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Refreshed the Recipes (Refining), Recipes (Settlement) and Recipes (Codex) tabs to make sure they have the final data for the Combat Alchemist structure recipes, though I don't think anything had changed there since I put the planned details for them up prior to releasing OE 2.3. Also double-checked the Combat Alchemist structure data on the Settlement Structures tab and everything there is still up-to-date. The Visiting Combat Alchemist Trainer at the Keep is temporary, so I'm not including them on that tab or updating them as their level steadily drops until they're removed.

So, between data refreshes that probably didn't change anything other than the Last Updated field and some quick double-checks, it looks like the Public Spreadsheets were already up-to-date through OE 2.3 and I edited the original post to reflect that. Next up is getting all the Pharasmin details from OE 2.4 added.
Bob is still functioning as far as I can tell, though I don't believe it has scraped the Public Spreadsheets for data recently. We've mostly been adding new stuff, so the vast majority of the data there should still be accurate, even if some of the newer data is missing.
Quick update to the Public Spreadsheets: The radius for AoE Splash attacks is 3 meters, not 2.5. The previous text also said that 2.5 meters is melee range, which is incorrect (melee range is 5 meters)
We release a great deal of the game's data in the Public Spreadsheets at PFO Wiki - Official Data. The data there is up-to-date as of OE 2.6.
The Eternal Balance
What exactly the Animal Bane, Goblin Bane, Restraining, Igniting keyword does?

Right now, those keywords don't match to any attack feats, so they're not doing anything. They're just available for future use.

So far we've only applied the weapon keywords that come from enchanting to sanctified attacks, so the Animal and Goblin Bane keywords would likely get used when we add deities who are dedicated to hunting/killing those types of creatures. Restraining and Igniting are a little trickier, since sanctified attacks generally match to preferred weapons, but deities generally don't list wands as preferred weapons. Perhaps we'd pick some deities heavily associated with wizards and give them some sanctified cantrips, though then we'd also need to add some sanctified wands and/or staffs. Alternatively, we could just add some specialty cantrips that take advantage of those keywords.

We've got various future-looking details like this in the game, and it's often difficult to decide whether it'd be better to take the time to find and remove them until they're ready for use, or to spend that time adding in features that make use of them. For example, it probably wouldn't be too difficult for me to come up with some sanctified attack feats for each of those keywords, though they'd probably be for deities that had nothing in the game beyond those attacks. That in itself would feel a bit incomplete, though perhaps less so than a keyword that can't be matched. The armor keywords that come from enchanting though would require a bit more effort to find a way to include them, so I'd probably lean more toward removing them for the time-being. I'll add a bug to look into either option when I have a chance.

All that said, while the keywords may not match up to anything, the basic effects of the enchantments still do their jobs. Animal/Goblin Bane still provide increased Base Attack and Base Damage whenever the target is of the appropriate type, Igniting provides Burning on Critical Hits with Fire or Electrical damage, and Restraining provides Slowed on Critical Hits with Physical or Cold Damage. The standard effects provided by the enchantment are totally separate from the keywords they provide.

Yeah, we make a lot of info and features available right away, which can be a bit confusing without a whole lot of explanatory tooltips. Many of the things this player asks about do get explained later in the tutorials, and in theory we could have hidden a lot of those things until they'd been explained, but we wanted them all available so guild members could just drop right into the game and start playing together without needing to complete a bunch of tutorials first. Of course, with more polish time we could create a very curated initial player experience while also providing a way to bypass that experience and jump right in. In the shorter run, we'd be more likely to try to find a way to give starting players just enough essential information upfront to keep them from getting quite so confused.

On the positive side, glad to see the player found the tutorials in the right order and found a lot of the game interesting, even if a little confusing.
Just finished up the last Blessing conversion request so everyone's Boons are now in the proper vaults. Moving forward, Blessings can be manually converted by right-clicking on them in Inventory and selecting which Boon you'd like to receive in return.
I'm working through all the Blessing conversion requests right now, but it will take a little while to finish them all up. Be sure to leave any Blessings in your specified vault until you hear from me that your conversion is complete.
There are 4 days left to get your Blessing conversion requests in to (the deadline is Daily Maintenance on Monday, March 29). Even if you don't know what your final Blessing count will be, it's best to get your requests in early so we can work out any issues prior to the deadline. You get to tell me what to do with any additional Blessings anyway, so there's no risk of missing out if you get more Blessings after sending in your request, as long as you get them into the vault before the deadline.
The first-week building rights have all been exercised, but winners still have until Daily Maintenance on Wednesday, March 31 to get their optional free teardowns. To set those up, send your requests to Requests must meet the following requirements:

  • Only 1 free teardown available for each auction hex won and the request must come from the winner of that hex.
  • The hex where the teardowns are requested must currently be owned by the same company that used the first-week building rights to place a holding in the auction hex.
  • If the auction winner isn't also a leader in that company, permission will need to be granted by one of the company leaders.