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Fanndis Goldbraid
Combat logs, tabbing between fields on the login screen, being able to split stacks easily, auction house searches that are more intuitive, being able to adjust the volume of different sounds in-game, being able to alt-tab between windows in full screen mode without having issues with the game crashing, being able to scroll a window with a mouse wheel (or at all, for that matter, in some cases)… these are all things that are basic, essential functions any MMO needs to be considered a minimum viable product. I will happily recommend PFO to anyone when these kinds of things are no longer an issue.

These are all on the table, but not in the immediate future. Chat with friends to see if they want to shape a world. If they just want to be a flower pot, that's cool. They can wait. If they want to be a force that helps shape the future, get them in now, even with the lack of the things you mention above. If they wait, they get to play the game I helped create, not the other way around.
Fanndis Goldbraid
One of the things mentioned in the forum threads long ago was a wandering monster type threat, mini-escalation with a short duration, likely some of the demons from the World Wound popping up and menacing a single hex for a short time. Once discovered these fearsome creatures would require a pretty powerful force to take even one down, and there might be a nice reward for each kill, but the window is short (23 hours on a weekend maybe?) and would likely require more than one settlement calling in troops to help manage the battle.

There have been a few occasions where 20-30 players were in the same place, and it was a lot of fun. Make that a necessity every so often and groups will coalesce to take on the threat.
Fanndis Goldbraid
All the tower changes mean is that you might not get to spend your experience now on what you want. The XPs will continue to accumulate, and at worst you have to train up later on when you can build your own settlement and towers are long gone and irrelevant. The drama is silly. Settlements will not explode in a negative tower eruption of "not enough towers". Go out and talk to your allies. If you don't have allies, make some. If you are not nice enough company to be able to work with other people, you have a problem.

Not having enough towers will not be the end of the world, and these release notes are for the test server, and not the live server. Chill out people.