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Fanndis Goldbraid
sounds like a good idea to me. It would become a prestige thing for sure. I seem to remember something about a white tree coming back to life when something important happened…

Every settlement would get a tree…might be able to change the look in the cash shop. (oak, maple, fir, etc)
Fanndis Goldbraid
The auction house has slots for bulk goods, and refined bulk goods. I have had some disappointments so far with the ingredients for holdings and outposts, as they seem to require a very small amount of resources to build some pretty large structures. While I would not relish the thought of the labor needed to haul 1500 emcumbrance of wood and stone to a remote site to build something, I do think there should be a somewhat more intricate system for construction of buildings.

A recipe is fine. It is not very realistic or interesting, and the recipe drops overall are ridiculously too common (mentioned on the recent survey GW did). But there are some ways to make things like a Stonemason or Carpenter building a structure way more interesting, and refined bulk goods seem like the way to go. I hope this is close to what is currently imagined…

A Stonemason can not only build the final structure with the appropriate "parts:, but can craft the parts. "Parts" for a Stonemason would include, for example, small stone blocks, medium stone blocks, large stone, huge stone blocks, a variety of columns, cornerstones, keystones, grinding wheels, portcullis weights, and numerous type of unusual stonework to use for settlement defense for battlements, parapets, murder holes and boiling oil channels. Decorative stonework would include gargoyles and grotesques, fountains, headstones, waypoints, road markers, etc…

Carpentry would have a similar variety of required refined and crafted wood pieces including beams and timbers of a variety of sizes, door and window panes, trusses, ladders and stairways of various types, railings, cabinetry, barrels, wood wagon parts (so wainwrights/cartwrights can use them to craft wagons in later patches)…

Short version…make the future crafting systems robust and interesting, and have other uses for bulk goods. Great for trade, and keeps the bulk resources in demand.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Earlier on I was hoping for the Farm Holding to be able to produce foodstuffs, ranches to produce usable and trainable herd animals of some sort, and high level ranches to produce better mounts, mules etc.. Sadly, all the holding are producing are bulk goods for settlements. Maybe this can be updated in the future. I would personally like to see a robust food and cooking system, but that seems unpopular with some in this crowd. A real shame in my opinion. Regardless, bulk resources should be an optional output for holdings, and not the only possible result.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Regarding Table Top gaming versus an MMO…

I had the luxury of time when I was young…in high school and college, and a few years afterwards to table top game to my hearts content. It was a blast. My various groups did things like come up with a super detailed crit table based on weapon types, body target areas, and severity of the damage to mimic debilitating crits, or even instant death in some cases. (All done in less than a second nowadays). We could take a three day weekend and do nothing nut game, pizza boxes piled in the corner of the host's apartment or dorm room, cases of empty beer cans overflowing the trash, and character sheets and dice all over the place. For really big adventures we had boxes of miniatures and dungeon tiles covering every flat surface, and sometimes had box lids covering the prebuild dungeon areas to unveil a fully build adventure one area at a time. Great memories all around, and I cherish those days of lots of free time and little personal responsibility.

I cannot ever recreate those memories, or the gaming experiences no matter what MMO I play. It is a totally different creature. But I had a lot of fun (of a different sort) in MMOs, and here in PFO. I really like the players Forgeholm has attracted, almost all of which have a long term view of the game, and for the most part we are more interested in building up than tearing down. It has been a difficult puzzle to figure out some of the systems (like the keyword system specifically), but I am having fun playing. I will continue to play until it is no longer fun. Since I am paying cash to have fun, I will have fun the way I want to have fun, most of which is having found a group of people I can spend hours chatting with and telling stories to about the glory days of my youth (I am over 50 now, so most of my glory days are in my past).

New players do need to have the correct expectations, that is an absolute truth. But if you are having fun and not worrying too much about the game mechanics, keep playing and having fun. The game mechanics knowledge will come to you slowly. PFO is not meant to be WoW or SWTOR or any other Theme Park. If anything it is more like UO or EVE…you make fun where you can find it. Granted, a lot of the tools to do things are not even in the game yet, but that is where the social aspect picks up the slack.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Caldeathe Baequiannia
I think I would be willing to deal with the issues with play styles if it wasn't such a chore trying to deal with social or supply aspects of the game. I still have to log into a 3rd party application to have any idea who in my company or settlement is on. I still have to have someone else help me get items between my characters. Yes there are company and settlement banks, but if your leaders have blocked off withdraw access that isn't useful and might as well not exist.
I'm surprised that someone who's been around as long as you doesn't have access to a settlement vault. I don't think anyone in Talonguard is denied access to ours, only the secure vault. Is there a particular reason your team is restricting both? Do you not even have access to a company vault?

Jakaal , maybe consider joining a decent settlement…..

Jakaal is in a decent settlement, but thanks for your concern, Cambion.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Give each settlement leader a "token" they can trigger to activate for future escalation events. That way the settlement could partially control when an escalation occurred in their area. There would be a pretty narrow window for this to occur, but at least each settlement could alert friendly settlements or groups to help patrol that area within a fairly small window of time.
Fanndis Goldbraid
The game is already moving steadily toward what the harder-core MMOers & PVPers want, which means steadily away from what TTers are looking for/willing to adjust to. Having Golgatha race around the map taking any Nhur escalation they felt like, and polishing them off one after another in 30 minutes or so, with a hug bunch of ardent PVPers left just about everyone (except EBA I imagine) feeling helpless. A fun server wide event turned into the bully making what they wanted of the game, again. This may be Ryan's vision, but I don't think it is everyone else's in GW or even the majority of people on the server.

I can see this as being true for many players in the current game, and can’t at all see why Ryan and Company might not understand the "ownership" issue from the players’ perspective. The towers were originally "sold" as an excuse for players to PvP, and started with 6 towers around each settlement (and those six were most certainly expected to be help by the surrounded settlement.

Regardless, I do think a lot of the smaller settlements will not comment on these forums and will simply leave. Why beat your head against the wall and feel like no one is listening? Forgeholm did pretty well and we are all in, but the smallest probably got screwed as usual and will pitch in their chips and walk away without a word, moving on to the next thing that looks fun. There is little balance in PFO so far, and denying that won’t help make the game better.
Fanndis Goldbraid
I had posted on IdeaScale that each subsequent death add a small delay to the next rez. It was quickly down voted. But it still makes a little sense in that a delay would also let your agro timer run down a bit and would eventually allow the rez to occur without the agro flag. A rez delay would also eventually turn the tide in a battle where the same players were running back to the fight, as they would be timing at the shrine. Not sure exactly how that would play out in the current and future feud scheme, but it would be a possible solution to the "No Death Penalty" issue.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Oh, your are right. I wrote that wrong, I had gotten the message from the Holding, but transposed the structures. Outposts first if you want to replace Holding.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Feud declarations should be at least 24 hours in advance, and probably should have a minimum 24 hours duration, in order to align friends and contact members. Saying that, that duration also gives time for the company system to be jinked around accepting new members into both companies to inflate the attack and defense capabilities. There should be, however, a system in place to disallow frequent company changes to prevent this tactic. Companies either have members or they do not. Allies could also come to the fight but would be taking rep hits in engaging if that were necessary. As Yrme says above, perhaps a company that loses an Outpost, Holding or tower might be able to counter feud the same site at a cheaper price if it is the next thing that company feuds.