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@ You are a Troll

Is there a settlement that has been able to stick to its Original Mandate? Especially those that began with some very strong ideals which require a large and active population to be able to function? You have avowed bandit settlements with little to no real chance/reason to be bandits. You have centers designed to be based on serving "Justice" as "The best training for Law and Order to keep that banditry in check" but no real cause to pursue. You have a settlement designed to teach new players how to play. But you have no new players, or VERY few and sporadically seen new players.

Should Aragon be turned NPC? How about Ozem's Vigil? IMO, these places should be kept right where they are so that they MIGHT just be able to BECOME what they were meant to be when/if the game does become the sort of game that was described during the Kickstarter days.

Mandates, as you call them, add some difference to settlements rather than "regular neutralish settlements" and they add flavor to this game. They just need THE GAME to be active enough for them to be able to function.

Edit: As for Devs playing characters and belonging to settlements. It certainly isn't a new concept and it certainly isn't a bad one either. If they were taking advantage of that… different story. There is absolutely no evidence, to date, of that happening and I don't believe it will/would. They do get an inside look at how the game really works though and that just makes sense as an important thing. "Perseption" can be carried too far in extremes and really can't be helped. There are all kinds of attitudes in the gaming world that shouldn't be catered to.
University Commons has no official mandate from above and receives no special treatment or protection from Paizo. They're under the same settlement upkeep and warfare rules as every other player settlement, which could result in them being abandoned or taken over, but not in them becoming an NPC settlement.

Bamm! Good to remind all of us of such things! smile
From what I have heard that is the plan. Probably be a project further along rather than soon though.
Hell, if we could just see another character's Achievement Counters (with their permission) we could create quests for new players.
There are probably many considerations but if you were to design some task/quest building tools, you might also consider designing them in a fashion that you could eventually allow some players to be able to access them and create some simple type things for groups to do.

The game is already set up so that low Tier items/rewards are not at all game-breaking. If there were tools to allow placing mobs (for instance) in hexes, placing drops with unigue names on those mobs, then you have a simple seek mob-retrieve item-return item quests.

That could work for all kinds of stuff and not just insular groups.
I have been seeing new names in chat and new names running through TK for the last few days. I hope that at least someone (Dev or other Paizo) is keeping a client on to monitor chat. Could be useful.

Edit: Raw new experience observations are probably of some value along with "Grognard Veteran Echo Chamber Noises". smile
@ RichClark

Could you post an email contact. I am pretty sure you have somewhere but I am too dumb to find it.

As I have tried to communicate in all my previous posts here, the real base problem that the game has with exploding is a lack of a larger stable base of players. This would (hopefully) supply the funding to springboard development with a steady income of funds. It would also show how all of the base components, working together, are supposed function as a whole. Yes, there are plenty of areas for improvement in all aspects of these "components" but many great things are here now.

Something that I failed to bring up that is also VITAL: Where is THE STORY? People, when they play MMORPGs, want and expect to log in and live within and participate in some kind of moving story. I am probably jaded as can be. To me ATM and for a long time now, the game and the play feels VERY much like a collection of very difficult to source charts-spreadsheets-task functions(leveling, grinding materials/gear). I am unsure as to WHY? I am doing it.

Consider working on some tools that widen and ease your ability to create STORIES, both epic and single session, so that you can bring game play more to life. Ideally you want us to create the story but you need players first fo that to work well.
From a purely logical point of view, the first thing that any character would want to do after sniping an enemy would be to try and evade contact with a larger group of the enemy.

I agree.