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As far as catching up, even the priciest gear REQUIRES low tier gathering materials, so all low level gathering time is rewarded. Furthermore, the game allows us to enchant combat gear to be usable by low levels while hitting as hard as higher levels. Those mats are rarer and cost more, but in 12 hours or less of combat grinding you could be competent enough to wear t4+2 gear that is equivalent to the t6 that most vets where. And I can afford to equip you in T4+2.
4.2 being cheaper than 6.0 is one of the exploitable inefficiencies, if it's still strictly better as equipment (equal in stats and easier to use). The actual reason it isn't is because people working on that skill level of armor need to produce a lot of it, and they dump the extra onto the market to try to get a fraction of their costs back. People doing higher levels of armor are pretty much all members of groups that can use or at least store their work products, so they sell much less of what they make.

Trading 6.0 gear for 4.2 materials from people who can wear 6 gear makes them happy, since they think that they got a good deal, and the 4.2 materials go into the pipeline of the people making 5.2 and 6.2 gear, who are happier to have it than the 6.0 crap that they are making to skill up. There's enough arbitrage in that trade to cover an occasional oxload of stuff being lost.
Xeilias is there. Phaeros is there. GOONS are there. And revenue is rushing in. I can't see the expense side of their business, so I can't speak to Albion Online's profitability, but at the very least they have customers, and that's what MMOs need.
We are? I tried it out, learned a lot of design choices that worked and a lot that didn't, noticed that the markets were exploitably inefficient, traded in gold for a few months, and left- because the community, while it wasn't toxic waste, was generally not up to the standards of communities I choose to be a member of, and the core gameplay wasn't fun, with control of areas being set by scheduled arena battles.
Are the attack changes stabilized enough to push an update to the public spreadsheet?
You are a Troll
Is that 4% to Base Damage? If so, after being multiplied it could add up to a not insignificant amount.

T1+0 Steel Bodkin Arrow are 20 base damage +2 per plus of upgrade.
T3+0 Meteoric Iron Broadhead Arrow are 50 base damage +2 per plus of upgrade.
And that is in addition to the 40-100 base damage from weapon keywords.
But there are breakpoints- between one-shot and two-shot, two-shot and three-shot, where 152 base damage is much better than 150 base damage.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
My complaint wasn't that 2-3c per round was an unreasonable price for T1+0 ammo. My complaint was that 55c per round for the same level of ammo is insane by any measure. No new player can afford that, and it is a rip-off even for veteran players to pay that kind of price even though we can afford it.

How can you avoid someone just buying all the cheap arrows and re-selling it? Is there a way to identify who is buying all those items and reselling at a higher price? What tools, if any, do the AH need to be more useful for new players?

Can someone set up one of the new shops and limit to who they sell?

I avoid the AH, so I really don't have any way to suggest
The best way to drive speculators like that out of business is to sell more ammo than they can buy.
Hobson Fiffledown
My silver piece issue was really with the freehold upkeep description. The 160 silver a week is absurd, if possible. But I could see paying 7-10 silver a week with my playstyle if things are really busy again. If it's automatic like loot is (and from our vaults I'm guessing), I could see not noticing slowly paying 40 silver a month instead of 4 for a while, but ouch when you do notice…

'Freeholds cost 1 silver to set up. This initial fee is paid automatically when the building is placed. Blah blah blah cooldown. Blah blah another silver to set up again. Otherwise, blah blah behaves like other personal buildings for upkeep.' I mean, that's a first draft. A little splash screen for a final build and payment confirmation when you right-click the freeholding from inventory couldn't hurt either.
If you are spending 7-10 silver a week moving a building around, but if you're actively moving it around I find it hard to think that you aren't getting even 100 copper from drops each time.
Providing good feedback about what location is being targeted is essential to friendly fire being a thing; there are a few prereqs to that feedback being available.
Is the public spreadsheet expected to be updated with the live attacks?
If each character on an active account got something like one month free subscribed XP, and was a buy-on after that for whatever the fair rate is, would that scratch the alt itch for people who just want alts?
I'm not sure how much fine adjustment you did on the input, but you can get slightly more improvement if you shift towards using higher plusses of the stuff that uses stuff that is easier to get. It's not trivial to figure out what is easier to get, but when raw materials are more commodity-like finding a lowest-price model would work. Although trying to buy the materials for a +5 keep probably would overload the market assumptions.