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Several emote commands are available in the chat window, such as /wave and /dance, that will broadcast a local text message saying that you waved or you danced. You can also direct the emote at a specific character by selecting the character and then typing the particular emote command. The emote messages are only broadcast locally, so they'll only show up in the Chat and Local tabs, and only for those players within local range.

As an example, if Player1 types /battlecry into the chat window with no characters selected, here's what will be displayed in the local channel:

What Player1 sees: You shout a battle cry.
What other players nearby see: Player1 shouts a battle cry.

And if Player1 types /battlecry with Player2 selected, here's what will be displayed:

What Player1 sees: You shout a battle cry at Player2.
What Player2 sees: Player1 shouts a battle cry at you.
What other players nearby see: Player1 shouts a battle cry at Player2.

The following emotes are currently available:


Refer image

A hex NE of Ozem Vigil has a incorrect escalation Subtype: Asks for stealing back weapons, when Graves are to be purified.

For now, leftover encounters tend to stick around after events end, and to remain interactive, though they don't actually advance anything because the event isn't actually running. Long run, those encounters should gracefully shut down (immediately lose interactivity and mini-map icons, despawn once out of sight) whenever the event ends.

Also I recommend Putting ANY NPC we have to talk to near the middle of the hex so they are easier to find.

Eventually we're hoping to have waypoints that can be seen from greater distances, and to vary the distance those waypoints can be seen per NPC. That would let some NPCs advertise their position and be easy to find, while others could intentionally be more of a challenge.
We're doing some extra maintenance this morning and downtime will be slightly longer than usual. Standard downtime these days is about 45 minutes, looking more like an hour today.
@ Bob
Is it intended that a hex sometimes have quests from 2 different escalations at the same time? The hex directly 2 NE from Ozem's Vigil has a Bone Dancer quest (Joining the Dance) and a Skeletal Uprising (Empty Crowns)<—which I believe is for Skeletal Uprising. The hex reads as Skeletal Uprising 69.7%*.

Joining the Dance is a special case where the Bonedancer Shamans have decided to throw their support behind the Skeletal Uprising, so technically it's a Skeletal Uprising event. Previously, we couldn't include enough text to explain those kinds of things, but you can now hover over the event in the tracker window to get more details.
Skeletal Uprising.
Working the Quest "Empty Crowns". Two issues.
1. Erases any collected skulls past 4 when you turn in at the Priest.
It shouldn't be possible to collect more than 4 skull piles per player. Once a player has collected 4 skull piles, the instructions change to "Talk to priest" and right-clicking on any skull piles should result in a "You already have 4 skull piles" message, with the skull pile just staying there (assuming nobody else collects it). Of course, the "You took the skull pile" and "You already have 4 skull piles" messages look pretty similar from a distance or at a quick glance, so we certainly need to make the UI a lot clearer there.
2. After turning in 12/40 the Priest has disappeared from the hex.

Yes, the quest is still active. smile
I'm fairly certain this is just the bug where events stick around in the tracker even after they've ended. If this event ended successfully, it would have stuck around saying "Skull Piles: 39/40" until you either left the hex or the event restarted (at which time it would change to 0/40). In this case, the event probably timed out, but it remained in the tracker stuck at its most recent count. The only way to see that the event timed out is to notice the Failure message in the chat window, or to leave the hex and return (at which point the event wouldn't get added back to the tracker). Hopefully that bug will get fixed soon.

No boss ever spawned, and no quest to kill a boss popped up. Is that something that only happens in Escalation Source Hexes?

Yup, bosses are for source hexes only.
Ulf Stonepate
In this case, with my mates standing guard over my body/husk, looting would likely not have been an issue, while destruction may well have been.

That actually raises a question of auto-looting in PvP. If an individual dies but his party wins, can his friends prevent his body from getting looted, or will his stuff disappear while combat is still active? I think the auto-loot should trigger on the end of combat rather than the moment of death (or be removed from PvP entirely).

PvP won't have auto-looting, so yes, the party can keep the body from being looted, at least until everything disappears when the body needs to be cleaned up. No dillydallying.

Also, as part of the looting system, 25% of your unequipped/unthreaded stuff will get destroyed on death, so removing equipped items while bleeding out would be trading a 5% durability hit for a 25% destruction chance on each item you unequip. Possibly worth it for an item that only has 1 point of durability left, but now we're talking about an edge case of an edge case.
- Once, I was lying on the ground slowly bleeding out, with no cleric in sight, but all enemies killed by my mates. When "combat mode" had stopped (which took a few seconds), I was able to open the paper doll and unequip everything. As a result, my equipment did not take damage when I finally died, not sure if that is intended.

Nice catch, and enjoy it while it lasts. We'll probably eventually block players from exiting combat while still bleeding out, but even more importantly, once player looting is in this tactic would either resulting in leaving your equipment behind to be looted, or possibly destroyed.
Cheatle for TEO
[Escalation name and starting strength: Riping Chains, 100%, N1 by NE1 from Keeper's Pass.
Amount of time spent fighting the escalation: roughly 1.5 - 2.0 hours
Ending escalation strength: 70%

Overall there weren't any major issues that we had. We split up into basically two groups and killed everything in sight, but focusing on events.

The overall group of players you described sound a little stronger than the target group for handling Ripping Chains, and your progress stats line up pretty well with that. Splitting into two parties definitely makes things more efficient, providing that each party can still clear encounters fairly quickly and without significant losses.

The real trick is keeping up a sustained effort of some kind until the goblins are completely defeated. If the company/settlement could provide reinforcements to handle attrition over the next 4-5 hours, you'd have no problem clearing them out. Alternatively, smaller groups of players hitting the escalation occasionally every hour could have held the strength steady at 70% until another larger attack could be made. But if everyone just leaves that hex alone for a while, it would probably rise right back up to 100% as long as it's surrounded by 100% hexes for reinforcements.
Ulf Stonepate
That hex has Ripping Chains and a tower. This is important because the tower has a lot of escalation spawns in its area, so every time one of us died, we had to resurrect running because we always popped right into the middle of a group of mobs.

We're still tuning the placement of encounters. The goal is generally to have the shrines far enough from any of the encounter locations to make them reasonably safe, but there will always be a chance that some monsters or hostile players are nearby.

Ulf Stonepate
We stole 10 standards, defused 4 bombs, killed 3 diplomats, and killed a lot of goblins and ogres. I feel like we were proceeding quickly from combat to combat, pausing to coordinate targets, and charging in gamely. But after 2 hours, we had gone from 100% to 98.3%. I think we were briefly in the 95% range.

Your party sounds a little under-powered for handling Ripping Chains on its own, though definitely powerful enough to contribute, and the numbers fall pretty well in line with what I'd expect. You were likely surrounded by several 100% strength hexes providing reinforcements, so you were only barely able to lower the strength faster than it was rising. Once we start providing more info on the map, you'll probably have an easier time selecting a hex with minimal reinforcements to take on.

Ulf Stonepate
Getting rid of tanks is one thing, but we should have some way of interposing ourselves between mobs and remfs.

There are some crowd control attacks, like Cleave with a Greatsword, that should help with these situations, and we plan to add more of them over time. The monster AI is also definitely a work-in-progress and we'll work on making them a little less obsessive about attacking the first person to damage them.