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Fanndis Goldbraid
Thanks for your input Quijenoth. I make sure to give an honest assessment of the game (read the posts) but also state I am having fun (I am) and hope more players join. Sure, we could all wait another 6 months to give out any Buddy Keys, but this type of niche game made by a boutique developer needs word of mouth, and sooner than later. Am I willing to risk losing the supposed 100,000 later to get some in now? Yes. We need the players in now. The fantastical alienation of 100,000 non-players will never materialize if players do not subscribe and play now. GW is working on a model that requires current cash flow to fund further development. Lee stated in his Fireside Chat that the way to get the development to occur sooner rather than later is to get more paying subscribers, and that's what I am trying to do, and I will keep doing it.

Fanndis Goldbraid
Fanndis will be a LG cleric of Torag no matter the spell selection. She will make the best of it and craft her skill set around whatever The Might Torag determines is best for his worshippers to do.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Medikant, There are many guides to the game, some by Goblinworks, others by players. Here are Goblinworks Guides:

New Player Guide:
Combat Guide:
Crafting Guide:

And here are several players. All are good and help tremendously:

Cheatle's Guide:
Sspitfire's Guide:
PF HQ Beginner's Guide:
Sin's Martial Guide v1:
Sin's Subterfuge Guide v1:

There are more, but these are enough to get you both advanced as you like and/or totally boggled with enormous amounts of information.

There are also lots of opportunities to RP. Honestly, most of the early adopters are old TT converts and we love this stuff. When you get a few quiet moments, RP can happen anywhere, in pretty much every active settlement. We Forgeholm Dwarves do RP, but we don't stand around telling jokes with an Irish accent ("I give m'self a Dutch Oven pedicure every night…."smile, we are far too busy. But we are themed. Most of the settlements and companies have an angle. Study several, and pick one you think you'll like. You can always change your mind later.

Fanndis Goldbraid
Ryan took to the forums at MMORPG and answered a lot of questions directly from fellow forums posters. Check it out:

Fresh info from the horses mouth. (Sorry Ryan. Not calling you a horse!) There were some nay-sayers as always, but we are working on a corner group of MMP gamers and the more we reach out to a larger number of players the more likely we all are to touch the people that this game will interest. Durin Steelforge and Nihimon are some of the few that fits the niche and found out about it early. I was a little late to the party. Durin has been in since the second day of the tech demo Kickstarter, and Elder Days not long after (if not before, didn't have a chance to ask him today).

Talk to numbers of people and the odds are in our favor.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Hey, guilty of liking the game, and prefer to be in on the ground floor. I also think (like a Dwarf would) that the long term benefits are there and don't mind putting in the work to achieve future goals. Ryan and Lisa both understand this game is not for every MMO aficionado. The first six months of threads on the Paizo forums were largely TT PF players gaping in disbelief that they would be subjected to PvP. And there were no apologies from Ryan. He gets that.

He also has not been apologetic about keeping a tight budget and stating his goals to the public. so many players are used to 200 million MMP budgets they can't believe a game would be released for play and have the gaul to charge a monthly sub for a "game that is in beta". Ryan gets that too, and again makes no apologies, at least that I have seen, He is using a different model, and I support that. *shrugs* If others don't, I'll still be here until I am not.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Hello everyone!

We have a chance to really positively impact the game by getting out and talking about it to other players. Discussions are happening in many public gaming forums, but there are not as many players posting as there should be and some of the forums are pretty dead. It looks bad. I know, we are all here playing. (Why be on a forum when I can be here playing? Got it!)

Check out there spots, both of which have been very productive for Buddy Keys. Some of us are regular posters and are posting positive stuff, but there are some nay-sayers out there too. Just go talk about it to the interested parties and you will get interest.

I have given out around 70 Buddy Keys. I can't vet everyone that asks, I just want people to try it. These folks are MMO regulars that want a peek. Why not give them one? You never know where your next recruit will come from, and if you don't recruit your settlement will surely die come settlement construction. That's up to you.

Check these sites out and see what you can do:

Reddit Pathfinder Online:

MMORPG PFO (forums-have been very quiet lately but lit up last night):

Other resources include Facebook and Twitter. It's lonely out there right now, but I am posting often, not quite every day, just to keep it active. Facebook doesn't much care for fictional characters, but it's pretty cool what you can do. I am an old school non-texted, but am Facebooking and Tweeting PFO. You might organize something for your settlement as well to stir interest and inform the public about Pathfinder Online:

Fanndis's Facebook page:

Fanndis's Twitter feed:

Get out there are talk it up!

Fanndis Goldbraid, Ambassador, Forgeholm
Fanndis Goldbraid
I think we all see these things as bugs, and they might be viewed that, but they are really just incomplete implementation of the game mechanics as GW makes their way through piles of programming jobs. This is, I think, a good way to hash out what is important to implement, in what order. If the forums bring a large amount of player angst on a specific topic the issue might get bumped up in programming priority.
Fanndis Goldbraid
The demesne of Ozem's Vigil extends for two hexes from the settlement proper, for a total of 19 hexes.
Fanndis Goldbraid
Hi Talud! Fanndis Goldbraid here. I think I am the one who gave you the Buddy Key, and you are absolutely right about the current state of the game. Most of us players who are in right now are pretty excited about it in large part because we have “gotten in on the ground floor”. I was always frustrated playing EVE because I was 100 million skill points behind the early players and felt like I could never compete. And that was somewhat true. But like in EVE, here you can eventually max out a role, then either flesh out that role, or start a whole new profession, increasing breadth of character.

There are lots of players who like the idea of settlement conflict, while not being totally in love with one-on-one PvP. The game is really designed long term on group conflict and not so much individual conflict (read that as faction and company feuds, settlement warfare with eventual siege equipment and formation combat). There currently is some 1v1 and small group PvP, but that will not be the core of the PvP (unless I am badly misreading the intent).

Still, with this being the “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) the bones are in, and there are a lot of significant changes on the way including Holdings and Outposts with raiding, factions and feuds, caravans, and in a few more months, settlement construction. That’s when (imho) the game will really take off!

We hope you are having fun, and glad you made it. If you have a paid subscription for a month you should have a couple of Buddy Keys to give out. Give them one and see what your friends think (or ask me, I have plenty). It reminds me a lot of the mechanics of Ultima Online from the late 90s, but with ever-improving graphics.

Finally, just have fun!!
Fanndis Goldbraid
Awesome, in a potential bad way. I have been giving out lots of Buddy Keys and wonder who it could have been. Hopfully not one of my "guests".