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Caldeathe Baequiannia
You missed the part where I bathed in bulk goods every night to keep my skin soft.

I lol'd for realz

No matter all of the stuff we might have ever disagreed on Cal, even pretty vehemently at times, you've always been very down to earth and a pretty stand up guy.

Not sure why people are still debating the Alpha Aristocracy term I coined like a year and 1/2 ago, the conditions for which it was meaningful then no longer exist, primarily because that game no longer exists, and probably never will.

I sincerely hope some of you can find some kind of peace and release from this shitshow, and let go of lingering resentments. But mainly, hope you just find something else to play that will provide you real entertainment and fun. You all sure as hell deserve it after sticking with this project yet still to this day.
Thorgrim Foegrinder
Who said anything about "alpha" or "aristocracy"? "Alpha Aristocracy" was a term created by a member of one of the most toxic groups in the game to create more toxicity. Luckily they've since left the game, and we're all better off for it.

I coined the term originally, you can go back in the forum records to February of 2015 I believe to see that. It was during my public rebuke of the NAP on the forums.

Toxic? Heh, can't say I recall you doing anything publically to help the community, but hey I could be wrong, if I am I apologize for that remark. But for myself I created numerous guides and did things like sit at the newbie spawn areas for hours at a time for months to help players through the terrible starting experience.

The alpha aristocracy myth was created by a couple of players that sucked at large scale organised PvP (but were probably OK at ganking gatherers) and decided to invent stories about how they were being blobbed and how certain alpha players were "favored" to explain their own incompetence. The same guys that pushed for major detrimental balance changes to combat because they were incapable of adjusting their tactics to cope with anything interesting.

Hardly a myth, and no stories needed to be invented. Anybody who was more than just a font of cynicism and sarcasm on the forums could have observed the reality of the political map. I certainly never pushed for any balance changes though. Maybe you are confusing or conflating my opinions with others though, wouldn't be surprising. Even years later when this game is all but dead the same people are still spreading lies and BS. It's mind-boggling, and a bit sad on a certain level, though I suppose no more ridiculous than me spending $15 to defend myself on a forum.

If this NewCorp thing actually happens, I doubt it, but if it does they will probably remove non-opti-in open world PvP (maybe keep factions as the opt-in world PvP experience) and remove settlement warfare, at most turning settlements into the Garrisons a la Warlords of Draenor.

They will spend millions of dollars making tons of PvE content that highlights the Pathfinder universe lore, and cater heavily to the existing Pathfinder customers, trying to make a more meaningful tie-in to the lore and the RPG system and the online experience.

I'm guessing there will be zero accommodation for players who want to roleplay villains, except in a completely roleplay and non-player affecting manner.

Say goodbye to Pathfinder meets Darkfall, and say hello to Lord of the Rings Pathfinder Online.
If this actually happens, it's looking more and more like a cruel joke, I've come to realize that the most likely scenario is that they gut the open-world sandbox PvP focus, and remake the gameplay experience using the preexisting combat and character mechanics to be a PvE focused game.

It would only make sense that a Pathfinder online game would cater heavily to existing Pathfinder customers while also showcasing the interesting Pathfinder lore, while ultimately trying to entice new people into the Pathfinder universe and roleplaying system. - all three of those things by the way which Pathfinder Online utterly failed to do in its original iteration - making it a bad investment for Paizo.

By keeping the project alive, I would think Paizo, if smart, would chance the strategy for the game and try to hit those three aforementioned aspects in order to recoup or enhance the value of the project for their business.

What does that mean? I'm guessing settlement conflict will be heavily downplayed or even gutted, and they become more like the garrisons in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, and PvP will largely become an opt-in experience, maybe focusing around factions. Finally, it would be wise to utilize and expand the escalations system to be more robust and provide player directed questing.

Think about it, they talk about injecting 10s of millions of dollars to the project and having a large team. neither two things which are needed to finish the original concept of the game as a sandbox PvP experience. However, you do need that kind of capital and personnel if you are going to create hundreds of hours worth of in-game PvE content.

The game already was a niche game, and catering it to their existing customers will probably keep it there, but will also make it more likely to survive in the long term and be a profit center for Paizo. Whatever PFO is now though, and people thought would end up being, is likely permanently dead even if they do manage to secure funding for this reboot.
You do know that there are still unclaimed empty settlements ready for the taking, right? Why couldn't AGC have taken over one of those?

That's bullshit.

I tried for six months to secure an abandoned settlement for AGC prior to GoblinWorks making them available for capture. I tried contacting the former owners of at least three of them to see if they would part with it. I even managed to track down the controller of Iron Gauntlet to a comic book store in San Diego. The best lead was Freevale, which Gpunk owned and in whom I had tried to convince to turn it over to me before the poof deadline but he said screw you and GoblinWorks he'd rather have it go poof.

By the time GoblinWorks finally let empty settlements be captured, after I had begged them for a second landrush for like half a year, our guild had dwindled from around 30 active people to 3 or 4. By the time I finally was able to put in time to do a capture attempt on Freevale it was just me left. And of course Decius and Nihimon's crew of trolls came to take a dump all over that play, so I decided to just quit and move on.

Stop invoking my group to support either of your arguments, because like I said it's bullshit. Hopefully if this NewCorp thing is actually real they'll wipe all this stupid crap and do the whole thing over proper.

Can't believe I just paid $15 to post on a forum.
I put enough conditionals in parentheses to suggest I wasn't trying to say my assertions were exhaustive. I'm sure a lot of people quit the game for reasons other than it basically not being fun and dying.
"The layoffs changed nothing except extending the timeframe; even at a Skelton crew PFO was sustainable and expecting slow improvement."

And if slow improvement was all it took to make an MMO viable and popular, that would mean something.

The reason why many left with the layoffs announcement is the same reason many (apparently) would not stay if the gameworld was wiped - the game isn't sufficiently / intrinsically fun enough (for some) to continue playing when the fruits of the boring aspect of the game are in doubt of paying off.

- If the game was fun enough, more people would continue to play, restart even and build all over again, if there was a wipe.
- If the game was fun enough, more people would play till the end even if they knew spending time building up stuff would be potentially for naught with the game being shut down.

Unfortunately, the game concept or at least it's early realization of it, was heavily reliant on players providing the content that would make it fun (excepting diehard isolationist solo pve'ers) - and GW did not market to, or attract enough of the right kind of players to achieve that critical mass.
Computer might be overheating, which will reduce performance. I believe some people pointed out this game can make the gpu go thermonuclear. Raises the temp in my office by several degrees.
I suspect they never made that restriction because it would allow industrious people to approximate the active subscribed playerbase count. I doubt the code to restrict it would have been much more work added on to the code to develop the influence system in the first place.
There are little particle firefly effects in the game for ambience, not really rain per se.