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All posts created by Bob

What if the quests didn't activate UNTIL there was enough room to spawn everything needed to complete them? We would have to clear enough room (if crowded) and THEN the quest activates….

For events like Bosses a system like this would work well, since everything needed to complete them can be launched all at once. For longer events where it would be difficult or impossible to launch the full number of needed encounters in one go, we'd need to include something that essentially paused the event while room was made for replacement encounters.

The fix we're planning to do soon will force spots to open up when encounters need them. That should take care of the problem most of the time. However, there are a few edge cases, such as when players are standing near all the open encounter locations, so the server holds off on spawning things in so they don't just suddenly appear. That should be extremely rare, but if it turns out to be a significant problem, something like what you've described could be used to take care of those edge cases.
Obviously, the big thing to be testing in Alpha 10 is the War of Towers, but there's plenty of Escalation stuff as well for those of you with more of a PvE bent.

The big Escalation fix in Alpha 10 is that bosses will once again appear in monster hexes (shown with a lion icon on the map) when Escalation strength drops below 500, allowing escalations to be cleared out by defeating the boss before the strength rises back above 500.

In addition, the ogres have been beefed up substantially. Ogre Runts are still just as tough as they always were, but all other ogres have been boosted roughly 2 levels in difficulty, and there are new Ogre Louts at the same difficulty as the previous Warriors and Hurlers. This has the most effect on the Skull-Basher Ogres, since they're the main Escalation that makes use of anything other than Runts. That also means that the Skull-Bashers offer some of the best opportunities to get Tier 2 drops.

Escalations generally require at least one 4-6 player party to really make a dent in them. Lower-level characters should be able to take on Escalations like Broken Men or Bonedancers, higher-level ones should be able to take on the Razmiran Cultists and Skull-Basher Ogres. Generally speaking, parties should kill every encounter they run across (since existing encounters need to be cleared out to make room for event encounters), but steer toward the event encounters (since those should be the most efficient way to lower the Escalation's strength). That should result in dropping the strength by roughly 5-10% per hour.

If any of you can pull together parties and take on some Escalations, I'd love to hear the following:

Overall party strength (levels of characters, general quality of gear)
Escalation name and starting strength
Amount of time spent fighting the escalation
Ending escalation strength
Any difficulties completing the events, and any comments on the escalation in general.

Thanks, and let me know if any of you have questions.
The Risen Heroes are in fact Champions, as is the Risen Leader.

Can you create a separate thread with instructions/testing request for escalations for this weekend of Fri 10/17-Sun 10/19? With the build number if we get patched and updated to 9.2? smile

Any hexes you want us to visit? Any monster drops to check? Any distribution of resources? Notifications of escalation phases? Keeping track of 4 pages of thread is not productive to good testing and for organizing groups….

Sure, I'll create a new thread whenever we have a new build.

I'll think over any specific requests, but the feedback everyone's been providing so far has been extremely useful.
Cheatle for TEO
The best setup to clearing these things out is using three groups, not necessarily 6 man groups either, two splitting the hex in half killing off all events, while the third killing off every non-event they come across. Sometimes if you focus too close on just killing events the spawn points will get clogged up with normals.

Multiple parties can definitely be more efficient. If your party is large and powerful enough that all the encounters are a cakewalk, you're probably better off splitting up.
Today my same buddy and I were working on the Victory of the Green escalation. Both using +0 longbows. In 2.5 hours took it from 100% to about 94.2%. Took out 10 torch carriers, and cleared 2 stone circles, but the stone circles/priestess of abadar seems bugged, and she is giving out things for a different escalation, so the circles can't be cleared. It was about 1.5 hours before the farmhouses and stone circles started spawning. My feedback: make the for-credit groups a bit more common. The difficulty of those groups was good for 2 archers with good coordination, although we did end up with 3-4 deaths between us during the night.

Was the Priestess talking about purification kits? If so, then yes, she's a leftover from a previous Razmiran Cultists escalation, which is definitely a problem.
Hey Bob, the escalation was a skeleton something… dont remember the exact name and not at home to check. We stayed to a single hex. It is the hex that is on Aragons South East border.

Looks like it was Skeletal Uprising. That hex has 5 neighbors at mostly 100% as well, so it does get a lot of reinforcements every hour.

Were you able to finish up the events before their timers ran out? Kind of hard to tell with the bug where the display stops one short of completion, but you would have gotten a chat message like "Rise of the Heroes: Success" or "Null Channel: Success." If you weren't able to clear them in time, those two events raise the strength when the timers run out, plus the strength reduction when you succeed is a pretty central part of battling that escalation.
A buddy and I were working on the escalation that has winter wolves last night, and we banged away at it for an hour and barely got it down to 99.5% from 100% before the server crashed. We were both using +0 longbow and +1? medium armor, rank 1 attacks. I'm cleric 5 fighter 4, not sure what he is. We were able to take out clusters of winter wolves with a little bit of effort, but it didn't seem to affect the escalation %.

It turns out that in events where you have to kill specific monsters, you don't get individual strength credit for those monsters. Provided you manage to kill the required number of them, the strength credit you get for the event usually counts for more than you missed out on, and you're usually getting some other kills along the way, but if you don't finish the event in time, then it doesn't work out at all. I'm guessing that was a large part of the problem here, and I've filed a bug report to get it fixed.
I spent about an hour and a half working on a Skullbasher Ogres escalation southeast of Phaeros, and had Hex Avari helping me for the last 20 minutes or so. Knocked the escalation down from 35.9% to 34.2%.

Sounds like you were powered up enough to handle all the encounters, but I'm guessing that it took a fair amount more time to clear each individual encounter with 1-2 characters than it would have with 4-6, even of lower level. Assuming that's the case, then that's not too far off from what I'd expect.

Also, depending on exactly when the hour and a half of play happened, you could have had either 1 or 2 reinforcement phases. If you were surrounded by multiple 100% strength hexes, an extra batch of reinforcements would make a big difference. In the future, we may run reinforcement checks more often but at lower values, which would smooth out some of the sudden changes.
The UNC did some escalations last night, 3 hours, 4 characters, managed to drop 3% in that time though we noticed .3% gain in strength over the last half hour or so.

Was that 3 hours spent fighting a single escalation inside a single hex, or were you moving around? Strength is per hex, not per escalation, which is not spelled out in the UI.

If it was a single hex, do you remember which hex and/or which escalation?