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The main issue driving a desire for a smaller map seems to be that the low population is wide spread, so the issue is really the population density.

I see it more as driven by laziness pure and simple.

A smaller map would suck and take away one of the few things this game has that is a bit different from your generic fantasy MMO clones - a sense of scale.

If we were to change the map at all I would suggest this:

Expand the map on the corners in the SE SW NE and NW .

Shrink the map somewhat in the middle of the current top bottom and sides.

Put all the best stuff in low security hexes at the end of the arms.

That way we get a cross shaped map where anyone travelling needs to pass through the middle giving an obvious place for trade to take place (and for PvPers to hang around and be annoying).
I don't think that's a compelling enough benefit to justify taking away territory involuntarily, but I could imagine offering incentives (or even just opportunities) to consolidate settlements or move them closer in, then closing off the territory left behind.

I am not seeing how this could work.

Lets take Fort Ouroboros in the SW and Keepers Pass in the SE for example. Keepers is fully +5 buildings. Fort Ouroboros is mainly +4 buildings with a few +3 (and a +2 AH because we are considering knocking it down and putting up a large alchemist) They are complimentary settlements with a lot of different buildings and both need a lot of hexes to supply DI and bulk. Both have almost all there hexes relatively close by.

How could we possibly move one of those settlements without losing hexes and hence buildings or ending up with holdings to support on the other side of the map.

Or are you talking about making a deal on a new combined settlement where it gets more than the normal number of allowed buildings and gets given hexes that generate twice the normal amount of bulk ?

I simply am not seeing how two high level settlements can be "consolidated" or even moved closer together without a substantial loss or some very fancy dev tricks that will be labelled by the normal denzen/trolls on the forum here as some sort of dev special favor.
Though it would certainly be easier to picture the world with an even border around it, there's no requirement that any reduction be made perfectly evenly in every direction, or even that it be perfectly straight across each edge.

That might help a little but its hard to get past the point that these suggested changes will be a boon to central settlements like Carpe and Aragorn and totally kill the holdings of corner settlements like Fort and Keepers.

On the subject of holdings … what is the reason for the US centric mechanism that requires people from elsewhere to get up at 3.00 am for server up to replace a holding when changing the holding type - you need to set an alarm at an ungodly hour to avoid the possibility that someone else might log in before you and steal the hex.
I did a PFOGIS check and we could safely do 2 hexes in without any issues on any side except the northern side, which would nuke 3 settlements, the other two just make it and would need to be allowed to keep their core 6.
Two hexes in would pretty much kill most of our Fort Ouroboros holdings. We have already put off placing our +5 buildings due to a lack of bulk even though we have the DI and the +5 buildings are already made. In fact we are sitting on a batch of +4s waiting for some holding upgrades to get more bulk wood happening, we basically mainly placed +4s that need no wood. Whilst affiliated with KP, Nadya has always made it clear Fort is still a separate settlement and needs to be totally independent for bulk purposes.

The main question though is why shrink the map ? It takes maybe 15 minutes to run a character north south and maybe 25 minutes to do a run from Fort in the SW up to PFU or Thornkeep in the NE. What possible advantage is there to it other than laziness ? It is not like the settlements will suddenly get busy on a small map as when people log in they immediately get out of town to gather or kill things not wander about town and wave at passersby.

I am very much in favour of a BIGGER map, though Bob has indicated that is a too much work at present.
The Commonwealth do have some settlements closer to the center of the map, as does Keeper's Pass.
I did a PFOGIS check and we could safely do 2 hexes in without any issues on any side except the northern side, which would nuke 3 settlements, the other two just make it and would need to be allowed to keep their core 6.

Keepers Pass is basically affiliated with Fort Ouroboros and nothing else. Neither of those are anywhere near the centre of the map.
Here is a thought:

Expand the map by about 3 hexes all around.

make it an area blocked to holdings and outposts with no settlements.

Make it low security for open PvP.

Make the random mobs harder (ninjas etc) .

Make the gathered hexes much better than the existing map (perhaps even dropping the amount of stuff in existing hexes to compensate) .

Where do Goblin Ghouls fit in this schema ?
The Eternal Balance
Way more than 5 gold (in coin) in one hour of doing an escalation?

You do realise escalations drop gold coins.

Disclaimer: your personal results may vary depending on your characters knowledge skills, how fast they can kill Aristocrats and Ninjas and to some extent how good the other people in your party are. That figure also does not take into account the wear and tear a high level incursion escalation runner incurs on T3 and enchanted gear or the cost of T2/T3 ammo at roughly 2000 charges/arrows per escalation.
It is good to see things progressing in the neighbourhood. Congratulations from those of us based at Fort.

Also - if we ever get Inevitable functional it will mean Maker has an outlet right next to both the major NPC settlements. Good forward planning.
That said, I'm not sure how common it is for folks to pull the lowest grades anyway. If it's mostly the top 2 grades, then we'll only really get results by consolidating down to 1 grade, something I'm more comfortable doing after the mats have been at least hauled to a building.

It is generally pretty hard to degrade stuff unless are deliberately trashing the hex or you run multiple gushers. Some of the more common mats seem to be present in numbers up in the thousands per level per hex.

Plus generally speaking a gatherer capable of regularly depleting a hex solo generally has the freehold feats and encumbrance to carry what they get. As a case in point,my level 20 miner mentioned in another thread regularly gets 500+ gushers AND is more than capable of moving that 500 iron or coal, in inventory, without getting into the top bar at all and without strength tokens or mighty.

I suspect people who are regularly getting lower quality stuff and cannot carry it are simply not putting enough XP into boosting CON freehold feats and encumbrance bonus.

NOW … salvage on a combat character is another matter altogether. Broken peasant furniture sux big time to bring home smile You generally have to mule it and most people do not bother. If the bandits ever get their wish to raid peoples private vaults in holdings they are going to get themselves an awful lot of torn peasant clothes and broken furniture and not much else smile