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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

First five launched! Take them all down by Monday, December 26 at 5 PM Pacific and I'll launch 6 more at that time, otherwise 5 more again. I'll give preference to fallow hexes that didn't get a Gathering this time, so be careful to clear those hexes at the right time so they don't get a new escalation too early.
+1 smile Thanks Bob!
Certainly not saying that I am not partly at fault, but maybe some posts in here(including one of mine) are why GW can't let us have nice things?
Have a Merry Christmas GW and Every Player! smile
Thanks Bob, ironically before I seen this we were joking about "what if we got a Gatherings escalation for Christmas". This has certainly increased the chances of that being true.

I hope you and everyone at Goblinworks have a great Christmas and get to enjoy at least some time off during the holidays.
Huran has shamed me a bit and it is well deserved.[+1 Huran smile] Thanks for the Holiday Boost GW! It is a good thing to do for all of us loyal players and makes us feel appreciated. Hope to see more relatively easy holiday perks like these in the future.
*Those outlanders that go into "claimed territory" and take down escalations during this event will only be increasing that "'claimed territory's" chances of getting more Gathering of Legends Escalations.
*Those areas that have "claimed territory" and do not police up their Gathering of Legends Escalations in a very timely fashion will be hindering the possible spawning of even more Gathering of Legends Escalations.
*Clearly here is a situation wherein any aggressively territorial entity or random roamers will be hampering the entire server by not taking care of their own areas and by stealing in uninvited to take out escalations.
*There will also be a ton of opportunities to "steal" bosses, which at least one attempt has been made within Dominion lands during recent conflicts with Aeonian League. I do not make policy for The Dominion anymore, but I assure you that is really not considered "cool play" by those in charge of policy. Even if it is by any other current groups.(see note 1.)
*Should The Dominion not be able to handle the number of escalations that we get throughout this event, we will be inviting players in that have similar ideals as those.

An interesting situation.

Note 1. Why is this not considered "cool play"? Essentially because, of the few really infuriating and "dick moves" that can be pulled off in conflicts or events or everyday play, in terms of this game, this has to be King of Dick Moves. Now, stealing a Boss that is being "stolen" from you is different. If you catch someone inyour Territory and you slip in and take the Boss…. well it was never technically "their" Boss to begin with. Like all PVP considerations, these are complicated ideas and not held by all, and they are possibly a step toward unfun darker PVP. Yet they are still "Dick Moves".
Damn good question, Mistwalker. My guess, since there are really no other things tied into that system, is no. Yet you never know…
Edam, These are great things that you are catching and pointing out. They are getting lost in the maelstrom though. I would like to suggest that you start a specific thread for them.
Additional costs to losers or rewards to winners would risk being another blob friendly addition to the game. Bigger forces are less likely to lose, as well as being able to spread the cost of a loss across their population for a lower cost per capita on the rare occasion where they lose.

Now throw in the fact that if this game ever picks up you'll have a huge 2 year disparity in XP between newbies and vets and it allows the established forces to more often inflict costs on any challengers.

That doesn't sound inviting when I try and put myself in a new player's shoes.
I don't think "attackers" should be rewarded by anything more than the victory(holding, land, whatever) and PART of their stake back.
I don't think "defenders" should have to stake anything and are only rewarded if they defend and succeed. Rewarded with part of the attacker's stake I guess, or maybe just nothing more than keeping their land…
There isn't anything here more than a cost to attackers. With or without a partial stakes reward to defenders, there is no more room for exploiting this or for blob momentum problems than there is in handing coin to someone.

Edit: And still with the 2 year advantage. I suppose that I would worry about it more if the two year veterans would be more than 0.05% of the total population and this crushing number of players divided amongst different groups with different goals/playstyles…
BTW, I applaud The Aeonian League for moving so boldly to inject some action into this game. It sorely needs it. smile
The Aeonian League has unlawfully attacked Dominion Holdings and Outposts, using as an excuse that this was in retaliation for Dominion members participating in activities by the Nighstalker group. The Dominion attempted to resolve the situation through diplomacy, but were rebuffed.

Clearly their actions now demonstrate that this excuse was a bold faced lie. The Aeonian Leagues actions are clearly unlawful and therefore the Dominion declares the entire League to be outlaws. All members are designated Kill On Sight anywhere on the map. All territory claims of the Aeonian League are no longer recognized by the Dominion. All Aeonian League escalations and gathering hexes are now considered open.

This state of affairs will persist until the Aeonian League ceases its depredations and makes reparations to all injured parties.

Her heart lifted a wee bit, Flari sat back and drained the rest of the mug of Tavernhold Hard Cider no. 7. The recent loss of such expensive Holdings had hurt Dominion Shipping Inc., but she was sure that her new venture into the Fishing Industry would turn a nice profit. The rare Lowland Dust Trout was a highly prized delicacy. In a week she would have several fishing camps established, pulling in the profit.
I have been mulling over how war could work, at this time anyway, between 2 reasonable groups. Without mechanics of any kind, if both sides could set some sort of "victory" objectives and conditions. getting any 2 or more groups to agree on something like that would be pretty difficult though…