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No hexes have been cleared since the last update, but several made significant progress, and now there are 2 hexes running Emerald Aristocrats. Here's the current status for all 14 hexes still running the sequence:

  • Phaeros 3-4: Currently on escalation 29 (Emerald Aristocrats) at 13701 strength.
  • Veggr Tor 2-3: Currently on escalation 29 (Emerald Aristocrats) at 36715 strength.
  • Succinct Prime 3-3-4: Currently on escalation 24 (Elite Duergar Slavers) at 48361 strength.
  • Unassigned (Staalgard 1-6-6): Currently on escalation 24 (Elite Duergar Slavers) at 53750 strength.
  • Hope's End 4-5: Currently on escalation 21 (The Wrath of Nhur Athemon) at 9500 strength.
  • Sylva 2-3: Currently on escalation 21 (The Wrath of Nhur Athemon) at 16500 strength.
  • Unassigned (Sylva 4-4): Currently on escalation 21 (The Wrath of Nhur Athemon) at 16500 strength.
  • Canis Castrum 4-4: Currently on escalation 21 (The Wrath of Nhur Athemon) at 50000 strength.
  • Unassigned (Fort Ouroboros 6-6): Currently on escalation 21 (The Wrath of Nhur Athemon) at 50000 strength.
  • Greystone Keep 3-3: Currently on escalation 20 (Ustalav Invaders) at 3720.75 strength.
  • Unassigned (Fort Ouroboros 3-3-3-4): Currently on escalation 20 (Ustalav Invaders) at 17700 strength.
  • Unassigned (Fort Ouroboros 2-3): Currently on escalation 20 (Ustalav Invaders) at 18970.75 strength.
  • Unassigned (Brighthaven 1-2): Currently on escalation 19 (Elemental Rift) at 10930.5 strength.
  • Sunholm 5-5-6: Currently on escalation 18 (Undying Ogg) at 2160 strength.
We found the bugs that were breaking accounts and put the fixes for them up on Live. That should prevent this from happening again in the future.

In addition, we just ran a script to fix all the broken accounts, so you should all find that the correct characters are now training on your accounts and any missing XP was restored. If you notice any new or lingering issues, contact so we can sort them out.
It will be an interesting challenge when we get to this, but one of our main goals will be to minimize the consequences for anyone who made choices based on our original domain assignments, and to at least some extent on those who chose domains with various First Edition assignments in mind. All I know right now is that we want to move in that direction, and that there were a lot of changes that need to be thought through carefully.
We've got a bunch of work to do with the existing deities first, scheduled for OE 6, but we do want to add some more deities after that. One of the complicating factors is that we'd like to move closer to Second Edition Pathfinder, and the domains have shifted a bit for that. That's part of the reason we want to get some kind of respecs in before tackling deities, so players can realign with any changes.

That said, if a domain didn't shift significantly between First and Second Edition, and if a deity supports that domain in Second Edition, you're safe learning it and switching to that deity, assuming that deity becomes available. Deities from the Second Edition Core Rulebook are a safe bet for inclusion, and would likely get top priority. Next up would be deities that get Second Edition that have had Second Edition writeups by the time we're considering them, particularly any with connections to the River Kingdoms and other aspects of our setting.

So, Torag and Protection feel pretty safe at this point, although Protection is problematic because Abadar no longer supports that in Second Edition. Might have to just grandfather that in for those who've already learned it, or maybe respecs will be easy enough to cover that. Kurgress is trickier if there hasn't been a Second Edition writeup yet (point me toward it if there is one), in which case I'm not sure which domains Kurgress would ultimately have.
Did find a minor typo in the Spellcrafter Structure section
Settlements can no place Spellcrafter Structures, …
guessing you mean
Settlements can now place Spellcrafter Structures, …

Thanks for pointing that out, it is no fixed… dangit… now fixed in the original post.
Bob, in your previous New Subscription Model post you mentioned the 3 to 1 conversion for current active accounts but also mentioned adding 2 months credit also. Here the extra 2 credits is not mentioned. Is that not happening with the change or was it just missed in the release notes above?
From other post:
"For accounts with existing credits, we’ll be tripling those credits to reflect the price change and adding two extra credits to any Active account."

I'll try to tighten up the phrasing, but I meant to cover that by saying we'd be converting "remaining and current months that were previously purchased at full price." "Remaining" months are the actual credits you still have, which get converted 3 to 1. "Current" is your current active game month, which essentially gets converted 3 to 1, but 1 is already in use so you get 2 credits back. And the "previously purchased at full price" bit was added because recent Humble Bundle purchases were for Open Enrollment credits, so they don't get converted.
Assuming we do deploy 1.0 on Monday, Daily Maintenance will probably take more like 2-3 hours that day while we convert all the accounts over to the new subscription model.
These are the Preliminary Release Notes for Open Enrollment v1.0. We deployed a Final Candidate for OE 1.0 to the Test Server on Wednesday, December 11. We plan to deploy OE 1.0 to Live during Daily Maintenance on Monday, December 16, assuming it performs well during final testing.

What Is In This Release

This release focuses on switching from our original account-based subscription model to a new character-based subscription model, allowing players to decide exactly which characters on their account are active and which are in Free Trial Mode. With that switch, we will be lowering the base price for a month of game time to $5 and crediting accounts on a roughly 3-1 basis for remaining and current months that were previously purchased at full price. A new Spellcrafter Structure was also added. Multiple other improvements were also made to various systems in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience.

Full Release Notes

Character Subscriptions:
  • Characters can be activated individually, or as twins, from the Character Selection Screen.
  • The base price for game time is now $5 or 550 Azoth.
  • Multiple characters from the same account can be logged in simultaneously.
  • After a character is created on the Character Creation Screen, players are returned to the Character Selection Screen, where the new character can be activated and can select premium items to bring into the game.
  • Active characters can be managed from the Character Selection Screen. The primary option is to decide whether or not that character will Reactivate Automatically, meaning that it will attempt to use or purchase a game month credit when it’s current month of activity runs out.
  • Character deletion/undeletion is now handled by first hitting the “Delete…” button, then changing the deletion settings for each character, and finally hitting Done.
  • With the switch to Open Enrollment, Platinum accounts will no longer be comped, but will receive 6 months of extra game time to smooth the transition.

Spellcrafter Structure:
  • Settlements can now place Spellcrafter Structures, and any recipes or items needed to craft them are now available.
  • There is currently a bug with the trainers at this structure where they are stuck at trainer level 9. This will be fixed in the next update, which will ship before the holidays to support the holiday event.

  • Aeon Stones now drop more frequently during lower-level escalations, though they’re still very rare. The distribution curve was also flattened a bit between lower-level and higher-level escalations.
  • Help text for Companies, Feuds, Influence and the Vault Window were updated and edited.
  • Roguishly Inspired now provide a Survival bonus instead of a Nature bonus.
  • Chill Touch once again causes Drained 100%.
  • The Goblinworks logo and Early Enrollment text were removed.
  • The Hand of Ranalc event during Broken Men gives proper Breaker achievement credit.
That is scary. Especially since I am at work and have no way to check my accounts.

Do you know when this started? It has been over 24hrs now since I logged into the game, so if mine aren't training then I won't know when they stopped. smile

Our current theory is that the accounts got broken when one of our daily scripts ran yesterday, so around 9 AM Thursday (Pacific).

For those who don't necessarily notice for a while that their accounts were affected, we'll be working on tools to identify any affected accounts and fix them back up. Reporting helps us make sure your account gets a little extra attention, and helps us track things down more quickly, but the fixes we have planned should take care of you whether you report the issue or not.

Also, so far it looks like this affected a minority of accounts. I spot-checked quite a few accounts just to look for broken ones, and the vast majority looked fine. Maybe I just got lucky, but it's at least a good sign.
I'll be asking questions about things like Set Training or any other recent account activities from each person who reports a problem, but so far there isn't a clear pattern. It is possible that DT accounts are protected in some way, which may point toward a chunk of code that would treat those accounts differently, but I spotted at least one of my test DT accounts that was affected. Then again, my test accounts are regularly broken in a variety of interesting ways, so that might not mean anything. Hazard of being test accounts.

On the plus side, we do know what got broken, and we know how to fix it on any of the broken accounts. However, making the tool (or adding a function to an existing tool) to do so will involve a little work, so there may be a brief period where those accounts aren't earning XP. Fortunately, we will be able to restore any XP that's missed out on, and you can continue to play on those characters while waiting. It would still be best to report any broken accounts when you notice them so that we can include them on the list of accounts to track.