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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

Duffy Swiftshadow
You can find all the influence formulas in this post. There is no hard cap, just diminishing returns, you still gain cap for every additional character just not as much.
Thx Duffy! And yes I know all that but I think a factiod is good with any technical answer. smile
Hidey Ho!
Does anyone have the formula for computing company influence cap by number of members? If so, could you share it please?
You're welcome! 2015 eh? I don't think I have ever stayed with a game this long smile
Stilachio Thrax
No doubt the forums need some tending to, and the OV main post might need some minor updates. But the bulk of the pertinent info in the main post about OV is very much accurate.


As an exercise in public conversation, is there a real need for each of the active alliances to have individual sub-forums for some of their settlement members and not others?

The DOTNM has its own alliance wide GW forum, and only 1.5/9 settlement specific forums.

The Aeonian League has its own alliance wide GW forum, and 1/8+1 settlement specific forums.

The Kalthapas Coalition has NO alliance wide GW forum, and 2/4 settlement specific forums.

Do we really need (for example, as I am writing in the OV threads) a separate sub-forum for Ozem's Vigil and the defunct High Road Covenant, and no sub-forums for Alderwag, Caer-Coedwig, Forgeholm, Staalgard, Talonguard, Tavernhold and Veggr Tor? Are not our 9 settlements members better served with one consolidated place here (Goblinworks) and settlement specific info on our own website (Dominion)?

Can the GW DOTNM forum not have a primary post listing all the of the its members settlements descriptions and a single link for new players to visit to learn more info? That way, we can avoid potential confusion for new players, our allies/independents/enemies and make sure OUR members know where to go for public (Goblinworks) and private (Dominion) conversations?

I am going to ask this same question in the GWs General Public Forums come to think of it… smile
Right now we could make an argument that we can do without them just fine. You are probably right about that.
Someday, when settlements are 100s of players we will need sections just for each settlement. Does that stuff need to be here? Not necessarily but if I were GW I would want to show off the GW site and keep it heavy with traffic.

Heck, I would make special sections for alliances, settlements, and companies to use here if they want to. What better way, besides the game itself, to show prospective investors that there is a solid customer base or at least one that can be built on?
Bringslite of Staalgard
Lol I can't help but wonder if this could have been accomplished with less spam.
At first I thought we were hit by another international fortune teller scam number. smile

Ozem's Vigil is controlled by Stilachio Thrax now. Hardy and Devoted Paladin in Waiting(2 plus years).

I don't know whether anyone remembers or not, but at least a cpl times we have gotten weird spam posts on here. Stuff about numbers to call for love advice, astrology and stuff along those lines. When I came into the thread update page I was reminded of all that spam because there were so many unread posts.

George, I worded my comment poorly. I apologize. smile
I am a T3x2 gatherer and quite deadly in both PvP and PvE. Ultimately though, you should play what you find fun and not worry too much about where you fall in the power rankings smile

Well it's not just about me. I have a combat character on another account I can activate if I just want to be leet.

I'd like players who want to focus on gathering to have a viable path to being out in the wilderness with all those combat folks. Right now the flexibility and PvE loot rewards of being a combat character makes them overpowered in comparison.

At the same time, as someone who did interdiction on enemy gatherers I don't want gatherers to be overpowered.

Just looking for a happy medium where both roles are on an even playing field when we look at risk and reward… or some clarification from the Devs that they really don't intend players to optimize gathering and it's just supposed to be a side gig.
Since time allows for more power accumulation, eventually Gatherers can be just as powerful PVP wise as anyone. I'm not there really even with my only 1x gatherer but he is also a smelter and he can take on many different "purples" in ones or twos. I also feel like he has pretty good "escape" utility when he needs it.
We've added two more feud-related categories that you can set access for, those feuding a company in your settlement and those feuding a company in an allied settlement.
You guys are really accomplishing a great deal. This is marvelous!
I'm aware that strip mining is generally viewed as too easy. However, many of the suggestions to rectify it are suggestions that are meant to expose gatherers to interdiction.

My concern is that dedicated gatherers look unfairly gimped for the following reason…

Someone whose primary PvE role is is going to be hunting monsters and who develops the feats for optimizing that role also has optimized themselves for interdiction, surviving interdiction, banditry, surviving banditry, feuding, and structure warfare offense and defense.

Someone who has optimized themselves for gathering is going to be at a serious disadvantage if called to fulfill any of those roles. Other than some feats to be a bit faster I'm not seeing how gatherer is a particularly good role for any form of conflict. Then throw in that PvE monster hunters can get mats dropped by monsters, and that all spells/tokens/recipes drop from monsters and not from gathering nodes and I really have to wonder what the devs imagine is the draw for being a gatherer.

IMO, if you only have one character(no Twin and no xtra accts) being a gatherer or a crafter is a pretty tough sell. Having said that: ZERO TO 14 Pathfinder Online
Gathering: 237750 xp Ability gain: 3.613 Needed: 6.00 Outside Gain: 2.387
-Gather Type: Expert 6 Adventure Points: 69

Crafting: 387256 xp Ability Gain: 5.374 Needed Gain: 6.00 Outside Gain: .626
-Craft Type: T2 Uncommon +3 Crafting Points: 69

If you do choose to be one of those, Gathering will be accomplished much faster and you can get serious about combat or other skills somewhat sooner.
Lol I can't help but wonder if this could have been accomplished with less spam.
At first I thought we were hit by another international fortune teller scam number. smile

Ozem's Vigil is controlled by Stilachio Thrax now. Hardy and Devoted Paladin in Waiting(2 plus years).
To be quite honest if we actually get the 1000s of players Bringslite is talking about the handful of unsubscribed subs in the current game will make no difference.

Reading between the lines of the various forum posts here, the main motivation behind all this seems to be disenfranchised current players hoping to oust some of the existing settlement holders BEFORE any influx of new players.
Forgive me… you seem to see outrĂ© motivations in many things that people post. Are there disenfranchised players in control of settlements?