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But right now, there is an issue, I've heard of with enchanting, mainly the mats.
Mats for stuff that'll make it's way to enchanting breakable stuff is freaking rare,
while the mats to make stuff that'll hardly see combat are plentiful.

It's true that the demand curves didn't take into consideration whether or not the enchantments involved were likely to go on items that would get carried into combat or not. I should probably adjust the calculations to account for that, then have any future enchantment recipes make heavier use of enchanting mats that are currently underused. That said, I did try to make sure that every enchanting mat is reasonably available somewhere, so there should always be somewhere to go if something is needed in quantity.

Now I will say that the current energy resistance formula from enchanting, sucks, if the formula was
(Armour +(X+1)) * Resistance(Static of value of +4) * (Armour Type Value)
Armour Type = (1 for Heavy, 1.5 for Medium, 2 for Light, 2.5 for Cloth)
Then it'd make enchanting the lighter armours better and worth putting the energy resistance at +0 on the armours.

I'm open to some adjustments to the formula, particularly at the +0 end. That said, the 1x/2x/3x/4x progression from heavy to cloth was chosen precisely because it's extreme. The goal has always been that fighters can't build up much energy resistance just as wizards can't build up much physical resistance.
For the moment only one of our physical servers hasn't come back up (one that handles a small section of the test server map hexes) and we think there's a pretty good chance we can ultimately get that one up and running as well. It just wasn't as high a priority as the servers Live uses.
One interesting side effect is the various escalations around the map did not decay while the servers were down.

Correct. It's possible there were 1 or 2 decay drops during the brief time the game servers were running on Wednesday, but depending on the time there could also have been none that day. When the servers are down for a full on-the-clock hour, they miss their opportunity to do that hour's decay. There's no catch-up mechanism for that.
Congratulations to all! With Nhur Athemon's global attack defeated, the world is now safe for OE 2.1! Now to finish up the testing and make sure OE 2.1 is safe for the world.
Well, this final push may not take quite as long as I'd thought:

  • Sunholm 5-5-6: Currently on escalation 29 (Emerald Aristocrats) at 120000 strength.
This is a pretty big shift in the way armors have been working, which is why we're implementing it in stages and why we waited until enchanting was well established before even starting. If it does turn out to cause problems, we can always make adjustments along the way, or stop if we magically hit a sweet spot.

That said, this has been the plan all along, even going back to some of the original blog posts about combat math during initial development. There've even been occasional comments over the years that the current energy resistances were only temporary until enchanting went in, and I think it came up as recently as the discussions when enchanting was going in.

It also just seems odd for lighter armors to naturally have energy resistance, especially the way it's currently implemented. Right now you get a big chunk of energy resistance just for wearing any +0 article of clothing. I could see an argument for adding/increasing energy resistance for some armor feats (particularly wizard/cleric armor feats), since at least then it's more about having a special skill at avoiding energy damage that can best be utilized when wearing lighter armor. That said, the effects already on those feats were designed with this change in mind, so hopefully they're already balanced to handle them. As always, there's no way to be sure until we see the planned system in use, at which point we can make adjustments as needed.
Some of the map servers on Zog, specifically the chunk of hexes between Thornkeep and Goblinville, haven't come back up yet after our power outage. We'll take another stab at resurrecting them next week, and I can make arrangements to teleport any test characters in the meantime.
These are the Preliminary Release Notes for Open Enrollment v2.1. We deployed a Final Candidate for OE 2.1 to the Test Server on Friday, April 10. We plan to deploy OE 2.1 to Live during Daily Maintenance as early as Monday, April 13, assuming it performs well during final testing. However, OE 2.1 won’t be deployed to Live until the Nhur Athemon Sequences have been completed as well. This is currently expected to happen around Monday, April 13, so it is more likely that OE 2.1 will be deployed to Live during Daily Maintenance on Tuesday, April 14 or on a later date.

What Is In This Release

This release adds over 50 rare raw materials and salvage items for our upcoming event to honor everyone's help in staying home and staying healthy. Players will be able to collect sets of these items to turn in for prizes, with the final rules to be posted on the forums shortly. In addition, the Emerald Aristocrats escalation joins the standard rotation, several issues with the Combat Alchemists are fixed, and multiple other improvements have been made to various systems in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience.

Full Release Notes

  • Ten varieties each of rare essences, quartzes and fungi have been added to the standard low-security monster hexes (not home hexes, not the medium/high-security hexes meant for tutorial escalations). These raw materials have been divided up by geographical regions, with regions that have smaller numbers of monster hexes sharing raw materials with other nearby/similar regions. Only the highest quality variants of each raw material are of any value (labeled as Valuable), so it’s best to let them regenerate for a while if you start pulling the low quality varieties (labeled initially as Unusable, then TKTK, and finally Worthless). These raw materials can’t be harvested using harvesting kits, they can only be gathered, much like enchanting raw materials.
  • Twenty-three rare souvenirs have been added to the escalations as lootable salvage. Any time an entity has a chance of dropping enchanting salvage, it now also has a small chance of dropping a souvenir. Most escalations have their own souvenirs, though some escalations that share similar themes/entities (Duergar and Elite Duergar, Dark Elves and Elite Dark Elves, The Shadow/Wrath/Revenge of Nhur Athemon and Emerald Aristocrats) share souvenirs, with the lower-level variants having a smaller chance of dropping one. Bosses have a much higher chance of dropping souvenirs than any other entities and each member of the party gets a full chance at each boss drop.
  • All the Valuable raw materials and all the souvenirs are Invulnerable (protected from looting on death) and can be sold at auction houses. All of the non-Valuable raw materials are vulnerable to looting, can’t be sold at auction houses, and are best disposed of to avoid cluttering vaults.
  • All the event raw materials and souvenirs are sorted under the new category Premium/Event in the vaults and are referred to as event items in their descriptions.

  • Emerald Aristocrats is part of the standard escalation rotation and only one instance can be running at a time.
  • Enemies from the Mordant Spire event Superior Review no longer claim to be from the Mordant Sprire.

Combat Alchemist:
  • All craftable Alchemist’s Tools are sellable at the auction house (Trainee Alchemist’s Tools remain unsellable, along with other trainee equipment).
  • Base Attack Bonus requirements for Combat Alchemist Role Achievement ramp evenly across all levels.
  • Adventure is a category point option for Clothing Armor Proficiency advancement.
  • Alchemist armor feats are options for Clothing/Light Armor Proficiency advancement.
  • Recipes for Tier 2 Professional’s Formula Book can be learned and used at Artificer 13 instead of 14.

  • Energy Resistance on all non-heavy armors has been reduced by 25% and will be steadily removed over time to make room for the increased energy resistance proved to lighter armors by enchantments.
  • The help entry for the Town Crier Management Window mentions that town criers appear in Thornkeep if the Settlement Level is at least 14.
Father Bronin
I wondered why the numbers were off. I assumed I must have been raided

You were. By Seattle City Light. The owe us some bulk and a couple days of XP. smile

Not actually sure Seattle City Light was involved, as this may have been more of an equipment failure at the colocation facility.

I can say that no XP was lost, at least not purely as a result of going offline. The way we handle XP, it keeps being earned right up until a character is deactivated, even if the servers are completely down, and we didn't deactivate anybody from the time the outage hit until today's Daily Maintenance.
One more escalation down, and another soon to fall:

  • Sunholm 5-5-6: Currently on escalation 26 (The Revenge of Nhur Athemon) at 5000 strength.