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For EE 12, we're bringing back support, but in a way that let's you keep some of your training even if your support level drops too low to fully support your trained ranks in all of your feats. Here's how it works:

For every feat you've learned, we first check your Trained Rank and your Supported Rank (the highest rank of that feat that's supported by your Support Level). If your Trained Rank is less than or equal to your Supported Rank, then your Current Rank is equal to your Trained Rank, since you're fully supported. If your Trained Rank is greater than your Supported Rank, then your Current Rank is equal to the average of your Trained Rank and your Supported Rank (add together and divide by 2), rounded up.

Here's a couple examples:

Trained Rank: 5
Supported Rank: 8
Current Rank: 5

Trained Rank: 8
Supported Rank: 5
Current Rank: 7

@ Bob

What if my trained rank is 20 and my settlement is set to 19? Why would I pay for 20 if the only basic advantage is a slight craft time bonus?
Edit: Did I miss this addressed already?
I am not opposed to all the current players being able to flesh out their Holding capability so that they can support 20. They deserve not to be burdened with reduced capabilities for sticking loyally with the game, at the least.

One thing that does concern me: If there is no way to drain off the excess Influence(lost/torn down holdings, feuds, etc…smile
1. there will not be anywhere for new players to build unless lands are given them by established Vets <—can't stress how bad that will be for OE
2. if there ends up having to be a reckoning for all of these inflated Companies, it will be even more devastating
Hate to seem cheap here(secretly love it) but how many of you Yard Bosses out there figure you will lose a lot when you switch over your Holding structures to more efficient models for the hexes, new calculations and due to the newer value of Bulk resources?

Edit: Save: "Not too bad since I built everything just perfect" ;P
Thanks for the formula and the walkthrough examples Duffy.
Could someone be so kind as to put up the formula for calculating expected Bulk yield from hexes?
Hmm, what putting this fix in now does to me, is to make everything more expensive in terms of influence at a time when available players are at a low ebb. I haven't done (and probably won't do) the maths but to maintain Carpe Noctem at level 18 (where it is currently stable) will require me to recruit a significant additional number of players (maybe 20 toons). If there were a lot of new players coming in, I would feel confident of doing this but is this reasonable at a time when there aren't many new players to recruit? Or is the intention that we just have less resources per 1000 influence and so we keep the towns at lower levels of development?

I realise it is tough to do things that fit both the current small population and still work in the future with a wider player base but suddenly making high training levels a lot harder to achieve seems a bit self-defeating. It reminds me of the infamous "hard is fun" quote smile
Yeah, that is what I have been alluding to as a "Dust Storm" after the 1st Phase goes live. Some of us have enough Bulk to ride it out for awhile, some of us do not. Especially if we have to turn up the volume to 18, 19 or 20. We have possibly 2 months to wheel and deal for Bulk resources, though! <—Not meant as tongue-in-cheek
For REAL: Thank you for taking all of this time to discuss all of this with us, Bob. It isn't normal in the industry. At least not in my middling experience.

If I grasp what you are trying to get across, you are still concerned that with Universal Support a settlement would not need to build structures at all? Does that mean that eventually if you do not have the right buildings you will not be able to support certain skills?
@ Bob

Can you elaborate on what systems are reliant on a support mechanic?

What happens to support when individual buildings are set to individual levels? Seems like that could get messy with all of the skills that you can't have without this or that pre req skill.
We probably have convinced Bob that support is probably not needed as an anti-grief tool.
We may have convinced Bob that support is not needed as an incentive to build our settlements up.
Let's see if we can convince Bob that without support, new players will be encouraged to join existing settlements.

Those seem to be the three most common Key Phrases that I see in his replies. But I have to wonder, why is the third part so important? Seems to me that taking away the drive to build something yourself would be counter productive for all the Would-Be-Kings out there.
Bringslite of Staalgard
Not to be a downer and not to dismiss how great it would be to have more complex contracts… but we already have lots of potential "contracts" in the form of Buy Orders in the Auction Houses. Maybe what we need is a better way to SEE them and/or get the knowledge that they are offered out to the "world".
Buy orders are not contracts and do not come even close to filling the multiple roles contracts fill in other games.
No they don't come close to filling all the possibilities of a separate Contract Feature. Yes they are so contracts none-the-less. A promise is made to pay for something that is provided.