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The hex server for Talonguard isn't syncing properly and we're looking into rebooting it. Best to avoid that hex for now. If you're already there, probably best to park next to a structure and log out until we reboot.
These are the Preliminary Release Notes for Early Enrollment v17.1. We deployed a Final Candidate for EE 17.1 to the Test Server on Thursday, July 11. We plan to deploy EE 17.1 to Live during Daily Maintenance on Monday, July 15, assuming it performs well during final testing.

What Is In This Release

This release focuses on bug fixes for a variety of issues. We tracked down one of the causes for recurrent crashes when charging or teleporting and reworked the code to better handle those situations. We also changed the way mobs and events are defined across escalation phases to prevent situations where escalation strength would sometimes appear to be temporarily locked. Multiple other improvements were also made to various systems in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience.

Full Release Notes

  • Characters trying to rotate toward a non-existent location, which for unclear reasons can sometimes happen during charges and teleports, will now reject that rotation instead of getting caught in a loop and displaying a blue screen. We’re hopeful that this will prevent the crashes some players regularly experience when using charge-based attacks/buffs. If you experience a blue-screen crash, please log back in immediately on the same character and file a support ticket so that we can check the logs and see if there are other causes we need to fix.
  • Shear attack reduced to a 10 meter charge with a six-second cooldown and rebalanced accordingly.

  • New command /VcCancel clears any pending applications or invites so characters can apply to a different company instead.
  • The Structure Management Window shows the DI cost for upgrading that structure’s maximum upgraded, and shows a clearer message when there’s not enough DI available to upgrade the maximum.

  • Succubus Blood drops less often as enchanting salvage, allowing Tenebrous Blight Fire to drop more often.
  • Crafting upgrade bars always show no wasted effort when Azoth is used to upgrade the crafting results.
  • Chain Belts include Belt [Tier] in their Valid Enchant Groups.
  • Weapon descriptions at auction houses properly list the keywords for each upgrade.
  • If a mule fails to appear when hired, no saddlebags or money will be charged, and the ghost of that mule will no longer haunt the server.

  • Mobs that only spawn during particular phases will give proper strength credit if killed during later phases.
  • Events that only spawn during particular phases will give proper strength credit if completed during later phases.
  • Mobs that only spawn during particular events will give strength credit as they’re killed instead of having their likely strength values included in the final strength credit given when completing the event.
  • All Mobs for the Skull-Basher Ogres event Treacherous Goblins will properly drop enchanting salvage with their loot.
  • All Bonedancer encounters point to the correct Bonedancer standards instead of the generic goblin standards.
  • Generic uneven encounters won’t include mercenaries working with goblins.
Three more sequences cleared since the last update, 29 left to go! Here are the 17 completed sequence hexes:

  • Carpe Noctem 5-6
  • Aragon 2-3-2-3
  • Keeper's Pass 1-2
  • Alderwag 2-3
  • Unassigned (University Commons 5-6)
  • Callambea 4-5
  • Oak Knoll 4-5
  • Unassigned (Carpe Noctem 4-4-4)
  • Caer Coedwig 2-3
  • Hammerfall 1-2
  • University Commons 1-1
  • Unassigned (Kindleburn 2-3)
  • Ozem's Vigil 1-2
  • Dun Baile 6-6
  • Forgeholm 4-4-4-5
  • Blackwood Glade 1-2
  • Unassigned (Forgeholm 3-3-4)
Slightly offtopic from Desna and starknives, back in 2015 Stephen Cheney made the following response to a question about Sarenrae attacks and domains:

Stephen Cheney
( … there's one more Sarenrae feat that's missing an effect so isn't yet available).

In addition to the Perception bonus, Sun is intended to grant a bonus against Undead, once I have the tech to use creature type as a conditional (no ETA).

The missing sword attack is interesting in itself, but more importantly now that we have undead bane weapon enchantments is it still a big job to add the undead bonus to Sun Domain ?

It looks like other feature feats can handle similar conditionals, so I may be able to add something in with just a spreadsheet change. I'll give it a try when I get a chance.

There do seem to be a few other feats, attacks in particular, that were only waiting on "if undead" or other conditionals we added for enchantments. I'll take a quick look around and see if a few of those can be added as well.
The recent discussions on starknife have implied sanctified attacks will eventually require you slot the relevant domain not just be a member of the correct faction. This is not a minor thing, this is a huge change (seemingly by stealth) in how sanctified attacks are going to eventually work.

My searching abilities may just be failing me, but I'm not finding anything where we implied that. It's possible it was floated as an option at some point, but generally what we've focused on is that feats like domains and sanctified attacks were intended as faction rewards. We're not sure exactly how those will get implemented, but the important point is that learning/using them requires attaining/maintaining a high faction rank. Beyond that general statement, I don't believe we've committed to many specifics.
We can certainly open this back up for discussion. Ammo went in at the same time that I tweaked Chill Touch to only have a 50% chance of inflicting Drained, so a lot of things changed all at once.

Though both Chill Touch and Devourer's Caress have lower damage/effect numbers overall than they previously did, that was part of a downward adjustment for all ammo-using attacks. Provided you're using appropriate ammo, that overall adjustment should be balanced out by the increased base damage and effect power from the ammo, or at least that was the intention. Unfortunately, I suspect there might be a problem with the Cure aspect of Devourer's Caress. I just did some quick testing and it doesn't look like the Cure amount is ramping up as you use better ammunition, though it does ramp up properly as you match more standard keywords. Most other effects do seem to be increasing with better ammunition, but Cure is a little special. Maybe there's a problem with just that effect, or with Self/Beneficial effects on attacks that mix Beneficial and Damaging together. We'll have to do some more digging to see exactly what's going on, but that could account for much of the feeling that this combo was nerfed.

I only made two intentional changes to the combo. The first was that in reducing Devourer's Caress to account for ammo, I focused pretty much all the reduction on the Cure aspect, instead of spreading it out with the amount of Exhausted or the base damage. Combine that with ammo not boosting Cure back up and you have a double whammy, but I could potentially return things a little closer the original balance between Cure and the other effects/damages for that attack.

The second change was the main one that's been brought up, lowering the percentage chance for inflicting Drained with Chill touch from 100% to 50%. The basic idea was to make things just a bit less predictable so you'd have to keep a closer eye on things, but it's true that there's a 1 in 16 chance of failing to apply Drained after 4 attacks, which could be such a high risk that players might not be willing to even risk rushing in. One option would be to raise the percentage to 75%, at which point there'd only be a 1 in 64 chance of failing 3 times. That's a lot more dependable without being a guarantee.

I could also raise it back up to 100%, and it wouldn't be the only case where a weapon has an attack that dependably sets up another attack on the same weapon. That said, this is clearly one of the most powerful of those combinations, though changes like ammo and line of sight may have cut that back a bit. Plus, whether I raise the percentage to 75% or 100%, I'd probably trade it off against providing a smaller amount of Drained with each success, so the effect would tend to fall off a little more often.

At the end of the day, if this is a little overpowered, but at the expense of burning through expensive charges (they're very quick attacks), that could be okay.

Agreed. It's on the list.
We're demoing the game on Live at PaizoCon, with most of those players registering new accounts and starting up an actual character in Free Trial Mode. That's going on at the following times (Pacific):

  • Saturday: 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Sunday: 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Monday: 10 AM to 1 PM

We were also demoing yesterday from 10-6, so you may have seen a few new players during that time, and we're also starting to see some website visitors start up new characters in Free Trial Mode. Be kind to the new players, and there may even be some recruiting and auction opportunities with all these fresh faces.
These are the Release Notes for Early Enrollment v17. The release build of EE 17 has been running on the Test Server since Wednesday, May 15 and was deployed to Live on Monday, May 20.

What Is In This Release

This release adds Free Trial Mode, allowing inactive accounts to log into the game and try out the latest build, though with some gameplay limitations (e.g. support restricted to level 6, no influence earned, no XP granted over time, can’t participate in territorial PvP games). Because trial characters aren’t granted XP over time, the initial amount of XP for new characters is now 75,000, and all characters that originally started with 1,000 XP have been automatically granted 74,000 XP to make up the difference. As always, multiple other improvements were also made to various systems in order to keep steadily improving the overall player experience.

Full Release Notes

Free Trial Mode:
  • Accounts can log in to the game whether or not they're active.
  • Free Trial Mode characters don't earn XP over time. Those set to train will show up as Training XP (Paused) on the character selection screen.
  • Free Trial Mode characters don't earn influence for their company.
  • Free Trial Mode characters are limited to Support Level 6.
  • Free Trial Mode characters don't earn points in capture/raid games, but do earn points defending against NPC invaders and defending harvesting sites.

Experience Points:
  • New characters start out with 75,000 XP, and all characters who originally started with 1,000 XP have been given 74,000 XP.
  • Training feats and learning expendables now have a confirmation stage before the XP is spent.

  • Daily Maintenance is more aggressive about recovering from failures.
  • Edited typos in Finding Your Path, Skull-Basher Ogres and Undying Ogg.
  • Fixed some random encounters where goblins and elementals were odd couples.
  • Moved shutdown signs to proper locations on Loom, Smeltmill and Weaponmaster Structures.
XP granted, you'll probably need to log out and back in to see it.