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Hey Aussie,
I have made a good deal of coin filling buy orders on the AH. I suspect that a large part of them were your orders. I'm going to answer these from my point of view.
(1) Do people like buying stuff on the auctions houses? I do when I see a good deal or I am in need of something. A matter of convenience. I especially like buying underpriced items for resale.
(2) Would people be more open to selling on the auction houses? If you mean as opposed to selling then no more opposed than I am buying.
(2a) If people are open to is do you expect more coin than the current prices? In general the prices for selling(filling buy orders) are either too low and not worth the time or so outrageous(high) that they are hard to resist filling.
(3) Would people prefer it if we went to more of a trade economy, or something where say coal was the base currency? Not I. Basically coin was conceived as a convenience and should be used for transactions. The largest trading that I have done has been through exchange of goods for goods though. I think that is because 1. raw materials are not often available on the market and 2. because there is not much demand to have coin, I do not feel that the time spent gathering materials or crafting is worth the effort.

Your basic problem, besides a very low player population(which causes some of the following) is that gear is not worn out fast enough and coin is not really needed except when you are far from home and need gear fast. I have not had much trouble selling ANYTHING that I put onto the market… I don't have much motivation to do so because I don't really need coin…
@ Tyncale

I agree that a little atmosphere(look/feel) in the different areas and some music and some specific "ambient background" would really help.

Build the game slowly is all we have if there can't be a surge of cash. I have to wonder if a surge of cash would be all that great. The more money that you have on hand for a project(at one time), the more likelihood you have that some of it will get wasted.

As for Howard, I believe that he is serious. I won't speak for him except to defend him. My impression is that he is comfortable rather than wealthy. If he were wealthy he would just buy the damn game. I am sure that investing in it would be a stretch and risk for him yet I know that he is pretty much as sure as all of us that if some things could get finished, the game could be a success at some level way higher than this.

P.S. You have Paizo Mail
I don't have to say this in my working universe as often as I used to, but: "Don't tell me you can ONLY do it this way. Tell me another, better, less expensive way that you can do this."

According to the first few blogs back in the day, that is basically how this game was conceived and planned to be accomplished. The fact that it might be even more difficult to accomplish with less than even those first ideals should just look like a road block to Lisa.

How do we get around this block, Lisa?
The sameness of the world IS a problem but as Howard points out there are dozens of MMOs out there with antique graphics doing regular, profitable business. That is more than a general graphics issue. How much work does it take, how long, etc… to work on an entire hex and change things up in it's look and feel? I think it is the mechanics that keep people around. Obviously here it is mostly "Love Stricken" supporters yet there are still people that sign up, fall in love with the game and start getting assimilated into the culture. Few in number and in no way filling the gap made by lapsing subscriptions, they still show that there is a "niche" that Pathfinder Online can fill in the market. Most of these new players tell me that they had never heard of this game and found their way here by WoM or completely accidental discovery. How many out there would come and fall in love with a little low key free advertising?

Some finished features, some missing features and some low key advertising are what is needed to go from "intensive care" to "stable and mending". From there, some cash shop flow and a small steady gain in subs and the game could be on "out patient" status, or so is my opinion.

What bugs me is that there(IMO) seems to be an ALL OR NOTHING attitude atmosphere here. Either the game gets the exact amount of capital needed to "finish" it to some point or it limps along in limbo until it does… Granted anyone that puts a large amount of cash into something wants that to be what turns the tide toward profits so that their investment isn't futile and wasted, but maybe there is more that can be done, for less actual cash, than we will admit. I also could see that the current Dev team is probably worn down physically and mentally with at least stress. Getting that kind of renewed effort from them may not be realistic. That would explain part of the ALL OR NOTHING seeming situation that I perceive here.

At least Howard is offering a solution that is not based on a lump sum from a single source. <–Outside the box. Less individual risk. 1-1.5 mil could seriously make a BIG difference. Instead of just believing that it is an ALL OR NOTHING situation and cruising on in limbo like this, why can't several or a dozen "outside the box" tactics be applied to the Strategy of achieving a thriving game?

There is a synergy that can be achieved in endeavors that allow participant/investors to gain along with the Developers and Owners. That is another "out of the MMO box" possibility. Take a REAL look at Entropia Universe.
Some single ingredient that is needed to craft enchanted gear and consumables, if that were available from NPC vendors only and/or from the cash shop, would that be a P2W item? Let's assume that enchanted gear were to be not necessarily more powerful than current gear but more "specialized" than current gear.
For the most part I am technically ignorant of what is very simplistic to code and what is pretty advanced. Nor do we really know the actual skill range of our intrepid GW team, though they have demonstrated that they are a good ways above novice.

-For instance, could they get ammo into the feature set if they wanted to spend the time on it?
-Could they code some type of short debuff for ranged attackers that fire/cast on the move?
-Line of site coding with solid objects, do you need solid things or do you just need LoS and no target with out LoS? Is there a downside to skipping the "solid" part for things like AoE attacks?

For LoS there is already preliminary code because of stealth. Can that be adapted more widely?

Edit to Add: Think of how much the game would change with LoS requirements, ammo, exceptions/alternatives to rooting and how that would keep us excited for months.
Could be that I am way off base here, but I too have an archer character so I feel like I have grounds to voice concerns(grumble) about their state. The first thing that I'll say is that the fighter's Trophy Charm expendables need a "look see" and expansion all around. Second, I like the idea of increased range, but then NPC archers need a fixing as well and that would have to come with a greater agro range for some of them.

The archer is "alright" for low stakes solo play. The archer is less than mediocre in PVP or high end PVE. Being fixed for the "shot animation" is bad but being fixed in position until Big Zog acknowledges and reports the hit on an opponent is just silly. It isn't as if the archer is mentally guiding the arrow in after it is released.

I greatly appreciate that the team is small now and that some fixes look daunting from that viewpoint but we are talking about a long time here that this has been begging for a "look see" and a fix. So long in fact that we barely remember to put it on requests for upcoming patch "X.Y". Just an example of something that could be done to improve everyday play, but has been bypassed over and over…

Edit: My personal fix idea(almost forgot) was that unless extremely skilled(or better always) an archer should be almost useless within melee range if he is targeted by an opponent. That is a more realistic approach to empowering an archer that has range and time while giving him an inherent weakness in some situations.
Is it possible to have a cash shop that isn't pay to win, yet it is successful? Is it possible to have a Freemium game that isn't terrible? Is it possible to have both of these things in the same game?

Versions of F2P and Freemium and B2P are more common now than subscription only games. At least the ones that are the most new or under development. It isn't just the future. It's the present. These games that are "flashes in the pan"? Well most of them are still around and still have larger player bases despite losing ground than this one did at it's most successful.

Somebody plays these games. Waiting for magical investors isn't working very well. Some of us would rather this game die than that it make a few compromises, while being sensible about them, or see it try some outside the box avenues to earn $$$ and get Developed. I am willing to compromise a bit.
Blah! What a waste if all of this work goes down the tubes because there is little or no flexibility and certainly no creativity when dealing with the obstacles of reality.
I have to wonder if there is a difference in conversion to subscribed accounts when there was a trial and accounts that sign up now as there is no other choice. New players are still coming in and seem to be sticking better but that may be simply because it is a "buy in" thing now so you may as well play it out. It may be that they are getting mixed into the pop of players that are giving them social experiences that create ties. It may be a combination.

Not sure that F2P or Freemum would be superior to Buy and Pay at this stage, but I think with just a bit more content it would be.

Yes the cosmetic items have been overlooked or more likely seen as useless until there is a large enough player base to make coding them worthwhile. If you can't sell enough they may look like bad investments of time to developers at the moment. On the other hand, if they are not extremely time intensive or costly to code, why not start with small easy things and build a nice inventory for sale?

Just do something! Plodding along in a Limbo like state with slow progress is not retaining subscribed accounts. If it is actually gaining total subscribed accounts and I am talking out of my ass then tell me and I will shut my trap! smile If not then get started on a strategy to make this game rise that does not involve conventional investment in large sums. It is always good to do some of the hard stuff yourself.