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All posts created by Bob

Significant progress in four hexes:

  • Aragon 2-3-2-3: Currently on escalation 2 (Skull-Basher Ogres) at 515.25 strength.
  • Carpe Noctem 5-6: Currently on escalation 2 (Skull-Basher Ogres) at 2071 strength.
  • Hammerfall 1-2: Currently on escalation 1 (Ripping Chains) at 5281.5 strength.
  • Emerald Lodge 3-4: Currently on escalation 1 (Ripping Chains) at 7981 strength.
So I always had rebilling activated on my main account, but looks like it was turned off now. I tried to reactivate it today, but it still shows as inactive and not rebilling. I sent an email to customer support but confused on the new setup for accounts versus characters. Maybe others understand it better than I do?

We're hoping to get at least a partial update to the web site out today, but it's currently still basing its display on the account-wide settings, which we largely deactivated as part of the conversion process. You'll get the clearest picture of where your characters stand on the in-game Character Selection screen. If your active characters are set to Reactivate Automatically, then it will just say Active below them as long as you have either at least 1 month of credit or have rebilling on. If you don't have any credits and don't have rebilling on, then your characters will say Active Until X.

We're going to clean up as much of the web site as we can today, but then Cole and I are both taking two weeks off for vacation. We'll still be keeping an eye on things to make sure the game keeps running and to respond to questions, but non-emergency fixes will need to wait until we return.
Phase 1 is in progress, and I can already see the first escalation losing strength quickly in a couple hexes. I'll post updates occasionally during the event, but I'd appreciate folks posting when they hit significant progress points, particularly when finishing up a sequence.
The servers are back from Daily Maintenance and I'll be launching Phase 1 at 10 AM Pacific (about 10 minutes from now).
I upped the rewards a bit more and finalized the rules, just in time for Daily
I increased the Recipe Point reward for shared sequence completions from 1 point to 2 points for every sequence completed by any settlement during the same phase that a given settlement completes its own sequence.
Well my not make a 1st ed and 2nd ed deities and domains a dual-supporting of both since;

We may very well wind up doing something like that. It'd be nice to call it out somehow, like "For those who hold to the old ways, X also supports the Y Domain."
Sorry for posting this at the last minute, been one heck of a week. Let me know if you have any questions or spot anything absurd in the original post. I've marked it as a draft for now, but I'm mostly looking for any hidden "second place gets 300 platinum coins" or "you do realize that holdings are 500 times more valuable than expendables, don't you" kinds of errors at this point.
Happy Holidays from Paizo and the Pathfinder Online team! This year's holiday event, the Eternal Youth Sequence, will take place in three phases. Phase 1 starts on Friday, December 20 at 10 AM Pacific (or shortly after Daily Maintenance), Phase 2 at 10 PM Pacific on Thursday, December 26, and Phase 3 at 4 PM Pacific on Wednesday, January 1. The event will end at 9 AM Pacific (beginning of Daily Maintenance) on Monday, January 6.

For each phase, the sequence will be launched in all assigned monster hexes (listed below, 23 total), and will run through a short series of escalations in ascending order of difficulty, with a ten minute delay between escalations. The final escalation is new and very difficult, but also more rewarding than usual. Any incomplete sequences will be halted at either the beginning of the next phase or at the end of the event.

Each eligible settlement has a hex assigned to it (listed below). Every time a settlement completes its assigned sequence, it will be rewarded 3 Structure Points. Additional Structure Points will be rewarded to the first 3 settlements to complete their sequences during each phase (details below). Settlements can use these points to purchase the structure kits of their choice, at a cost of 1 point for a small (add 1 point for each upgrade), 4 points for a medium (add 2 points for each upgrade), or 12 points for a large (not a Keep, add 3 points for each upgrade). For example, a medium +2 kit would cost 8 Structure Points (base price 4, plus 2 per upgrade).

Settlements will also be awarded 5 Recipe Points for every escalation cleared as part of the sequence in their assigned hex. Settlements that complete their sequence in a given phase get 3 additional Recipe Points for every time the sequence is completed by any settlement during the same phase. Settlements can trade these points for the recipes of their choice (Tier 3 recipes cost 40 points, Tier 2 recipes cost 12 points, Tier 1 recipes cost 5 points).

Bonus prizes will be awarded for the first, second and third settlements to complete their assigned sequence during each phase:

  • First Place: 9 Structure Points, 500 of each bulk resource, 30 gold coins, choice of 3 recipes or expendables (1 from each tier), and choice of 3 standard raw ingredients (100 units each, 1 from each tier, no Aeon Stones or Victory Markers or other specialty ingredients, enchanting raw ingredients are fine, gatherable or salvage items are fine).
  • Second Place: 6 Structure Points, 300 of each bulk resource, 20 gold coins, choice of 2 recipes or expendables (from 2 different tiers), and choice of 2 standard raw ingredients (75 units each, from 2 different tiers, see restrictions from first place prize).
  • Third Place: 3 Structure Points, 150 of each bulk resource, 10 gold coins, choice of 1 recipe or expendable (any tier), and choice of 1 standard raw ingredient (50 units, from any tier, see restrictions from first place prize).

This year we'll also be giving out rewards to individual characters. For each rank above rank 3 earned by an active character on one of the new achievements before the event ends, that character will receive 1 Character Point, plus 1 bonus point just for hitting rank 4 on at least one of the new achievements. These points can be traded for the recipe, expendable, holding or outpost (no siege equipment) of their choice (Tier 3 recipes/expendables cost 15 points, Tier 2 recipes/expendables cost 5 points, Tier 1 recipes/expendables cost 2 points, holdings cost 10 points plus 2 per upgrade, outposts cost 5 points plus 1 per upgrade).

Rewards can be delayed until the Alchemist becomes available for those who'd like to make Alchemist-related choices.

For all prizes, final decisions on the reasonableness of any choices will be at Paizo's discretion. If you have any questions about what might be considered reasonable or unreasonable, particularly if there are things you think might meet the descriptions above but seem overly valuable compared to what was likely intended, please ask those questions now.

Here are the participating settlements and their assigned hexes:

  • Alderwag 2-3
  • Aragon 2-3-2-3
  • Blackwood Glade 1-2
  • Caer Coedwig 2-3
  • Callambea 4-5
  • Carpe Noctem 5-6
  • Cauchemar 3-3-3
  • Corbenik 5-5
  • Dun Baile 6-6
  • Emerald Lodge 3-4
  • Forgeholm 4-4-4-4-4-4-5
  • Fort Ouroboros 4-4-4
  • Golgotha 3-4
  • Hammerfall 1-2
  • Keeper's Pass 1-2
  • Mediash 6-6
  • Middenheim 4-5-5
  • Oak Knoll 4-5
  • Ozem's Vigil 1-2
  • Phaeros 3-4
  • Staalgard 4-4
  • Talonguard 1-6
  • University Commons 1-1
Another defeat for Nhur Athemon, this time in the assigned hex for Veggr Tor! Here's the current status for all 12 hexes still running the sequence:

  • Succinct Prime 3-3-4: Currently on escalation 24 (Elite Duergar Slavers) at 27487 strength.
  • Unassigned (Staalgard 1-6-6): Currently on escalation 24 (Elite Duergar Slavers) at 44572 strength.
  • Unassigned (Sylva 4-4): Currently on escalation 22 (Dark Elves) at 56125 strength.
  • Sylva 2-3: Currently on escalation 22 (Dark Elves) at 56125 strength.
  • Hope's End 4-5: Currently on escalation 22 (Dark Elves) at 59125 strength.
  • Greystone Keep 3-3: Currently on escalation 22 (Dark Elves) at 59250 strength.
  • Unassigned (Fort Ouroboros 6-6): Currently on escalation 21 (The Wrath of Nhur Athemon) at 20000 strength.
  • Unassigned (Fort Ouroboros 3-3-3-4): Currently on escalation 21 (The Wrath of Nhur Athemon) at 20000 strength.
  • Canis Castrum 4-4: Currently on escalation 21 (The Wrath of Nhur Athemon) at 50000 strength.
  • Unassigned (Fort Ouroboros 2-3): Currently on escalation 20 (Ustalav Invaders) at 11770 strength.
  • Unassigned (Brighthaven 1-2): Currently on escalation 20 (Ustalav Invaders) at 45200 strength.
  • Sunholm 5-5-6: Currently on escalation 18 (Undying Ogg) at 0 strength.