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- email same announcement to all settlement owners to pass on to their respective groups

The switch we made a while ago to having settlement ownership connected to characters is a bit of a double-edged sword here. It makes it easier to be sure I have the current email address for each owner (since it's whatever's on the account for that character at that time) but harder for me to maintain any kind of mailing list for settlement owners. We'd like to work on better tools for emails along those lines at some point, but for now I have to hope that the active settlement owners are keeping at least a loose eye on the forums and/or discord.
Paizo and the Pathfinder Online team want to thank everyone in our great community for your help in staying home and staying healthy by making time spent in the Echo Woods even more rewarding with our Home Sweet Home Event! While this event is running, rare event raw materials and salvage items are available for gathering and looting, and sets of these items can be exchanged for a choice of recipes/expendables and raw ingredients. This event will run from Monday, April 13, 2020 to Tuesday, July 7, 2020 (starting and ending at Daily Maintenance) and will be extended as appropriate until at least a month after widespread school and workplace closures end.

At any time during the event, or up to a month after it ends, you can turn in sets of rare event raw materials (Valuable quality only) and salvage items to a GM for prizes, with the amount and tier of prizes based on how complete the set is:

  • 12 different raw materials: Choice of 2 standard raw ingredients (15 items each, 1 Tier 1, 1 Tier 2), along with 4 Silver Coins.
  • 8 different souvenirs: Choice of 2 recipes or expendables (1 Tier 1, 1 Tier 2), along with 6 Silver Coins.
  • 12 different raw materials and 8 different souvenirs: Choice of 3 standard raw ingredients (20 items each, 2 Tier 1, 1 Tier 2) and 3 recipes or expendables (2 Tier 1, 1 Tier 2), along with 12 Silver Coins.
  • 5 different quartzes, 5 different fungi and 5 different essences: Choice of 3 standard raw ingredients (20 items each, 2 Tier 1, 1 Tier 2), along with 6 silver coins.
  • All Tier 1 souvenirs: Choice of 4 recipes or expendables (3 Tier 1, 1 Tier 2), along with 10 silver coins.
  • 5 different quartzes, 5 different fungi, 5 different essences and all Tier 1 souvenirs: Choice of 5 recipes or expendables (4 Tier 1, 1 Tier 2), 3 standard raw ingredients (30 items each, 2 Tier 1, 1 Tier 2) and 1 Aeon Stone (Basic Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire), along with 60 Silver Coins.
  • 8 different quartzes, 8 different fungi and 8 different essences: Choice of 6 standard raw ingredients (30 items each, 3 Tier 1, 2 Tier 2, 1 Tier 3), along with 25 Silver Coins.
  • All Tier 1 and 2 souvenirs: Choice of 8 recipes or expendables (4 Tier 1, 3 Tier 2, 1 Tier 3) and 1 Aeon Stone (Basic Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire), along with 50 Silver Coins.
  • 8 different quartzes, 8 different fungi, 8 different essences and all Tier 1 and 2 souvenirs: Choice of 10 recipes or expendables (5 Tier 1, 4 Tier 2, 1 Tier 3), 6 standard raw ingredients (40 items each, 3 Tier 1, 2 Tier 2, 1 Tier 3) and 3 Aeon Stones (Basic Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire), along with 3 Gold Coins.
  • All quartzes, fungi and essences: Choice of 9 standard raw ingredients (40 items each, 3 Tier 1, 3 Tier 2, 3 Tier 3), along with 1 Gold Coin.
  • All souvenirs: Choice of 12 recipes or expendables (4 Tier 1, 4 Tier 2, 4 Tier 3) and 3 Aeon Stones (Basic Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire), along with 3 Gold Coins.
  • All quartzes, fungi, essences and souvenirs: Choice of 15 recipes or expendables (5 Tier 1, 5 Tier 2, 5 Tier 3), 9 standard raw ingredients (50 items each, 3 Tier 1, 3 Tier 2, 3 Tier 3) and 7 Aeon Stones (Basic Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire), along with 15 Gold Coins.

Leftover event items can be turned in during the month after the event in exchange for a standard raw ingredient of your choice from the same tier, at a rate of X event items for 2X-1 items of the chosen ingredient. In other words, there is a bonus for choosing to receive multiple items of a single ingredient instead of single items of multiple ingredients.

Any recipes, expendables or standard raw ingredients (raw materials or salvage items) available in-game at the time the event ends can be chosen (excluding event items, Aeon Stones where not explicitly included, Victory Markers or other specialty ingredients), including those from Enchanting and the Combat Alchemist. For all prizes, final decisions on the reasonableness of any choices will be at Paizo's discretion. If you have any questions about what might be considered reasonable or unreasonable, particularly if there are things you think might meet the descriptions above but seem overly valuable compared to what was likely intended, please ask those questions now.

The event raw materials and salvage items that need to be collected are divided into 10 quartzes, 10 fungi, 10 essences and 23 souvenirs. The raw materials are all Tier 1 while the souvenirs are divided into 10 Tier 1, 8 Tier 2 and 5 Tier 3. At the vaults and auction houses, they are separated out from all other items under the Premium/Event category. When turning in a set for prizes, no duplicates are allowed, so it's best to focus on obtaining more of whatever items you have the least of, rather than stocking up on the items you already have in excess.

The raw materials can be gathered in the standard low-security monster hexes (not in home hexes or the medium/high-security hexes meant for tutorial escalations) and have been divided up by geographical regions. Only the highest quality variants of each raw material can be included in the sets turned in for prizes (these are labeled as Valuable), so it’s best to let them regenerate for a while if you start pulling the lower quality varieties (labeled initially as Unusable, then Insignificant, and finally Worthless). These raw materials can’t be harvested using harvesting kits and can only be gathered by hand, much like enchanting raw materials.

The souvenirs are available as lootable salvage from escalations. Any time an escalation enemy has a chance of dropping enchanting salvage, it now also has a small chance of dropping a souvenir. Most escalations have their own souvenirs, though some escalations that share similar themes/enemies (Duergar and Elite Duergar, Dark Elves and Elite Dark Elves, The Shadow/Wrath/Revenge of Nhur Athemon and Emerald Aristocrats) share them, with the lower-level escalation variants having a smaller chance of dropping a souvenir. Bosses have a much higher chance of dropping souvenirs than any other enemies and each member of the party gets a full chance from each boss drop, so focusing on bosses with large parties is a much quicker route to obtaining souvenirs than taking out random escalation enemies.

Edit 1: The Ripping Chains aren't dropping their souvenirs right now. We'll either get a build out pretty soon with a fix for that, or we'll just drop them from the set requirements.

Edit 2: The Warchief of the Ripping Chains does drop souvenirs.

Edit 3: Thanks to a server-side fix, the Ripping chains now drop their souvenirs properly, so the previous 2 edits were rolled back.

Edit 4: Extended the event until Daily Maintenance on Monday, July 6, 2020.

Edit 5: Extended the event until Daily Maintenance on Tuesday, July 7, 2020.
I was in (somebody else's hex….prefer not to say) today for a bit over an hour and got no new items.

That will definitely happen. Could be a rough hex, could just be bad luck, or somebody could have snagged them out from under you, lowering the odds a bit until it regenerates. Generally though, if you go that long without getting any in a particular hex, it's probably worth trying somewhere else to see if you have better luck there. After you drop off all the other cool stuff you got, of course. smile
I was in Sylva 4,4 yesterday for an hour and got none of the new items.

Ouch, yeah, everything's there, and I don't usually want to say much more than that, but that's probably one of the roughest hexes. That's just a function of that particular hex being very rich in resources overall, so it's great for extended gathering of common resources, but not so great for rarer things. As a vaguely-general rule, I'll also say that the better a hex is for enchanting resources at a particular node, the better it's likely to be for event items at that same node.

Fortunately, there are other hexes in the same region that are significantly better, and you'll all have plenty of time to identify the most promising hexes for each item.
Yes, the event items are very rare, but perhaps now would be a good time to mention that this event will be running for at least seven weeks, and possibly longer depending on circumstances. There's no rush to put sets together quickly.
Assuming we CAN use +2 enchanted mats and taking a likely popular T3 choice - Mage Armor and looking at just one component of the Mage Armor enchantment, the 10 Grounded Steel Wire. To make enough Grounded Steel Wire +2 to enchant one T3 armor you need 33 Earth Elemental Spirits (or 57 if you are making +3 wire).

So your going to need to kill off 5 to 10 Elemental escalations to get enough Earth Elemental Spirit to enchant one suit of armor without all the other mats.

Perfect, specific numbers to dig into. Your assumption that you can use +2 enchanted mats is reasonable, particularly if you just think of it as using the +2 refining recipe. With a good smelter, you can expect a +2 project to return a decent mix of +2/3 wire, giving a good spellcrafter a good start toward going from +2 to +3 that can be helped along nicely by using a +3/4 crystal (those being unenchanted and far easier to come by). At the very least, we can say that the average amount of Earth Elemental Spirit needed to produce a +3 Mage Resistance enchantment is somewhere between 33 and 57, probably closer to the 33 with very high level crafters and refiners.

This is a good example because the refining output matches up perfectly with the amount of refined mats required for the enchantment. Some others don't line up as well so it feels like you need a ton of raw materials to make the enchantment, but you're actually winding up with lots of refined materials left over, sometimes enough for another enchantment entirely.

So, how hard is it to line up 33 Earth Elemental Spirits? As an experiment, I "soloed" an Elemental Rift on Zog, by which I mean I teleported around a lot and GM-Killed everything in sight. I did finish 2 events along the way, but that actually reduces the chance of getting enchanting salvage a bit because events take away strength without giving out enchanting salvage. You're actually better off focusing on the random mobs instead if what you really want is enchanting salvage. The GM character I used had no knowledge skills, so I wasn't getting a loot bonus, and was alone, so I didn't get a party bonus either. The drops are random, so it's hard to say how typical my results were, but I got about 20 Earth Elemental Spirits by the time I "killed" the boss where it sounds like you're seeing closer to 4-5 per escalation. What kind of results are other people seeing?
WxCougar of KOTC
So there should be 3 in each Monster hex (non tutorial, non home) - one for each node type? Good to know. I've only found one hex that had 2 in it so far. But I can't seem to find any for the Forester nodes to save my life. Random generator must not like me for the fungi ; ).

There are a small number of monster hexes with only 2 node types, but there should always be an event raw material for each of the 2-3 node types in any given hex. I do have to admit that forester nodes often have extremely high numbers of other raw materials competing against the event raw materials, which can lower the odds quite a bit. I tried to balance that out a bit, but some hexes are definitely better than others, so experimenting and sharing information to find the best hexes is worthwhile.
Jubal von Silberstrom
On the raw materials (and I guess salvage as well) does skill level affect the chance for it to drop like with normal things? i.e. will a max level gatherer with all the knowledge skills expect to see materials at a faster rate than a fresh character?

For raw materials, the answer is mostly yes. The event raw materials are just an additional T1 raw material added to the options for what you might get when you gather something. The more skill you have, the faster you gather and the more items you get in each pull, so in that sense you gather these event materials faster. The one trick to that is each time you cross a threshold to start pulling more raw materials, either enchanting ones or higher tiers, that slightly lowers your chances of pulling the items you were gathering before that threshold, including these event raw materials. Overall though, you should see your speed increasing to the same degree that your overall speed of gathering basic T1 raw materials increases.

For salvage items, your chances of looting those increases as your appropriate knowledge skills increases, using the same settings we made for the enchanting salvage drops. And of course the more advanced you are, the faster you can kill things, so you get more chances at salvage drops per hour.
Even from the beginning, the plan was always to adjust the design whenever we learned new things from the way the game wound up actually being played. We're not locked into particular aspects of the design if changing them would clearly make the game better.

That said, the current situation is just plain broken, with lighter armors getting both the base energy resistances and the outsized enchantment resistances. We need to start backing out of that now that players are starting to amass a fair number of enchantments, so we began gradually implementing the last part of the plan with OE 2.1. As always though, we take the community's feedback seriously and are open to a mix of different solutions. That could mean switching away from the relatively simple "no base energy resistances, lighter armors take better advantage of enchantments instead" or could focus more on mitigating related issues like the difficulty in enchanting armor or the difficulty in knowing which energy resistance is best against certain enemies. Or some mix of all of the above, though ideally in ways that don't require a lot of code.

However, I don't think sticking with the way things were in OE 2.0 is feasible at this point, since it's very unbalanced. We need to either move toward the original plan, or remove the enchanting advantages to lighter armors, or find a middle ground.
I can do that, and we've apparently used @everyone in the past for similar announcements. I just fired off an announcement there and will post another one when the final Home Sweet Home Event rules get posted as well.