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All posts created by Cole Brown

Cole Brown
Thank you VERY much Cole and Azure_Zero. Painful explaining to a dullard I'm sure. smile

Last derail question I promise. Is there a /TogglePing and if not will there likely be someday? I run around 70-80 playing league of legends and 110ish playing Darkfall: RoA for example so after that description/conversation I'm curious to compare PFO.

No ping command currently. It would be in the "Nice To Have, Somedayâ„¢" unless y'all crowd forge it up higher, I think.

PFO is just the one world, so just the one server cluster, so your ping is (should be) relatively static. You could get pretty close if you just run a ping command against something in Seattle, or speed test to Seattle and look at the ping that gives you…
Cole Brown
I think that is the Network connection, Up/Down datarate in bits(or Bytes) per second.
ie Ping?

Isn't that really bad? I wonder if part of the reason PFO plays so 'squishy' for me is actually my pretty bad internet rather than anything to do with the state of the game.

I wonder what impact unity/cloud migration will have if any. Sorry, not meaning to derail the thread from Linux.

It is the data rate, not the latency. Or another way to put it: bandwidth not delay.

It is how much data your client sends up to the servers and how much you receive down from the servers. I'm pretty sure "BPS" means "bits per second", but COVID has me 3 computers deep and the best game-source-code computer isn't plugged in right now. It is useful if you're working on the game's networking layer. Less useful otherwise…

High ping does do 'squishy' things in video games - rubber banding, teleporting, etc - but you won't see that in the ShowFPS window.
Cole Brown
My bad guys, sorry.

I assure you the internal testing email raptors can no longer escape their safeguard cage.
Cole Brown
Hello and <3 from the other half of PFO's dev team. smile
Cole Brown
Bringslite of Staalgard
First, Thanks for answering, Cole. smile
Second, does the owner need be near the gusher for his stats to affect everything they can?

There's a skill check each gush for how many you get, similar to the check for how much you harvest from harvest nodes. That might default to the min skill of 10 if the owner's logged off/out of hex. So you'll be less likely to get more than 1 per gush.
Cole Brown
Bringslite of Staalgard
@ Bob

You made it clear that only that gusher placer and his "party" can take from the chest without penalty. Can a player set a gusher to working and log out if there are others there to protect it, meaning will it still operate if the placer logs?

It keeps gushing when you leave, yes.
Cole Brown
Bringslite of Staalgard
Father Bronin
I had the same thing happen to me. Placed a new holding. Waited for it to construct. When the guards spawned, they started attacking me. I ran away. They retreated. Afterwards they went back to normal.

It was a protest over low pay! smile

Yeah. This. And totally not a bug.
Cole Brown
<LogVaults Hex='[-13.2]'>
item name, +upgrade, quantity, durability

Rare Turquoise Speed Stone, +0, 1, 20
Rare Amethyst Base Attack Bonus Stone, +0, 1, 20
Rare Ruby Hit Points Stone, +0, 1, 20
Rare Emerald Base Defense Bonus Stone, +0, 1, 20
Rare Sapphire Perception Stone, +0, 1, 20
Rare Topaz Power Stone, +0, 1, 20

Personal Vault::

Company Vault::

Holding Secure Vault::
Bulk Wood, +0, 296,
Bulk Food, +0, 92,

I think it needs more parsing idioms. Right now it's just got the XML open/close for maybe finding in the log file, the double colon for "oh, maybe he wants to parse so this'll be the next vault search tag", the csv winged in there in case this is going into a spreadsheet…
Cole Brown
Ok, first potential bug.

Extending Feud ui feature increasing by minutes not days?

From the Feud interface in the company UI.

With an Outgoing feud with Testtown, it has Time remaining 1 days, 20:33 hrs
I click the (+) icon to add time, select 2 days the default.

Result: it seems to add 2 minutes, not 2 days, as the time remaining increases to 1 days, 20:35 hrs
The 100 influence is added to the banked influence amount.

I call them Days Jr.
Cole Brown
A Big Thanks to Sluce for his Big Thanks to me. smile