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OK so it's not really a "tap" off the old victim. It is a negative energy affect though.

Does that not seem… wrong?
Not sure what you're saying BL.
Well honestly neither am I. Not a mage here… I was taking a leap in assuming that the spell sounds like a negative energy based spell and that the healing was based off of the damage done to the target?
If it is a straight 7%(or whatever) of the mage's base hp, well that is your problem right there…
Protection From Negative Energy?
Encumbrance and physical resist seem to disagree with you.

Shortbow attacks should do all physical and do quick attacks with low damage, and people in heavy armor should be mostly unaffected by them. "I can't catch you, you can't kill me"

Longbow attacks should all have a lot of penetrating, mostly ignoring physical resist.

I would like to see differences clearly between Bodkin and Broadhead arrows for some of this kind of thing.

EDIT: If it could be somehow practical to swap ammo types during combat festivities it would be great too and not just for archers…
My overall concern with the whole combat system(besides all of the singular broken parts) is that many combinations have too many steps to them and require too much… preparation to feel fluid and dynamic. So of course they feel clunky, too involved to deliver reliably, and just non impactful in many(or most) cases of PVP.
Bringslite of Staalgard
Wouldn't it be more important that at least 2 roles(built sensibly) can defeat a wizard than that any can defeat a wizard?

For the record, testing PvP on the test server:
Nihimon beats Fiery's Cleric pretty much all the time.
Fiery's Rogue beats Nihimon pretty much all the time.
Nihimon and Nijah's Fighter go back and forth pretty much evenly.

In a sense, that's pretty balanced.
Exactly! And as I think Edam was trying to point out: Rather than Nerf the hell out of everything, try and make sure that everything has a few counters that can best them.
What roles need are cool combinations that make them interesting and attractive to play. There is always a great deal of soloing. Every role and buildout deserves a tricksie combo that makes that viable. Not dominating, just viable for solo.
Wouldn't it be more important that at least 2 roles(built sensibly) can defeat a wizard than that any can defeat a wizard? I had thought that the approach was more of a rock-paper-scissors thing than that any certain class can defeat all others. Maybe once archery comes back to a viable working state, wizards will have their match again.

It does seem weird that a wizard can toe-to-toe with a fighter. That, I'll say needs a look into. Some should be powerful at ranged combat. Some at close combat and some at a mix of both… like rogues.

In any case what we are playing here is basically a paid alpha and there is some time available to tinker with things. Don' misunderstand me. I know that alpha is usually an eminent "wipe" situation and this has permanence but with SO MUCH needing work, it feels pretty alpha to me.
I'm fine with rooting honestly if they can change it so I don't have to stay on a target until the shot lands. I can't count the number of times I've fired a killing blow and hit tab a hair to soon and interrupted the killing blow.
+10 to all that but especially the bolded. Am I guiding that arrow in with mental concentration after it leaves the bow?
On colors: What would it take to get more, more vivid, and more effective(on gear) colors working?
It's already common. You have to maneuver around a bit and it is a tiny bit annoying, but minor in scope. To be clear, not marginalizing Nihimon's work on reporting strange and buggy things. smile