. They should clear up either tomorrow during downtime, or possibly in an hour when they're scheduled to time out.
Turns out there's a glitch that allows Escalations to expand beyond their Maximum Hexes setting under certain circumstances. In particular, Ogg the Undying and Mordant Spire have both spread beyond their intended maximums of 3 hexes. Since those Escalations are so tough, I'm going to go ahead and trim them back down to size.

If the Ustalav Invaders are having a similar problem, let me know (including where they are) and I'll fix them as well.
I would like the option to ally with some of the escalations, do quests/killing for them, and work your way up in rep with them to some type of alliance level.

We're hoping to add complexities along those lines at some point, but they require a lot of tech. For now, I try to make all the Escalations feel like threats to everyone in the area, so everyone can feel good about tackling them.
I'm going to spend some time over the next month or so adding some content to the Escalations and would like to hear which aspects you all feel need the most fleshing out. Off the top of my head, I could focus on any of the following:

  • Add More Events: Some Escalations/Phases have only 1 or 2 Events to cycle between where others have 3-5.
  • Increase Encounter Variety: Some Events launch up to 5 identical campsites that are all the same size where others launch a mix of sizes and layouts. Some Escalations also have more Encounters to choose from when launching random Encounters than others do.
  • Add Phases: Some Escalations only have one Phase and thus don't increase/decrease in difficulty where others have as many as 7 Phases.
  • Add Escalations: I could use different mixes of existing creatures to make some more simple Escalations (1 Phase with 1-2 Events).

I plan to work on all of these areas and more over time, but I'd like to focus first on whichever aspects will have the most impact on all of you, and that greatly depends on how you're actually interacting with the current Escalations. If you're spending long periods of time in the same hex working on Events, then you might want more Events so you'll get less repetition of those. If you're spending short periods of time per day fighting an Escalation, but fighting the same Escalation day after day (they are after all intended to take multiple days to defeat), you might want more Phases so they'll be a little different each day. If you're clearing nearby Escalations quickly and keep getting reinfected by the same ones, you might want more Escalations.

As a caveat, the work I do in the immediate future will need to take advantage of creatures, props and technical systems that already exist, since it needs to be work I can largely do myself without additional tech or art. I'd certainly like to put in some additional creatures to fight, but trust me, nobody wants a monster I build and animate anywhere near this game.

So, given that restriction, where would all of you most like to see more variety in the Escalations?
I appreciate that you don't want to do a lot of work which you'll just have to turn around and undo later. If you're in the mood you could maybe think about tuning just Mordant Spire, Undying Ogg and Ustalav Invaders… the rest can be handled despite the bug.

To be clear, it's not the work that bugs me, I'm happy to do it and undo it. It's the likelihood of introducing errors, and the likelihood that redoing it will slip through the cracks, that worries me. Right now, the methods I've figured out for making such an adjustment are simply riskier than I'm comfortable with.

That said, I'll keep tossing it around in my head hoping for a way to make such a change that minimizes those risks. I used to think I couldn't adjust the Event timers without throwing all the numbers out of whack, then one day while looking at the massive infection rates in alpha I realized a simple change to two sets of numbers would fix both problems and would be acceptably balanced. If something similar occurs to me and the proper fix still looks to be a way off, I'll get it in as quickly as I can.