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In terms of somehow flagging players in Low Security hexes so that they can be chased into higher-security hexes, we're looking into that possibility. One possibility is to flag both the attacker and the target for any attack in a Low Security hex as Aggressors to each other, with a long cooldown. We'd have to make some additional tweaks to make everything work properly, but basically anyone who fought each other in a Low Security hex would be able to continue the fight for an extended time even while running through higher security hexes.

There are certainly other possibilities as well, but some would require new types of flags, which could be a little more complicated. The easiest option could very well be just tagging anyone operating in a Low Security hex as an Attacker for an extended time, thus opening them up to attacks from anyone for a while even after leaving the hex. That could be a bit harsh though.

Would either of those be easier than turning some shield hexes into badlands hexes? With player hexes right up on monster hexes, I realize that this would only be a partial solution but isn't the player hex "High Sec Escape" available to all groups? Couldn't it be left to players to remove that frustration? It would still bite the hex "owners" just as much as the other guy. They can't attack him when he flees into their High Sec hex either. smile

Edit: I am all for a longer PVP flag though. Don't get me wrong!
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Bringslite of Staalgard
Remember that there will no longer be an Influence cap and 25 Influence gain is easy-peasy.
Remember that there are new incentives, like Blacklisting, that are good sticks to help with bad behavior.

Except Feuds have a large delay before they kick in and most groups are spread across multiple companies, often in multiple settlements. It's frustratingly complex to actually try and target someone you want to put political pressure on with a feud outside of targeting holdings. So we just take the Rep hit for now or arbitrarily hit their settlement/factions holdings regardless of who actually owns them.

Blacklisting will help by cutting down on access to safe vaults, but it's not a silver bullet. Honestly no mechanic will be, there needs to be a series of overlapping mechanics that together allow us to pursue conflict with one another that isn't a frustrating experience. This is a step in the right direction, it's just not the magic fix to all our problems.

When the mechanical conclusion to our conflict is 'burn down their settlement or stop playing the game because there's nothing you can reliably do about it' then something is missing.

I can agree that there are no silver bullets. These are first steps that will be useful for new players and for random PVP averse players, as well as Pro PVP players(PVP open Hexes and they know a bit better where "not to look for targets"smile. I would like some more variety and more granular ways for settling Grudges too. smile

Great first steps though.
First of all, what are the most likely objectives for attacking other players in Monster Hexes? Are they not most likely- You want the Escalation Boss or You want the T3 resources?

In the case where you want to "Git that Boss Stealing Sucka", and he can just jump the line to a shield hex, that might be exploitable and frustrating. I don't know about anyone else, but it isn't easy for me to catch characters fleeing unless we start pretty close together.

Mob Kill stealing has always been a debated issue in MMOs. Some games allow it and some don't. Maybe it all just boils down to: If I want to be able to "steal the Boss", I have to accept that other players can do it as well.
Sometimes we will "Git that Boss Stealing Sucka" and sometimes not…

Remember there are new AI features coming that will have Mobs attack almost anyone near them.
Remember that there will no longer be an Influence cap and 25 Influence gain is easy-peasy.
Remember that there are new incentives, like Blacklisting, that are good sticks to help with bad behavior.

I think it would be wrong to take away the choices for player controlled hexes bordering Monster Hexes. Home court advantage and all that. I do think that there would be nothing wrong with turning border shield hexes into "Badlands" hexes to help mitigate a part of a possible frustration. Who cares if there is an occasional break in the shield roads? It is a rough world between settlements…
Would it be possible to simply PVP flag(automatically) anyone that entered a Monster hex and have the timer count down only when they left the hex? That and increase the PVP flag timer to more than 30 sec.
Wouldn't it be sweet to have a 35m range trainable feat that keeps a player flagged longer than normal?
It could be that the advantages of having a blue shield highway bringing traffic to Callambea will eventually outweigh the disadvantage of people gaming the monster hex that borders the highway.

But the devs could always implement something like an insta-feud in monster hexes that are lower cost but very limited duration, solely designed to let players chase (and attack) each other beyond monster hex borders for perceived wrongs within the moster hex. It would probably have to be targeted at individuals, rather than companies, though, so maybe we'd need a new term for it, too.

Vengeance? 1 influence per individual it is declared against, 10 minute duration? Both declarer and target must be in the monster hex. You'd want something click friendly in combat, rather than having to stop and type it out.

I like this idea. Whatever new mechanics come in, no one wants them to be exploited and frustrate everyone.
Why couldn't something interesting be done with these NPC Settlements? Kindleburn, Marchmont, Ossian's, etc…, couldn't they be creatively used for some sort of low key/low reward conflict?
Good enough for the time being, then. I suppose that blacklisted folk should be able to get and move their stuff from the bank without too much hassle. I just thought of that after my post.
@ Bob

Any chance to get mule "doors" in there or is that a part of "banks"?
Remember Boy's, Feud then gank, THEN burn! smile