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Hey Silverghost,

Many or most sites will ask that you register before they will let you post. Also there is much more activity here that you wouldn't notice unless you are registered and checking out the Latest Updates page. Not that this forum couldn't use some definite improvement. Just to let you know.

Thanks for your feedback. Since you are now activated, I hope that you will at least try it out with an open mind. Maybe even update your comments after so that something can be learned from your more in depth take on the game. Feel free to shout out for some advice, some help and conversation if you do. Just remember that it is a work in progress with a fair "Steady Forward" on the progress!
I suppose I do not quite grasp the idea of this force projection theme. Well, I do grasp the concept but I do not see it as any different an issue for small groups than large groups. Except maybe that a small group needs/wants the same amount of "Settlement" that a large group does. Neither needs MORE buildings or more Bulk resources than the other to maintain lvl 20. Maybe that is an issue to look at too.

Yeah they both WANT more bulk to theoretically withstand siege.

Yet we already have the issue, without good mobility, for a group (large or small) to have trouble defending distant holdings. An attacker can plan mischief anywhere and be ready there whenever they like. For me this takes the strength out of that argument. Being able to realistically get to the fight might mean more fighting. That should be a good thing.

I can see some settlements becoming backwaters if they can't build a "rail station" but aren't they already backwaters now? Maybe they will want to be "off route" so that they deal with less banditry.

Edit: But really it is just a matter of giving players something that most new and many old players want which will make the game time spent more enjoyable. Like keeping horses in pockets, weird but the overall convenience plays better.
Well since this is about helping new players enjoy playing as much as we do, this tangent is semi relevant….

Why do new (and older) players dislike travelling at run speed across such a large map and is it reasonable that they should have to? Is it serving a function or goal that is vital to the spirit of the game AND is the fun from it at a good level that today's gamer appreciates?

Those are questions that we, but really Paizo, should be asking themselves.

I can see two methods that could work. One is auto travel and one is a limited teleport.

Auto-Travel: A player made building that allows links to other player made buildings and a "caravan" type moving "group" that passes between them every certain amount of minutes or hours. It can be interrupted. Maybe it has a few Thornguards, maybe none. The passengers could be attacked and killed possibly. Takes you from player settlement to player settlement.

Teleport: Services in the NPC towns that can teleport you to other NPC towns. You still have to travel normally to where you really want to go. I.E. the rest of the way. Gathering area, PC settlement, escalation, war zone, whatever. I would not put one in Thrornkeep.

Pros for Either: Can serve as a coin sink. Both would serve as choke points for conflict and allow easier access to places where conflict is rather than encourage "Oh, you know, its too far away to defend. Let it burn". mentality. Both would eliminate some of the Non Fun of having to trudge over the same boring landscape while having to sit there and dodge random mobs for 30 min - 1 hr+. <–That is the real problem that needs fixing.
Thank you for the welcome smile

Question : is Azoth still used in crafting (my guess at its purpose from googling it) or actually traded or useful for anything? I'm unsure I understand what it's purpose is. I get that it can be traded in for game time, but I don't see it active in the auction house which makes me wonder if it still has a practical purpose (ie crafting)
It is traded also (usually small Amounts like 2000) but it does not last long on the AH.

It is also traded occasionally outside the AH. One of my biggest hopes is that it will eventually be used to purchase cosmetics and things from the Cash Shop bringing it full circle to a very desired "currency" status of its own.
So it"s been a long time. What is the chat command to leave a company?

Anyone and Thanks!

NVM I remembered it "/vcleave <company name>"
I wonder if they could get away with a kickstarter for a major upgrade like a new engine. Or a crowd funding. Prizes like small holdings or player Housing, etc… With a real respectable pop of a few 1000 players, our regular cash shop purchases would look pitifully small in comparison. Not like they would lose much on such an arrangement

Edit: Meaning, if an engine upgrade could really make a big difference and doing it quick by being able to hire a contractor to do it fast… Might pay off well…
@ Azure_Zero
Yeah I also agree that the entire game needs work. Including those things that I labeled as "Pillars". I mentioned that at least twice. I was mainly trying to give my thoughts on some things that logically have to come first so that these things can all be improved before we all live in good virtual reality MMORPGs.

Right now (as far as we know) there are only two people to work on all of those things which need doing. While I have faith that they are working hard and I admire what just two of them have shown they can do, to get things happening, they really need some help.

Even 1 or 2 more coders (Devs) could make a serious impact. For that PfO needs money. They can build on/expand the cash shop options, but they need to let loose on some of the old taboos about cash shops. They can look realistically at their pricing model. Risky because lowering price is easy while raising it is probably pretty hard to do after that.

They can go the slow but (assumed) safe route that they are going now but they are not really growing. I'd bet that (besides bumps from Humble Bundles) they are slowly shrinking. Though, I have no evidence of that. In fact, I have started to wonder if they are right where they can keep things going and want players to just wait as they try and do all that needs doing without more coders. It would explain their priorities about not doing some of the things that you have pointed out about PVP, among other things… Edit: though honestly it could be that what I have suggested are just not possible workarounds to increase income.

So long story short, if they are going to improve play for this game while we still careabout games, PfO is going to need some funding. What I feel like they should be looking at for the next big project is increasing the player base (without too much Dev work) and therefore the bottom line in finance territory. All the stuff that needs improving just can't be done in a favorable timeline without money.
Thank you for the feedback, rathen45.

If you rank up your gathering skills, you will gather a little bit faster for each upgrade. First upgrade is pretty good. You will also find that you have an RNG chance to gather more each pull. The range is between 2 and 10 pieces per.

I get bored having to run everywhere myself. That can be helped with speed buffs like tokens, potions, spells and items/gear. The original design was that we should be at risk of PVP when we travel outside of safe zones. That would be difficult to get past. I would not mind if there were some type of compromise that could be worked out.

THE BIG QUEST, agreed that some of the runs between the stages are a trial. That quest is designed to be done little by little and over a time period that you grow more powerful. Kind of like when in the area, you finish your current stage.
Theoretically sold! Will repost if things fall through.