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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

Oh you Devilish So-and-So!

What if we start occasionally wiping when doing the most difficult Bosses in the Game?

Oh, Ma, Gurd! The Humanity of it!

cool didn't know about blood briars - think i have killed that one once- figured all goblins were rogues, all ogres were fighters etc..
Not a huge thing - just not sure how many more copies of string bolos i can look at after the bonedancers take a 2 day vacation.

lol, I spit some coffee ya hooligan!
Very Cool!
Wondering what I have done wrong then. I'm on Mumble right now and there is only one person. Also tried to ask "is anyone there" on general chat in game and no answer. Is there any way to see how many people are online and a list of names?
I would actually be more comfortable with a chat. English is not my mother tongue and my microphone isn't really good; also my house is not well soundproofed so I must speak quietly, especially late in the night.
Thank you everyone anyway…
I am sorry to read this Galatina91. I play but not regularly. When I am on I will look for you and spend some time chatting your way. The downside for you is I am a slow typist! smile
What is your character name?
Another question!!! Yay!

Do siege camp hexes benefit from the 4 allied hexes protection stratagem?

Sorry if this has been asked…. smile
It would be nice to see some random world boss popping up activity. I am not sure we have the pop for it right now but it would be nice to try them with 10 or 12 characters!
Yes, Evil Bob stalks the land again! All of our carefully refined procedures are as nothing to His infernal intelligence… Still we will fight on! We will adapt!

It is my understanding that influence caps will be removed in the near future.
Yes. They will also be coming back in a future more near than I anticipated… tweaked and changed in some fashion that has not been determined yet.
Heed Bob's advice(paraphrased): If you are stretching to maintain your current number/level of Holdings(AKA near maxed out) then you might be in trouble going over that threshold when the more permanent system is turned back on.
Greetings Lord Silberstrom,
Staalgard here addressing your request. You can contact me anytime at
I have a 4x T3 gatherer. Pretty sure if I had only one account that would not be true. The exception being once at a satisfying combat level of skills I might branch out to finish the gathering skills.

As is, I built a gatherer first and am building up combat now, but I have lots of characters…