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Thought I posted a reminder/warning about trigger-happy guards when placing holdings, but looks like I must not have hit Submit before closing that tab. Anyway, I can't find the post now, so I'll just post again while apologizing in advance if this is just a repeat.

We fixed a bug a while ago where the guards that popped in just as a holding gets built would immediately attack the person placing the holding, and possibly others nearby. It was just a brief moment where their AIs were using old data when deciding whether you're friend or foe, but if you were targeted during that moment, then you remained targeted until you died or got out of range. It's usually not a big problem, since the initial guards aren't very tough, but is definitely a problem if you walk away thinking you're in a safe spot. Not that being AFK is ever truly safe, but standing by your own holding should be at least a little safer than a random spot in the wild.

Unfortunately, our fix doesn't seem to work 100% of the time, and in particular I think it fails when a hex has never been claimed before, like these auctioned hexes. As a result, there's a pretty good chance you'll get attacked right after the holding goes up, so be prepared to run. All you need to do is get out of range and let the guards leash back to their starting positions. Once they're back in position and not moving, it's safe to go back to the holding.
Sounds like the River Sheperds are loosing control.

Yes, it's, um, a shared global quest! The more often they're defeated, the faster the water comes back! That's the ticket!
FYI, when placing holdings in the newly-claimable hexes around Fort Inevitable, it may take a little more searching than usual to find the right spot. Usually the POI locations for holdings are pretty central, close to a road, and often at intersections. Because these hexes were originally set up with the intention of being NPC hexes, they didn't get set up with one of those locations. We're not really set up currently to do the kind of terrain pass required to add new locations, so we had to temporarily repurpose an existing 30m encounter location in each of those hexes. These particular hexes tended to only have those a bit off to the side or closer to the hex corners. If you already know where the 30m encounter locations are in that hex, just check each one until you find the right one. If not, you should be able to find it reasonably quickly by running a loop around the hex about halfway between the center and the hex boundary and checking for nearby placement locations regularly. If you can't seem to find the right spot, let me know and I'll track it down for you.
These are the Release Notes for Open Enrollment v2.5. The release build of OE 2.5 has been running on the Test Server since Tuesday, March 9 and was deployed to Live on Wednesday, March 17.

What Is In This Release

This release focuses on making ten hexes around Fort Inevitable claimable by adding locations to place holdings in them and on returning water to the river starting near Canis Castrum and running past Succinct Prime. Blessings of Pharasma are now loot boxes that deliver a choice of any Boon from Pharasma (Lady’s Health, Lady’s Favor, Lady’s Foresight or Lady’s Protection) and those boons are being fixed to last their proper durations. Other improvements were also made in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience.

Full Release Notes

  • Ten hexes around Fort Inevitable can have holdings placed in them, allowing them to be claimed. First-week building rights for these hexes were auctioned off in the Blessed Territory Auction. If you find one of those hexes unclaimed before Daily Maintenance on Wednesday, March 24, do not place holdings there without permission of the company or settlement that has first-week building rights there. If you do, your buildings in that hex may be torn down without warning.
  • Hex -1,2 near Thornkeep is once again an NPC hex, in keeping with the player tavern located there. That also means the gathering nodes there are back to dropping only Tier 1 mats.

  • The river that starts near Canis Castrum and runs past Succinct Prime now has water in it. If the technique used for adding it doesn’t cause a lot of performance issues, we’ll continue adding more water to the world in future updates.

  • Blessings of Pharasma are now loot boxes and right-clicking on them provides a choice of one Boon from Pharasma (Lady’s Health, Lady’s Favor, Lady’s Foresight or Lady’s Protection).
  • Boons correctly last for the exact durations listed in their descriptions, though they do wear off instantly on death.
  • Unexplored Second Chances {Worthless} can’t be sold at auction houses.

  • The Visiting Combat Alchemist Trainers at the Keeps in player settlements have once again had their training levels dropped, and these levels will continue to drop in future updates until they’re eventually removed altogether.
OE 2.5 is now up and running on Live! C'mon in, the water's fine!
Everything's looking good for deploying OE 2.5 tomorrow morning, so plan on a slightly longer Daily Maintenance than usual. Switching builds usually doesn't add more than 10 or 20 minutes, but don't be too surprised if the servers are down for 1-2 hours.
So, does this mean Blessings are just for Boons now and don't have a different use yet to be announced? smile

Yes, this is their intended purpose, no more sudden changes smile
With the payment portion of the Blessed Territory Auction completed, it's time to start turning in Blessings at the special event rate of 1 Boon for the first Blessing and 5 Boons for each additional Blessing. For those who only have 1 Blessing to turn in, you'll be able to handle that yourself after OE 2.5 is deployed to Live by just right-clicking on the Blessing and selecting your Boon. If you have more than 1 Blessing though, or think you will before March 29, avoid using that mechanism and turn them in to me instead for a much larger number of Boons. Or better yet, whatever number of Blessings you have, pool them together with other players to get the best possible exchange rate, while totally coincidentally reducing the number of exchanges I need to make.

To make this as simple as possible, whenever possible let's handle it much as we did for auction bids, with the Blessings left in shared vaults where I can make all the exchanges in one quick session. Any time before Daily Maintenance on Monday, March 29, send email to with the following information:

  • A shared vault (owned by a Company or Settlement, not a Personal or Party vault), along with the vault’s location, where the Blessings will be available for conversion right after Daily Maintenance on Monday, March 29. There's no rule this time about two submissions sharing the same vault, we can work around that, but I'd strongly recommend pooling any such submissions together. Be sure you have sufficient control of the vault to prevent your Blessings from being removed before they're converted.
  • Your character (does not need to be active) who has full withdrawal privileges to that vault (I'd recommend a company leader). Ideally, send your email from the address attached to that character's account, since I'll need to send email to that address at some point to validate the request. When it's time to make the conversion, I'll make myself a member of that character's company and give myself the same rank they have. As long as that allows me to withdraw the Blessings, I'll make the conversion.
  • The number of Blessings you have ready for conversion.
  • Which Boons you'd like in exchange, and the quantity for each.
  • How you'd like me to handle any additional Blessings I find there. This is to cover cases where you collect more Blessings right before I make the conversion but don't have time to let me know about them. You can tell me to just leave them there, or to exchange them all for a particular Boon, or to just give you an even mix, or whatever.

You can send your submissions using the following template as a guide:

  • Vault: A Bunch of Blessings Company Secure
  • Vault Location: Thornkeep
  • Character: Paizo Bob
  • Number of Blessings: 5
  • Boons:
    • Lady's Favor: 3
    • Lady's Foresight: 0
    • Lady's Health: 17
    • Lady's Protection: 1
  • Additional Blessings: Just give me more Lady's Health Boons.

Right after Daily Maintenance on Monday, March 29, I'll go through all the submitted vaults and make the conversions as best I can. If there are less Blessings available than specified, I'll try to meet the spirit of the request, but can't guarantee you'll get exactly what you'd have preferred, or anything in the case where there are no Blessings in the vault or I'm unable to withdraw them. On the plus side, I don't really expect to run into this issue, since we managed to avoid it during the auctions.

If you don't have access to a shared vault for this purpose, we can arrange an in-game trade, but we'll want to schedule such trades as close to March 29 as possible to lower the risk that you'll find more Blessings before the deadline and miss out on the best possible exchange rate.
Congratulations to the winners of the Blessed Territory Auction! Here they are, listed in alphabetical hex order:

  • A (-16,15): Black List (banner company of Ozem's Vigil)
  • B (-15,14): Bloodstone Swords (banner company of University Commons)
  • C (-14,14): Cauchemar
  • D (-12,15): Combattants de Cauchemar (banner company of Cauchemar)
  • E (-11,15): Nightstalkers (banner company of Carpe Noctem)
  • F (-11,16): Coureurs de Cauchemar (founding company of Cauchemar)
  • G (-11,17): Templomo Taltos (banner company of Brighthaven)
  • H (-14,19): Aragon Vagabonds (banner company of Aragon)
  • I (-15,18): Fort Ouroboros
  • J (-16,18): Alchemical Romance (banner company of Fort Ouroboros)

Where the winning bidder represented a company, I listed that company's settlement membership, but that shouldn't be taken as meaning the company was necessarily acting on behalf of that settlement. It's just information anyone can easily look up and I wanted to give you all a quick picture of how the winners are spread across the map without making each of you go through that effort yourself. Of course, some of the winners may have been bidding on behalf of others, or may intend to trade their hex to another party, so the final distribution won't be clear until everyone exercises their first-week building rights. Assuming we deploy OE 2.5 to Live on Wednesday, March 17 as planned, winners will have until Daily Maintenance on Wednesday, March 24 to exercise those rights.
Bids and revisions for the Blessed Territory Auction are now closed! Amazingly, we were able to sort out every issue on every problem bid before the deadline. Many thanks to all of you for your patience and quick turnaround on all my requests.

I'm starting the process of picking winners and collecting payments, which I'll finish up today or tomorrow. OE 2.5 is still looking good on the Test Server, so we're planning to deploy it to Live on Wednesday, meaning winners won't have to wait long to exercise their first-week building rights.

Meanwhile, be careful not to move the bid resources out of your vaults until I post the winners. I'll be pulling the payments directly from the vaults while I work my way through the bids, and if the resources aren't there when I come for them, I'll move on to the next bidder instead.