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We've done some initial feasibility checks and verified that this looks possible. However, it will be a pretty big undertaking, and we're still figuring out the best way to schedule this work in with the other remaining work that was mentioned alongside this upgrade. Right now we're focusing on the Experience Point Options (individual character subscriptions, respecs, XP purchases with Azoth) from the last Roadmap post, but this remains on the shortlist and we'll tackle it when the best opportunity arises.
We deployed a server-side fix to Live this morning to further deal with the "not-quite-hired" mules issue we tackled for 17.1. Characters should now be able to hire another mule immediately after an attempt to hire a mule fails, and the /ReleaseMule command should clear out any bad mule data if the server is confused about whether or not a character actually has a mule.
The fix is in.
We've got a server-side fix up on Zog, which we plan to deploy to live during Friday's Daily Maintenance, that adds a few more steps to the mule exorcism ritual and should let characters immediately try to hire another mule. On the off-chance that some ectoplasmic residue slips through and continues to cause problems, we've also given /ReleaseMule it's own exorcism ritual. Hopefully those two fixes will banish these stubborn not-quite-critters for good.
Updated the public spreadsheet to reflect the following EE 17.1 changes:

  • Shear attack reduced to a 10 meter charge with a six-second cooldown and rebalanced accordingly.
  • Chain Belts include Belt [Tier] in their Valid Enchant Groups.
Dang. The fix keeps you from being charged any taxes or saddlebags if the mule doesn't appear, and it keeps the overall map server from thinking there's a partially-created mule floating around (which was causing the hex in general to have all kinds of sync problems), but apparently the character still thinks a mule got attached to it. Hopefully the only downside of that is the inability for that character to hire another mule for a little while, though that's obviously plenty annoying on its own. I'll get a bug filed and we'll look into it.
These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v17.1. The release build of EE 17.1 has been running on the Test Server since Thursday, July 11 and was deployed to Live on Monday, July 15.

What Is In This Release

This release focuses on bug fixes for a variety of issues. We tracked down one of the causes for recurrent crashes when charging or teleporting and reworked the code to better handle those situations. We also changed the way mobs and events are defined across escalation phases to prevent situations where escalation strength would sometimes appear to be temporarily locked. Multiple other improvements were also made to various systems in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience.

Full Release Notes

  • Characters trying to rotate toward a non-existent location, which for unclear reasons can sometimes happen during charges and teleports, will now reject that rotation instead of getting caught in a loop and displaying a blue screen. We’re hopeful that this will prevent the crashes some players regularly experience when using charge-based attacks/buffs. If you experience a blue-screen crash, please log back in immediately on the same character and file a support ticket so that we can check the logs and see if there are other causes we need to fix.
  • Shear attack reduced to a 10 meter charge with a six-second cooldown and rebalanced accordingly.

  • New command /VcCancel clears any pending applications or invites so characters can apply to a different company instead.
  • The Structure Management Window shows the DI cost for upgrading that structure’s maximum upgrade, and shows a clearer message when there’s not enough DI available to upgrade the maximum.

  • Succubus Blood drops less often as enchanting salvage, allowing Tenebrous Blight Fire to drop more often.
  • Crafting upgrade bars always show no wasted effort when Azoth is used to upgrade the crafting results.
  • Chain Belts include Belt [Tier] in their Valid Enchant Groups.
  • Weapon descriptions at auction houses properly list the keywords for each upgrade.
  • If a mule fails to appear when hired, no saddlebags or money will be charged, and the ghost of that mule will no longer haunt the server.

  • Mobs that only spawn during particular phases will give proper strength credit if killed during later phases.
  • Events that only spawn during particular phases will give proper strength credit if completed during later phases.
  • Mobs that only spawn during particular events will give strength credit as they’re killed instead of having their likely strength values included in the final strength credit given when completing the event.
  • All Mobs for the Skull-Basher Ogres event Treacherous Goblins will properly drop enchanting salvage with their loot.
  • All Bonedancer encounters point to the correct Bonedancer standards instead of the generic goblin standards.
  • Generic uneven encounters won’t include mercenaries working with goblins.
FYI, logs verified that this was caused by a ghost mule kicking up trouble. Ghost mules will be fully exorcised with the deployment of 17.1 on Monday morning.
Talonguard is back up and working properly.
And it went down, will hopefully be back up shortly.