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Harad Navar
Would there be a necessity for new artwork to cover mutagenic transformations affecting the character?

We'll need to make do with a more metaphorical transformation until we can devote more art resources to making these and other effects visible in-game. For now, these will operate much like other buffs, though with more significant drawbacks so that on balance the benefits can be even greater.
Alchemists specialize in creating and using alchemical bombs and elixirs in combat. Based heavily on the Alchemist class from Pathfinder Second Edition, with some additional inspiration from First Edition, they include all-new feats, weapons, ammunition, attacks, achievements, recipes, and other supporting content.

To kick off some crowdforging discussions on the design and implementation of Alchemists, here are our high-level plans for this new role:

  • Feature Feats
    • Bomber: You specialize in explosions and other violent alchemical reactions.
    • Chirurgeon: You concentrate on healing others with alchemy.
    • Mutagenist: You focus on bizarre mutagenic transformations that sacrifice one aspect of a creature’s physical or psychological being in order to strengthen another.
  • Items
    • Formula Book (Implement)
    • Formulas (Expendables)
    • Alchemist's Tools (Weapon)
    • Reagents (Ammo)
    • Bandoliers (Ammo Containers)

Those are the central building blocks for Alchemists, around which a wide variety of feats, achievements, and other content will be created. There will also be some links back to existing content, like the Expert role and the Alchemist crafting skill. I'll post deeper dives into each aspect as we work through the implementation.

Initial thoughts?
Harad Navar
Since loot drop recipes and expendables were hard won by game play, I would hope these would not be removed completely. A mechanic confirming the expenditure of XP when training feats would allow relearning spells and expendables to be a similar player choice.

Very true. In the case of recipes, you wouldn't actually get any XP back, so there's no advantage to forgetting them during a respec. If you can remember the recipe in the background, but not access it without the required feat/rank, then we can safely let them be remembered. I think the system may actually already work that way, with you temporarily losing access to recipes when your crafting rank drops from lack of support, in which case we don't even need to do any work to make that all balanced.

Expendables are trickier, because you would get XP back by forgetting them, so players probably will often want to forget them as part of a respec. Also, technically they're feats once they're learned. Letting players remember expendables while forgetting every other feat is essentially the same as allowing partial respecs, though admittedly with a pretty simple rule for deciding what's remembered and what's forgotten. Maybe we'll find a straight-forward way to allow partial respecs, but as I mentioned, that gets pretty tricky and will likely involve a fair amount of effort. We may only be able to provide the nuclear option this first time around.
Hopefully the *Flag for PvP* will auto happen once you cross into a monster hex, or a hex someone has claimed and set to Low security…if not, then the game might be more populated by people who want to play a multiplayer version of Kingmaker, but I don't think that is going to make for a game that is actually any more interesting than it is right now.

The goal is to make sure that players can't be attacked by other players unless they've explicitly and knowingly agreed to participate in PvP. Instead of automatically flagging for PvP by taking some other action, which is more of an implicit agreement, we plan to restrict player actions until they explicitly flag for PvP. We haven't picked the exact restrictions yet, but basically you'd get a message stating that you need to flag for PvP first whenever you attempt a restricted action.

And yes, this does mean a fair percentage of players are likely to be completely PvP-averse and will never flag for it. However, those players simply won't play the game at all if they can't do so meaningfully without risking PvP. Think of them as adding to the total population, not as subtracting from the PvP-willing population.

FYI, there's a fairly extensive (and fairly recent) discussion on this topic in the Flag for PvP thread under Crowdforging.
We're actually trying to keep respecs from becoming a way to game the prerequisite system. The real goal is to provide a way to get back your XP if you later decide you're rather advance your character along a different path.

The simplest implementation would be to have respecs remove all the feats/expendables that a character has learned, return all the XP, and wipe all of that character's achievements. You'd basically be starting over, though with lots of XP, plus all your belongings and perhaps some recipes learned that you'd regain access to if you relearn the necessary feats. Not perhaps ideal, but simple to understand, simple to use, and simple to implement.

Letting characters forget specific feats, or specific ranks of feats is trickier, though theoretically possible. We're exploring ways to make that work, but it might require more effort than is worthwhile. It might also be a pretty frustrating experience as a player, either creating a cascade of forgotten feats each time a central feat is forgotten, or requiring players to step through feats one at a time, forgetting ones that aren't required by other feats first. We don't want to spend a lot of time on a feature that's too complicated for anyone to use safely.
The updated Roadmap is now available, and finally has its own web page available under the Pathfinder Online navigation menu at the top of every page. This isn't a complete list of every feature or improvement we've got planned, but it does cover all the larger features we've officially scheduled for implementation, along with when we plan to deploy each feature to the live servers. I'll update the web page as we deploy each update and as we schedule additional features, and post an announcement of any changes here in the forums.

The current Roadmap is primarily focused on the features that were listed in the New Roadmap, Part 1 thread, but you'll find a few surprises listed as well. Enjoy!
Any chance the ring you were already wearing is a Lesser Ring of Protection +1? That would be giving you Base Defense Bonus +2, and since they wouldn't stack, you'd only be going from +2 to +12.

Enchantments do go into a special Enchanted channel so they can stack with bonuses from other channels, but generally don't stack inside that channel. The one exception is for Encumbrance, which is allowed to stack in the Enchanted channel specifically to make those enchanted items feel like bags of holding.
We're putting the finishing touches on the short-term roadmap, finalizing the order of implementation and our target dates for each set of features. That will go on its own permanent web page, to be updated as we finish off planned updates and schedule new ones. Lisa and I just need to work through a few sticking points before I can post the final version. Things have been a little crazy here and we keep running into scheduling conflicts, but we're hoping to have everything sorted out within a few days (fingers crossed). Sorry for all the delays, and many thanks for your patience.
Father Bronin
What timeframe are we talking for each? Weeks, months, 6 months?

We're still working up some time estimates, but I can definitely say that if we thought any of them were going to take 6 months each, we'd have taken them off the list and found other things to do.
We deployed another server-side update to Live this morning to fix an issue that was sometimes putting characters in a weird, not-fully-functional state after entering a new hex, and sometimes even right after logging in.