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A few simple things could spice this game back up for a time. Being able to loot holdings that we take would appeal greatly to the PVPers and the bandit types. Especially those who are not pleased with big groups that are AFK! smile A mule persistent until it's timer ends for the RP and quest minded. Bronzey is single handedly going to revive the economy by getting prices for things up where they need to be.

We just need to know that Lisa is willing to stick it out until She can find a good company to finish and publish this here thing.
Yeah, I'm not good with ultimatums and certainly don't advocate a group departure based on a deadline. Most of my recent posting is merely to show frustration about the lack of communication. I am (ugh) "happy" for The Dominion, however.
Most kind of you, Sir. You also seem to be fairly active as a group. Perhaps as much as we are. Do not sell yourself short.
Bringslite of Staalgard
Even without funding yet but a written "nod" that they are still willing to try, would be nice to see. I tell you, make it so we can loot Holdings when captured and I will be in high gear again! We are still playing in The Dominion with more than a 6 man party on more than a few nights a week. There is still great interest despite all my

I hate being that guy, but even with the writ, having heard ZERO news on whether PFO getting the defib or it's plug pulled, and is more worrying the longer it takes to get that news.
And all parties involved need to address the elephant in the room, Will PFO get its funding or not.

We as the paying gamers also now need to decide;
Do we give Newcorp as much time as needed (currently happening and is most worrying),
Give Newcorp a time limit (Like to New Years Eve on the decision of life or death, this will also light a fire under some folks to get stuff done or talk),
or we all decide on a date where we pull the plug on the game because we've heard nothing and no longer have faith in Newcorp saving PFO (this will also put pressure to talk and get things done).

Hostage or extortion type pressures are not my style. You can count me out of any attempts for info backed by threats.
I will probably continue to harp about my concerns that the player base will dwindle if a few easy(what I think are) changes can't be made. I will probably also continue to posit ridiculous and impossible actions as alternatives to bulk funding. They should talk more with us to get me to stop that at least!
I forgot…. I do not think that there is impending, imminent, immediate Doom here. I seriously doubt that I would have been able to activate any of my dormant accounts again if there were. You don't let players re sub if you are about to shut the light off.

Realistically, (even though it seems an eternity of waiting) MMORPGs do take years to get to a really playable state, let alone a polished one. This has been only a cpl years. MMOs also limp along (Devs and enough players willing) for very extended periods sometimes and then revive like spring after winter…
Even without funding yet but a written "nod" that they are still willing to try, would be nice to see. I tell you, make it so we can loot Holdings when captured and I will be in high gear again! We are still playing in The Dominion with more than a 6 man party on more than a few nights a week. There is still great interest despite all my
First just give us a mule that does not despawn until it's timer runs out.
The spirit of any good TT game is how it is designed to be played. Instead of trying to change what is already done here, develop(along with all else that needs work) better and more PVE AND some tools for somebody(however that can be worked and not be disaster) to run adventures and quest chains and even whole campaigns.

Do something no MMORPG like this has ever done before. Live unique content run by humans.
Some issues to address:


I am not understanding how the quest creaters recoup the cost of the reward offered at the end of the day.

The quest reward absolutely has to come from the creators themselves as if it is just supplied by the game the exploit possibilities are breathtaking and you also would be creating an uncontrolled coin faucet.

Assuming the creator just "wears the loss", I understand with newbie quests some groups will want to give away goodies as a loss-leader using the quests for recruiting PR and some quests may be funded "in house" by companies/settlements for the benefits of members. However if this idea was to float in a useful way the quest writer needs to generally at least recoup costs.


Moderation is essential for two reasons:
  • inappropriate content - somebody will eventually create a "Donald Trump's Big Penis" quest or some other totally inappropriate content for a general game. This needs to be vetted.
  • quality control - boring, overly difficult or unrewarding content is bad for the games reputation. The fact that content is user created does not stop net trolls on reddit flamers etc slamming a game. Quality control is essential
  • I would leave creator rewards in the realm of player/company/settlement in any case of player created and run quests. It is what it is. On the other hand, many games have "moderators" that pop in and do Events and things that are set up and sponsored by the Game Company running the show. That is separate. GW could vet some players that wanted to volunteer to do x number of those things for a sub credit or just for free if the individual wanted. Why not some store credit?

    One thing for limiting abuse is not letting untrusted/non vetted players spawn Images of Nhur Athemon whenever and wherever they like. What they can spawn and how often should be a consideration. I agree.

    Moderation? What does GW do when there are idiots that get ingame and do stupid things or Super Troll chat? Can't they do the same thing to idiots that design and run "The Quest for Donald Trump's Extra Large Penis Ego"?

    Again with the reputation thing? Can the reputation get worse than it is now? How bad is the Rep of a failed and closed game? I realize that Lisa does need to protect the Pathfinder IP. Either making this more like Pathfinder(and embracing the hordes of TTers that WANT IT SO) or completely separating it from Paizo and Pathfinder should be a serious priority anyway.
    Despite that the general attitude seems to be almost nothing "great" can be done right now to PfO to make playing it better or make it more attractive to other MMO players, IMO, that is bunk! Here are a few things that I believe would not be too onerous to accomplish. Hopefully at least a couple are doable:

    Quest Tools: Make mules persistent for their full timer. We will do the rest. Just one tool to start. Let us show you what can be done.

    Holding Raiding: Allow the contents of captured Holdings to be accessible to the victors. Increase interest in PVP. Along with this, a company must have a Holding of it's own or it can't raid or feud. <—Would that be hard to code?

    Annoying Small Holdings: Create an NPC in Thorn Keep that sells "30 day Liens". These can be placed on Small Holdings. All the owner has to do is click the door within 30 days to cancel the lien. If failing that, the Small Holding can be collapsed manually by the GM for now and auto collapsed later when the coders are available. It returns to the owner's bag as normal. Gold Sink Here!

    Alliances: Finish Alliance mechanics a bit.
    A. Allow Alliance members to train at allied Holdings.
    B. Allow Alliance Members to have a company vault set at Allied Settlements.
    C. Use existing Holding mechanics to allow us to refuse free training to anyone not from our Settlements. WE can make deals and allow outsiders to be allies so they can train.

    Like I wrote, I am unsure if all of these could be done fairly easily, but surely some could. Any other ideas?
    There does not even have to be an "object". There are never any "malberries" in my bag during that quest. There isn't even any "pickle poison" in my bag while doing that quest either.

    It sure would be good to have some more quests for new players around Thorn Keep. That is one major complaint. It sure would be nice to have some tools (even basic) so that Events could be designed and run…