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I have not had a chance to play 2nd edition but my impression is 2nd Edition domains just grant a few free spells and not much more. If so, that does not really fit with the significant place domains occupy in this game.

We definitely make use of domains differently than Second Edition, or even First Edition for that matter, but we do like the fiction to match up where we can. We'll just have to see how much that desire conflicts with all our other design goals.
It is probably worth mentioning that many people have multiple accounts and the current system where every account needs a new email is messy and results in a lot of missed emails.

Is there any reason why each account needs a unique email ?

It makes database searches quicker. If we can assume that each email address is unique, then we can stop searching as soon as we find a match. If not, then we have to search the entire database each time in case there are multiple accounts with the same address. In particular, for password resets where you just enter your email address, we'd always have to search the full database and send emails to every matching account.

For now, my suggestion is to take advantage of Plus Addressing. It works with gmail and several other email providers. Mail sent to actually goes to Our system sees each variant as a unique address, but you get all your email at one address. The downside is that you need to remember the variants if you need to do a password reset. However, if you forget them, I can find them for you using the customer support tools. The important thing is that you maintain access to the base email account.
I'll be keeping my character's set as they are until I have the ability to control activation day for all characters on a account.

You can control this in a sense based on when you initially activate your character. If you've got one active character and want the others to activate in sync, just wait until the day that character reactivates and activate the other ones before the next Daily Maintenance. If you want to switch your current characters to a different reactivation date, you can turn off Reactivate Automatically, let them each deactivate, and then reactivate them all on the day of your choice. You'd of course miss out on a little XP, but you would get them synced up.

The ability to sync them up without missing out on any XP would involve some kind of "partial month" solution, which would definitely be trickier.
Soo … if you have a player cottage that lets you sell items at a higher level then the current auction house allows … do the higher level items only show up at your player cottage ?

The restriction is on being able to put things up for auction, not on what's available for purchase. Studios are unrestricted, so you can bypass the restriction there. Likewise, if you put something up for sale at an Auction House +5, then downgrade the Auction House too low for that item, it will still be available for purchase. You just won't be able to put more of them up for sale.
Sooo … if I understand correctly your account has a single pool of credits which you can share between your characters that shows up on the website. You then choose which characters are using that pool from the selection screen when you login your characters ?

That is correct. For example, if you have automatic billing set up to by 12 months of credits at a time, but have two active characters on your account (not twins), then those credits will last 6 months before you get billed again. Likewise, if you already have 27 credits on your account, and 3 active characters (no twins), those credits will last 9 months before you need to buy more.
We have not yet updated the Account and Subscription pages on the web site to properly reflect your Active/Inactive status. As part of the conversion process, we deactivated the account to keep our data clean, but that means the web site will now show accounts with Active characters as being Inactive. We'll get that fixed as soon as we can, but for now you can check your activity status on the Character Selection screen in-game.
I am hoping to be able to manage the billing/activation day of my accounts/characters within the next few updates…

I've got a feature request in our database to look into this. Might not be too hard to add something, but things do get a little more complicated with the per-character switch. We'd might still need a failsafe that would purchase more months if we noticed you were out of credits 5 days before a character was going to be deactivated, just in case someone activated more characters after their preferred billing date and the system hadn't purchased enough to cover that. And of course, there'd always be the chance that our billing script didn't run on your preferred date and instead ran a day or two later, but we'd get you as close to that day as we could.
All active accounts were converted to the new subscription model and granted their extra months, where appropriate. The Free Trial Mode accounts will be converting in the background today. They can log in before they're converted, just not activate characters or see any game months that will be added.

The web site was also updated with the new pricing ($5 for 1 month, $25 for 6 months, $45 for 12 months).
These are the Release Notes for Open Enrollment v1.0. The release build of OE 1.0 has been running on the Test Server since Wednesday, December 11 and was deployed to Live on Monday, December 16.

What Is In This Release

This release focuses on switching from our original account-based subscription model to a new character-based subscription model, allowing players to decide exactly which characters on their account are active and which are in Free Trial Mode. With that switch, we will be lowering the base price for a month of game time to $5 and crediting accounts on a roughly 3-1 basis for remaining and current months that were previously purchased at full price. A new Spellcrafter Structure was also added. Multiple other improvements were also made to various systems in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience.

Full Release Notes

Character Subscriptions:
  • Characters can be activated individually, or as twins, from the Character Selection Screen.
  • The base price for game time is now $5 or 550 Azoth.
  • Multiple characters from the same account can be logged in simultaneously.
  • After a character is created on the Character Creation Screen, players are returned to the Character Selection Screen, where the new character can be activated and can select premium items to bring into the game.
  • Active characters can be managed from the Character Selection Screen. The primary option is to decide whether or not that character will Reactivate Automatically, meaning that it will attempt to use or purchase a game month credit when it’s current month of activity runs out.
  • Character deletion/undeletion is now handled by first hitting the “Delete…” button, then changing the deletion settings for each character, and finally hitting Done.
  • With the switch to Open Enrollment, Platinum accounts will no longer be comped, but will receive 6 months of extra game time to smooth the transition.

Spellcrafter Structure:
  • Settlements can now place Spellcrafter Structures, and any recipes or items needed to craft them are now available.
  • There is currently a bug with the trainers at this structure where they are stuck at trainer level 9. This will be fixed in the next update, which will ship before the holidays to support the holiday event.

  • Aeon Stones now drop more frequently during lower-level escalations, though they’re still very rare. The distribution curve was also flattened a bit between lower-level and higher-level escalations.
  • Help text for Companies, Feuds, Influence and the Vault Window were updated and edited.
  • Roguishly Inspired now provide a Survival bonus instead of a Nature bonus.
  • Chill Touch once again causes Drained 100%.
  • The Goblinworks logo and Early Enrollment text were removed.
  • The Hand of Ranalc event during Broken Men gives proper Breaker achievement credit.
We're going to be starting the update process to OE 1.0 shortly. Daily Maintenance will take longer than usual as a result, possibly 2-3 hours. Because the account conversion process takes a long time to get through all of the accounts, we're only going to convert the active accounts first, then make the new build available so everyone can start playing. We'll then start converting all the Free Trial Mode accounts in the background, which could take 8 or more hours to complete. In the meantime, it will still be possible to play on unconverted accounts, you just won't be able to activate your characters until the conversion process gets to your account, and you wouldn't see any added game month credits yet.