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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

Anyone care to share what interesting things that they plan to use the Blacklisting mechanic for?

For Staalgard, I plan to be pretty wide open to encourage some trade and an additional new player friendly area. At least until someone or group gives reason to be more restrictive.

The Dominion as a whole is considering one "Allies(possibly just Dominion) Only" auction house with somewhat below market prices to try and get more into a coin driven economic system.

At first, "Blacklisted" may not mean "Disliked" but more somewhat along the lines of "not yet negotiated or discussed with".

Anyone else care to share?
Don't bother for my sake Bob. I will figure it out when I can see the settings options. smile
We hope to make this system more complicated in the future to give it a little more interesting balance, but this blunt initial version of it at least makes it possible for everyone to create some level of layered defenses.

For the supply lines, I'd actually been hoping I could drop that requirement with the inclusion of these protected hexes, but the roads do seem to make it still a necessary thing. Back in it goes.

You could soften it by allowing supply hex qualifiers to include allies, if you were not already considering such.

It is shaping up to look like it will take an empire to take an actively defended settlement. Abandoned or lax settlements a bit less arduous. Which is fine by me.
Okay so blacklisted is even more granular than I thought which is kind of cool.

At Settlement Vault Level(Parent Company lvl)We set access to Settlement Vaults for settlement members, just like before.

1. A Settlement's Parent Company basically controls level one access(view-deposit-withdraw) for personal vault's to all/any "outsiders"(including allies) through the Settlement Parent Company(AKA Settlement Vault Setting Panel) control Level of settings.

2. Company Vault access for outsiders is available only if the "outsider's" Company already offer that to the particular "outsider" in their own settings.

3. Personal(outsider) vault access to a foreign Settlement's Company Holdings is allowed by the Holding Company and the same(outsider) company level vault access is only available(to outsiders) if they already have it through their own company settings?

Edit: removed craft from #1 as that is given with access to personal vaults
Man I am having trouble getting what I think is happening down in some sort of legible lump!
I'm thinking automatic "road tax" bulk resource deposits are in order! smile

Seriously though, Hobson isn't on a self serving trip here. Some of those cities belong to the last group that we struggled against.
@ Bob

You are basically saying that if you are blacklisted from a settlement's bank fully, then you are also unable to access a personal vault at any of that settlements Holdings?

If you are only denied company vault access to a settlement's vaults but have personal vault access, you might still have access to a personal vault at that settlement's Holdings, with permissions allowed…

Am I grasping that?
As a side-note here, while setting things up so that every escalation event provides a very small chance to drop an Aeon Stone, I also went through and set every regular event to drop a small amount of coin, and balanced those drops across all the escalation events. In addition, Cole changed things so that interaction events (like freeing prisoners or retrieving stolen supplies) can drop additional loot just like kill events always have, and kill events can grant achievements just like interaction events always have.
Thumbs up for Cole as well! We do know that you are in there somewhere. Don't be so shy! smile
Yay! BTW, I am happy about most all of the changes. Not posting so in each thread because I don't want to waste your time looking at so many "thumbs up" messages. smile
We will basically(for structure capture Feuds) have a 4 day PVP window Window and 3 days safe from structure capture attempts. If my "days off" were set for Mon, Tues, Wed then Jack could declare his Feud for server up Tues and try to capture Thursday-Sunday. Do I have that right?

Right now a Feud is 100 Inf for 2 days. No capture, get back only 75 Inf, right? Will capture attempts now potentially cost 50 Influence, i.e. A Feud for 48 hours- bank 100 Influence then extend it for 48 hours- bank 25 more Inf to have time to capture the holding but fail?

I don't know if I grasp extending feuds and how that relates to the 48 hour wait time.
Hmmm… How can you fault a guy for thinking things through before acting? Very well played Sir! smile