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All posts created by Bob

Should I be able to hit Combat Alchemist 20 by only purchasing the Implement Proficiency? It really doesn't feel right to just buy the Proficiency and get the Level without ever making (or buying) a single Alchemist attack.

That's a fluke of most role achievements. Wizard requires Arcane Attack Bonus and Cleric requires Divine Attack Bonus, but the others just use Base Attack Bonus to avoid holding them to one weapon. For a mix of reasons we didn't add an Alchemical Attack Bonus, and instead used Ranged Attack Bonus, which I could have required for the Combat Alchemist, but that felt weird because other weapons use that bonus as well. I also didn't necessarily want to say that the Combat Alchemist had to make use of the Alchemist's Tools, since its attacks are all Bomber-style attacks, which aren't necessarily a good match for a Mutagenist or Chirurgeon.

At some point I'd like to look at requiring at least one of the feature feats for each role as part of the role achievement requirements. I might be able to put those in as an "X or Y or Z" list at the end of each requirement, but haven't tested it out to make sure that's allowed without some code changes. Requiring attacks would be more complicated, largely because there are just so many options to list, though we could probably code something up where we could give various feats a category of some kind and just require having at least one feat from that category hit a particular rank. I'll add these possibilities to a feature request that we can look at when we've got some time.
With the unassigned hex in Fort Ouroboros 3-3-3-4 cleared, only 5 sequences remain:

  • Unassigned (Fort Ouroboros 2-3): Currently on escalation 28 (Over the Crown) at 44475 strength.
  • Unassigned (Fort Ouroboros 6-6): Currently on escalation 26 (The Revenge of Nhur Athemon) at 40000 strength.
  • Succinct Prime 3-3-4: Currently on escalation 26 (The Revenge of Nhur Athemon) at 100000 strength.
  • Canis Castrum 4-4: Currently on escalation 26 (The Revenge of Nhur Athemon) at 100000 strength.
  • Sunholm 5-5-6: Currently on escalation 22 (Dark Elves) at 51750 strength.
The bandolier recipes are now available on the public spreadsheet.
On this topic of aligning with other combat roles, I think the more important need factor would be: Are the new Combat Alchemist structures going to require a weapon in their recipe, like the existing combat buildings?
If the new buildings will have Alchemist tools, or Formula books in the recipes, then those same items should be common. I am pretty sure all the components needed for settlement structures are exclusively common items. (please correct me if I am wrong).
I don't mind hunting down recipes but have a new settlement building require recipes to craft components would be very counter to the current settlement buildings.

Good point, I'm not certain whether or not that's the case, but I should double-check when creating the recipes for those structures. If so, it would certainly be a good argument for getting some common recipes in at that time (or earlier).
I agree this does seem like an advance role and maybe should have more uncommon recipes, but every combat class at least gives the basics recipes so even a new player can make the things they need for their combat alchemist to do something without needing to hunt for recipes for even the basics.

Valid point. Of course, we generally don't want to push too hard for those pursuing a combat role to rank up in crafting feats if they don't want to, and sometimes they have to reach rank 2 (or maybe higher) to craft some of those items. However, it is generally offered as an option for those 4 main combat roles, and probably wouldn't hurt to do the same for Combat Alchemist. We'll see how it goes, then figure out how any adjustments fit in with our other priorities.
I believe Cleric (Icono) and Wizard(Arti) have level 0 recipes for Charges(Ammo) and a Charge Gem (Container)
Even archers had Level 0 Bowyer recipes for making Arrows and a woven Quiver, with the first Bows being a Level 1 common recipe.
Every Class (Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, Wizard) had a Introductory Impliment and weapon at a crafting facility at available at level 1 as a Common recipe.

So every class and weapon before combat alchemist had it basics covered with common recipes at levels 0 and 1 at various facilities and that is a clear pattern that matched up with every weapon and class before combat alchemist.

Yeah, I think what happened is that I spotted some of the exceptions and didn't treat them as the exceptions that prove the rule. For example, Toolkits and Holdout Weapons don't have any common recipes, but one can argue that Freeholder and Expert aren't typical roles. Likewise, I noted that some weapons like Battleaxes and Spears don't have common recipes, but those are all arguably alternative weapons.

In part, I'm thinking of Combat Alchemist as a slightly more advanced role, so I was more inclined to look for an argument to make the recipes uncommon than to make them common. Perhaps that was a little unfair to the role. If so, at least there's an easy fix.
I think the basic introductory recipes of the Combat Alchemist should of been Common, and not Uncommon.
I didn't see a clear pattern of doing that with other roles, though it's possible I just wasn't looking at the most appropriate examples. At this point, it would probably be better to add in some common recipes than to switch any of the existing ones to common, assuming it's still worth doing so after a fair number of those recipes drop in the near future.
Woven Bandoliers and Introductory Formula Books are now also available at the auction houses in Keeper's Pass, Cauchemar, Talonguard, Rathglen, Marchmont and Kindleburn, in addition to those already available in Thornkeep. They're priced at 5s for the bandoliers and 10s for the formula books.
If you are going to do that, may I suggest you drop some +0 stuff at the main auction houses so everyone doesn't have to make the pilgrimage to Thornkeep?

Apparently I can only sell the formula books and bandoliers for the moment, but anyone who wants me to add some of those to their auction house, just name the settlement.
I put some bandoliers and formula books up in Thornkeep. It turns out there's a bug with the alchemist's tools and they unfortunately can't be sold on the auction house. So instead, for anyone who really wants to get started on a Combat Alchemist before those recipes are more widely available, send email to naming a company/settlement vault, as well as a location, and I'll drop off a Trainee Alchemist's Tools to get you started.