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Fanndis Goldbraid
Cheatle, No settlements have as many characters as Brighthaven, and few have the ability to hold 9 towers, much less 12. Lowering the cap would be a terrible move. I think 1 tick up wouldn't hurt. there is no real need for any confrontations at this time, since few of the tools to make confrontations meaningful are in yet. Once factions and feuds make it in maybe that will change, but it seems premature to want to scale back the default level.
Fanndis Goldbraid
…either put all player settlements in the list by name, or none of them. Several should be grouped, or ungrouped. GW is providing a recruiting advantage to any settlement listed by name, while others are not.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Characters from "evil" settlements that kill indiscriminately are complaining that their character was killed? I shall consult Torag for his wise counsel.

Torag says, "Punish evil where you find it, and heed not the tears of the wicked when judgment comes."
Fanndis Goldbraid
I have gotten a lot of Buddy Key requests from MMORPG at least. Not many conversions, but the traffic has been steady. If you think the game is fun and you are paying a sub fee now, it would be helpful if you were on the forums outside of GW and Paizo talking to people about it. Many of the players who post regularly here want the game to succeed, but seem terrified of engaging the potential player base about the merits of the sandbox nature of the game, paying a sub for an incomplete product, and generally seem willing to accept whatever fate is in PFOs future without putting up a fight.

Go out and engage prospects. You do not need to be an over the top game loving fanboy. Just talk to the posters, engage them and tell them what you like and dislike. Many players love the idea of getting in a game early and helping shape its direction. More still enjoy the time based skill system (many other detest it, but those are the same players that hit level 50 in two days and bail for the next conquest…content locusts they are often called).

But grumbling in these forums about the state of the game and bemoaning "outside forces" being unreasonably critical without posting rebuttals seems strangely hypocritical.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Really? Out fault? So for hundreds of dollars for EE and now $15 a month we not only get a buggy and unfinished game but also required daily marketing chores?
Yup. Stay here on these forums and complain, or get out there and do something. No one has more to lose than Ryan, Lisa and Mark, but we are stakeholders. If we want it to succeed, we will help out, or do the easy thing, nothing, and relax.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Give out your Buddy Keys, go out and post your experiences on the game site forums, explore other game websites and gaming clubs. If you are standing in your settlement and wondering where all the new players are, go to another window and post. Open a Twitter account (follow me and I'll reciprocate) and Facebook account and talk about PFO. Have fun with it, and talk to people. If the population doesn't grow we have no one to blame but ourselves.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Greetings fellow Dwarves and Dwarf Friends!

Forgeholm is looking for independent minded Dwarves of all ages and dispositions to work outside of Forgeholm in the wilderness or the town of your choosing! We are working on a company made of of supporters of Forgeholm that do not necessarily feel the need to be in the mountains, but prefer to mingle with low flatlanders, or travel where ever your feet take you. While you are out there in the wilderness, you may gather, sell at an auction house, craft to your heart's content and store your personal effects in the bank of your choosing. Periodically we Forgeholm members will come to your area and trade goods, or help you out with gear, or pick up stockpiles of gathered, refined and crafted materials to use for the betterment of Forgeholm.

These company members will be part of the "diaspora", members of Forgeholm that roam the land, or reside elsewhere, still supporting Forgeholm as you live your life.

If you are interested, please contact myself, aussiedwarf (Unker Drark in game), Giorgo (Durin Steelforge in game) or Elder Days (Gorim Goldhammer). Feel free to message in game, or PM on the Paizo forums. We'll be happy to make a place where you will be comfortable!
Fanndis Goldbraid
Forgeholm is near the bottom of the top ten. We are a themed settlement comprised mostly of Dwarves, with a Dwarven backstory and a theoretical "mission from High King Borogrim the Hale" of the Five Kings Mountains. We are getting a trickle of regular new players and some of the old dogs are still in the game. We did lose a decent number of promising players that participated heavily in the Alpha, but we have not seen them since. Which is a pity really. We could use every last one of them.

Settlements have an agenda…recruit new members, keep their old members, give players something entertaining to do whilst logged in, and survive the upcoming maintenance and decay mechanics that will be rolled in over the next several patches (decay might be a while longer).

Goblinworks has a different agenda, namely, keeping the company afloat, advance the game, bring in enough income to help supplement the starting funds with additional cash flow, and eventually hit the marketing targets before Open Enrollment is available, all so the employees can continue to make a paycheck and real investors can see a return.

So, Ryan wants players to see the things they might be doing with a larger group that they might not be experiencing with a somewhat smaller group. It might not have been diplomatically stated, but from GW's perspective it was perfectly reasonable.

I get Thannon's position too. He has been working hard at maintaining a viable and prosperous settlement (Forgeholm and Canis are both on Twitter, and I think Facebook too, for those of you who think success falls from the sky), so I know he is advertising in the ways possible. Forgeholm has traded with Canis Castrum from the very beginning and expect to continue doing so. Losing a company is painful, and just wnen the Holdings and Outposts start to make things interesting.

My suggestion for everyone that wants to build their settlement population is: get out there and talk about the game. Post on Reddit and MMORPG. Those two sites in particular have been very fruitful for Buddy Keys and forum posts. Things have dried up recently, but it is largely the same people posting and we need some new blood out there.

(I was talking to some fellow Forgeholm members and it seems the height of irony members of the game community seem angry GW has the gall to charge a monthly sub fee for the game in the Early Enrollment stage, but see nothing wrong with dropping hundreds of dollars for theoretical spaceships for Star Citizen for a game that has a long way to go for development, and to the tune of 80 million dollars so far. Get the word out and talk to the potential fan base. They are out there, we need to educate them.)
Fanndis Goldbraid
I do find it odd that the close by settlements seem upset when they are the ones in the best position to take advantage of this change.

Settlements are not upset. Individuals are upset.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Abierzen's posts represent Abierzen, not Forgeholm. If Forgeholm, as a settlement, has any issue with the way something is handled either in game or out of game it is directly with that person or organization involved.