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These are the Preliminary Release Notes for Open Enrollment v1.1. We deployed a Final Candidate for OE 1.1 to the Test Server on Wednesday, December 18. We plan to deploy OE 1.1 to Live during Daily Maintenance on Thursday, December 19, assuming it performs well during final testing.

What Is In This Release

This release focuses on adding a new sequence for our Holiday 2019 Event, along with a new escalation included in that sequence. Several new achievements were also added to support the new escalation. Multiple other improvements were also made to various systems in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience.

Full Release Notes

  • A new escalation was added, along with achievements to support it.
  • A new sequence was added and will be launched in assigned settlement hexes during the Holiday 2019 Event.
  • Achievements now log more information when they’re granted, which we’ll be using to provide rewards for individual players during the Holiday 2019 Event.

  • The trainer at the Spellcrafter Structure now properly rises in trainer level as the structure is upgraded.
  • Instructions on the Manage window no longer refer to a nonexistent Manage button.
While testing the build that adds the new escalation and sequence, I realized that I can't actually launch individual sequences manually. That means only those hexes that are currently included on a the final list of eligible hexes will be able to get a sequence in their assigned hex, so I'm locking down the list. I've added a comment to that effect to the original post.

There's a small chance we'll need to do another build, so if anyone is planning on asking for a change or activating their settlement, send email to as soon as you can so we can see if it's possible to make that happen.
Is the event still on schedule to begin this Friday the 20th?

Yup, testing the build with the new escalation and sequence right now.
Is the Tavernhold actually Tavernhold 1,6 ? Likely just a typo in the original post.

You are correct, that's been floating around since last year's event. I'll get that fixed.
Couldn't the PFO domains of 1st edition remain and just add whatever 2nd edition domains you choose later? Or simply change the name of existing PFO domains to a name from 2nd edition and keep them mechanically the same? Renaming should work for the temples and such in the case where a PFO deity is missing from 2nd edition, I think.

Yup, we could just grandfather in all the current domain assignments, only adding to them and never subtracting, then adjust everything around that as needed. We'd prefer to make everything match Second Edition, but something like that could be a workable compromise.
Talonguard would like to have Talonguard 1-6 as it's monster hex.

Ah, good old High Road 4-4-5-5-5! It's yours. I changed the original post to reflect that.
It would be nice to see how many credits are in each account…

I'll file a feature request for that. We do show you how many remain when you activate your character, but after that it's currently only visible on the web site.
More updates to the original post:

  • Phaeros moved to list of eligible settlements with an already cleared assigned hex.
  • Unassigned Phaeros 4-4-5 marked as cleared.
  • Canis, Hope's End, Sunholm and Veggr Tor removed from eligibility and hexes considered unassigned, but not cleared.
  • Brighthaven, Concordia, High Road and Tavernhold removed from eligibility and hexes moved to the unassigned, cleared list that other settlements might consider switching to.

Those settlements that aren't currently able to participate, either because their settlement isn't active or their hex isn't cleared, can join in at any time before or during the event.
Nhur Athemon tastes defeat once more, this time in the assigned hex for Phaeros! The assigned hex for Veggr Tor is close behind, and Nhur Athemon will be appearing there soon. Here's the current status for all 13 hexes still running the sequence:

  • Veggr Tor 2-3: Currently on escalation 29 (Emerald Aristocrats) at 18011 strength.
  • Succinct Prime 3-3-4: Currently on escalation 24 (Elite Duergar Slavers) at 44587 strength.
  • Unassigned (Staalgard 1-6-6): Currently on escalation 24 (Elite Duergar Slavers) at 50322 strength.
  • Hope's End 4-5: Currently on escalation 21 (The Wrath of Nhur Athemon) at 9500 strength.
  • Unassigned (Sylva 4-4): Currently on escalation 21 (The Wrath of Nhur Athemon) at 9500 strength.
  • Sylva 2-3: Currently on escalation 21 (The Wrath of Nhur Athemon) at 13000 strength.
  • Canis Castrum 4-4: Currently on escalation 21 (The Wrath of Nhur Athemon) at 50000 strength.
  • Greystone Keep 3-3: Currently on escalation 21 (The Wrath of Nhur Athemon) at 50000 strength.
  • Unassigned (Fort Ouroboros 6-6): Currently on escalation 21 (The Wrath of Nhur Athemon) at 50000 strength.
  • Unassigned (Fort Ouroboros 3-3-3-4): Currently on escalation 20 (Ustalav Invaders) at 15100 strength.
  • Unassigned (Fort Ouroboros 2-3): Currently on escalation 20 (Ustalav Invaders) at 16370.75 strength.
  • Unassigned (Brighthaven 1-2): Currently on escalation 20 (Ustalav Invaders) at 49800 strength.
  • Sunholm 5-5-6: Currently on escalation 18 (Undying Ogg) at 600 strength.
All of the inactive accounts have finally been converted as well, so everyone should be able to activate their characters now. Send email to if you run into any problems.