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Jubal von Silberstrom
So there are 30 types of raw materials and 23 types of salvages. So the goal is to get as many full sets of 53 items we can. Since the escalations will be random and popping up as they normally do and the salvage is associated with specific escalations, it seems safe to assume that each escalation hex won't have all of the raw materials in any single hex. Will the raw materials that drop in a given hex stay consistent? For example if I go gathering at a particular hex at the beginning of the event and near the end, can I expect it to drop the same material both times?

The gatherable raw materials are locked to the hex, just like standard raw materials, so gathering remains constant in each hex throughout the event. Only the lootable salvage items are locked to the escalations. To some degree, if you just keep clearing the hexes near you, most of the different escalations will come to you, but you have to travel the world to get a wider variety of raw materials, or trade with someone who's been there.

That said, we do plan on having smaller prizes for some smaller sets of items, but we're still working out the details on that. Focusing on variety is your best bet for the best prizes though.
Seems like the rules/details of an event like this would be best posted BEFORE the event goes live?!? Not sure why that keeps happening out of order but it seems very chaotic and stressful. or Bob just has a very chaotic alignment.

You've caught me out.

Actually, the short version in this case is that I'd planned on getting those written up and approved last week, but priorities shifted rather drastically. Then I thought I'd probably have a little more time while waiting for the Nhur Athemon Sequences to get cleared, but you all surprised me on that one. Ultimately, figured it was better to give you all the extra time you'd earned to start gathering and looting instead of waiting on me for the final details.
We can revisit some of the enchantment recipes/materials and see where there are specific problems, but it's tough to talk about in the abstract. Is there a specific enchantment folks feel I should dig into as an example of a particularly difficult one to line up the ingredients for?
WxCougar of KOTC
I'm curious if some monster hexes don't have any, or it was just a result of really poor gathering rolls.

They're pretty rare, and they do make a smaller percentage of the available resources at any particular node in some hexes than others. Any time the percentages are that low you can go quite a while without getting them in a particular hex, or possibly just never get lucky short of draining the hex, in which case maybe someone else snuck in and gathered them. Or you get one on the first pull in a hex, like I did once during testing. Random numbers are cruel that way.

I'm fairly certain I managed to place an item for each node type in each of the standard monster hexes, meaning not the home hexes and not the low/medium-security hexes that are set aside for current/eventual tutorials. However, it's always possible I missed something, so if a hex truly seems problematic, feel free to send email to with information on that particular hex, or file a support ticket in-game (which automatically includes your current location info) and I'll verify that hex was set up properly.
Garric Orcsbane
When harvesting these will it require the higher level of harvesting that enchanting materials require?

No, all the event raw materials are available at level 0, so anyone can gather them.
So is there an enchantment that can give a bonus to all energy resistances, so that I can get the enchanted light armor to match what I have gotten use to?

There aren't any enchantments that off general energy resistance, but there are several that offer multiple resistances. You can also enchant necklaces and rings, so you can combine them together to cover most of the resistances, but not all of them.

Also can we get a list of which energy each mob in the game uses on us, so we can get the correct enchantments started?

In the absence of the combat logs, I've been considering that, or at least some general guidelines for various types of enemies. It'd be a little tricky to put together because each enemy is defined through a chain of spreadsheets, and there isn't one single list of all the enemies in one place. Anyway, it's possible to do in a reasonable amount of time, though I'd also have to decide what to do about those few entities/groups that we've purposefully kept more mysterious.

Is this going to be the trend with this game, to add in features that make normal game plan more difficult and make it harder for new players to understand?

In this particular case, this was meant to complete a system the way it was intended to be done in the first place, but had to initially be implemented in a placeholder way while we waited for enchanting to go in. In many respects, our goal here is to make things easier on players by eliminating another one of the "well, this works one way now, but keep in mind it will work differently in the future" aspects of the game. The other option in those cases is to just say instead that we've decided to keep things simpler, and in some cases we've done that. Here, if we'd chosen to keep the natural energy resistance closer to what it currently is, we'd really need to take the enchanting bonus to lighter armors out and revisit a lot of the game design to figure out which other balance aspects were dependent on lighter armors being more dependent on enchantments. Since sticking with the original design was relatively easy here, and made a lot more sense than having everyday clothing be somehow energy resistant, we went with the original design and planned to adjust from there as necessary.
These are the Release Notes for Open Enrollment v2.1. The release build of OE 2.1 has been running on the Test Server since Friday, April 10 and was deployed to Live on Monday, April 13.

What Is In This Release

This release adds over 50 rare raw materials and salvage items for our Home Sweet Home Event to honor everyone's help in staying home and staying healthy. Players will be able to collect sets of these items to turn in for prizes, with the final rules to be posted on the forums shortly. In addition, the Emerald Aristocrats escalation joins the standard rotation, several issues with the Combat Alchemists are fixed, and multiple other improvements have been made to various systems in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience.

Full Release Notes

Home Sweet Home Event:
  • Ten varieties each of rare essences, quartzes and fungi have been added to the standard low-security monster hexes (not home hexes, not the medium/high-security hexes meant for tutorial escalations). These raw materials have been divided up by geographical regions, with regions that have smaller numbers of monster hexes sharing raw materials with other nearby/similar regions. Only the highest quality variants of each raw material are of any value (labeled as Valuable), so it’s best to let them regenerate for a while if you start pulling the low quality varieties (labeled initially as Unusable, then Insignificant, and finally Worthless). These raw materials can’t be harvested using harvesting kits, they can only be gathered, much like enchanting raw materials.
  • Twenty-three rare souvenirs have been added to the escalations as lootable salvage. Any time an entity has a chance of dropping enchanting salvage, it now also has a small chance of dropping a souvenir. Most escalations have their own souvenirs, though some escalations that share similar themes/entities (Duergar and Elite Duergar, Dark Elves and Elite Dark Elves, The Shadow/Wrath/Revenge of Nhur Athemon and Emerald Aristocrats) share souvenirs, with the lower-level variants having a smaller chance of dropping one. Bosses have a much higher chance of dropping souvenirs than any other entities and each member of the party gets a full chance at each boss drop.
  • All the Valuable raw materials and all the souvenirs are Invulnerable (protected from looting on death) and can be sold at auction houses. All of the non-Valuable raw materials are vulnerable to looting, can’t be sold at auction houses, and are best disposed of to avoid cluttering vaults.
  • All the event raw materials and souvenirs are sorted under the new category Premium/Event in the vaults and are referred to as event items in their descriptions.

  • Emerald Aristocrats is part of the standard escalation rotation and only one instance can be running at a time.
  • Enemies from the Mordant Spire event Superior Review no longer claim to be from the Mordant Sprire.

Combat Alchemist:
  • All craftable Alchemist’s Tools are sellable at the auction house (Trainee Alchemist’s Tools remain unsellable, along with other trainee equipment).
  • Base Attack Bonus requirements for Combat Alchemist Role Achievement ramp evenly across all levels.
  • Adventure is a category point option for Clothing Armor Proficiency advancement.
  • Alchemist armor feats are options for Clothing/Light Armor Proficiency advancement.
  • Recipes for Tier 2 Professional’s Formula Book can be learned and used at Artificer 13 instead of 14.

  • Energy Resistance on all non-heavy armors has been reduced by 25% and will be steadily removed over time to make room for the increased energy resistance proved to lighter armors by enchantments.
  • The help entry for the Town Crier Management Window mentions that town criers appear in Thornkeep if the Settlement Level is at least 14.
One of the trickier aspects here is that the natural energy resistance granted to lighter armors was always meant to be just a temporary stand-in for the energy resistance that would come from enchantments, and the current armor enchantment bonuses for lighter armors are meant to be the replacement for those temporary values. As a result, the game now doubles up on those energy resistances for lighter armors. We let that happen because we knew it would take a fair amount of time before armor enchantments were more widely spread and planned to slowly throttle back the natural enchantments to the values they'd always intended to be, and we need to start doing so before the world settles into feeling like those doubled values are the proper state of things. Ideally we're doing so at roughly the same rate as enchanted equipment is becoming available.

There've been multiple good points made about some of the difficulties with armor enchantments here, ranging from the difficulties of knowing which ones apply best in different situations to just the difficulty of enchanting armor in the first place. For the moment, I think the first set of reductions in 2.1 is fairly small compared to the extra bonuses available to lighter armors from the enchantments. That makes it a reasonable way to get a first glimpse at just how problematic those issues are and what that says about continuing to head in that direction, either in terms of the pace of those reductions or in terms of other things that need to be done along the way. I will say that a lot of the game design assumed that this was the basic plan, so reconsidering it completely could have unknown repercussions, where fiddling around the edges is a lot safer.
We're deploying OE 2.1 to the Live servers today, so Daily Maintenance may take a little longer than usual. I'm still finalizing the exact rules/rewards for the event that uses the new raw materials and salvage items, but the important thing to know is that you're better off by far trying to obtain more of whatever items you, and others willing to make trades, have the least of. The largest prizes will be available in exchange for complete sets (1 each) of every event raw material and salvage item.
Kenton Stone
Well now that we are going to have to customize our defenses with enchantments how about finally getting a Combat Log so we can see what is going on and what defenses need improvements.

Combat logs are high on the list of features we'd like to add, but even a fairly simple one that just output text to the log files would still require a fair amount of work to capture a reasonable percentage of everything that goes into the combat calculations. It's possible we could start out with something simple that just said "A attacked B and did C total D-type damage" and slowly build from there. That might be a little easier to implement something quick, but the combat system is complicated enough that even that might not be as simple as it sounds.