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Fanndis Goldbraid
Lisa's blog says "I'll share more on the next Keepside chat, Wednesday, September 8th at 5 PM PST".

I presume she meant Wednesday the 9th, at the normal time?
Fanndis Goldbraid
I agree, knowing what is easy to work on and what is hard would allow us to at least know where you guys are in the "these things are possible" list of unfinished and incomplete stuff.
Fanndis Goldbraid
I think GW ran out of time. The article is accurate, I think GW tried to target the wrong audience. If they made the game more PVP/conflict driven, and advertised like EVE did "Become a pirate, or a miner!" then they would have attracted more big named guilds. Also, if they had the time/money/investment to dev it internally then released EE. But instead they rushed it out the door to a non-receptive public.

As the game being dead, I doubt it. This game can run on life support for a while, look at EMU servers, it just depends if Lisa wants to put it out of it's misery.

I think the complete opposite. If they had abandoned the open PvP aspect of the game they would have had many more players. Most players that come into a game with "opportunities" for PvP will partake. It is having hostile PvP jammed down your throat that lost the huge bulk of player of TT who might have expressed an interest in a Pathfinder Online game.

Suppose PvP was an on/off toggle. So gathering was safe, and running from one place to another was safe. However, factions, holdings and outposts, settlement wars, and other larger, organized PvP events required attackers and defenders to be vulnerable by forcing the toggle to be on if those players wanted to participate. There are many more non-PvPers here, even now, that there are PvPers. Just the way the numbers fall. That's one reason there are so few open PvP games compared to non-PvP games. The market for that is quite small.
Fanndis Goldbraid
If they gave players a toggle to turn PVP off, and built significant PvP opportunities into the company, faction, settlement and kingdom systems, perhaps PvP would be a part of the game. The open PvP is what drove away 75% + of the potential subscribers. Even if we lost all the players who were here simply for the joy of ganking gatherers, many, many more players would be in the game now.
Fanndis Goldbraid
1) Being able to change the landscape with stuff we built! Living in a place "I" built (sort of, we are close to that). I love the idea still that I am responsible for the maintenance of my settlement. "I help keep this place open for business!"

2) Having to make a long-term commitment to a craft or skill, making your character different and interesting.

3) Earning experience even when I am not playing the game. It helps fight the "mom's basement warrior" that has 60 hours in a 3-day weekend to grind out levels.

4) Getting to play and socialize with like-minded gamers, forging friendships, and working with these same people to achieve a common goal that is impossible to achieve as a solo player.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Bounties were a disaster in EVE and were just exploited.

Even Ryan's suggestion is easily exploitable:

1. Kill the person and steal stuff with ALT A
2. Approach victim with ALT B and say put a big enough bounty on ALT A and I will get revenge for you.
3. Kill naked ALT A with ALT B and collect the bounty.
Yep. There's no bounty system that can't be 'gamed' (exploited), without NPC involvement.

Which is why M59's Revenant system was so awesome, back in '95. It was just.. spine-tingling, seeing one in action.

Revenge mechanics with NPC bounty hunters? I wholeheartedly support that idea.

I put the idea for a revenant system on IdeaScale and it was quickly down voted. No surprise. Killers want to kill with no negatives, and sandbox purists wants it to be a player run system, but offer no alternative. I like the revenant system myself.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Albion and Crowfall will have the exact same player participation curves every other MMO has had as the charts Ryan has posted. There is no doubt about that. I too am struggling keeping myself occupied, but I certainly won't be dipping my toes in the toxic cesspools either of those two will be.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Like how the ingredients for Holdings and Outposts require refiners to refine hemp, ingots, hafts and strips to make the kits. I mentioned in a different thread wondering whether the stonemason would refine bulk stone (since there is/was "Refined Bulk Goods" on the AH for a long time. It might be a thing anymore, but I have also been curious what will go into settlement construction.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Ryan and company have commented on mounts at some point being pretty certain (but far out), and possibly some sort of a stage coach type point-to-point travel that would have a cost but be susceptible to the "Stand and Deliver" mechanic (which is also not in yet).

Running across the map is mostly drudgery, but that is what makes you reconsider that across-the-map fight you want to do but don't want to have to run back. The distance benefits the game, even moreso when the map expands. Settlements, companies and players can't be everywhere so they will be staking out an area they call home…which is awesome!
Fanndis Goldbraid

Is this correctly stated? Forgeholm will be building temples to and worshiping Torag and Abadar. (I know Torag is not in cycle one, and might not make cycle two). We are considering not building anything for Torag, since he will be in later, or perhaps build a "placeholder". The placeholder is problematic though, as it would cause us to train skills we won't be able to use later. Memory mentioned Desna being a "catch all" deity, which sounds tempting but she is CG which won't work for Forgeholm. Neither will Saranea since she is NG, and two steps from our declared settlement alignment of LN.

I guess the biggest problem is we must build the temple/cathedral for the specific deity from the ground up (requiring the plans, of course), so building temple A and worshiping god B is a non-starter. Right?