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On specific opinions about future major direction/projects:

My feeling is that you already have a really great base game. You Just need to polish it up a bit. You have substantial Pillars for interest and thus success. You just need to infuse more variety and exciting play possibility into each.

Gathering, crafting, selling, buying. The elements are there already. The system/play for crafting and acquiring skills/materials is here. As a gatherer I can't keep items on the AH. I am just one guy. The economy works. Hard-work/careful-pricing pays off with profit.

This is a hard one because a map can only be so large before it gets ridiculous. Exploration is well served by searching for Gushers, location of Enchant or other raw materials, "other" player holdings/defenses, escalations.

Escalations, how they are supposed to work, are almost unique in MMORPG's currently out. You have a base system for creating quests.

All of the motivations and ability to engage in both random and reasoned PVP are in the game already. All the tools for alliances/enmity relationships are EXISTING NOW.

The POLITICAL META was there already before the game even started serious coding. It was very vibrant and exiting. Azoth and the limited (still just a baby so far) cash shop has great potential. Excellent community and customer service (best I've seen) are here.

I'm only listing the positives of the above because they are more to my point that there IS A GAME HERE and the point isn't about how much work needs be done on any one of them.
What is Holding You Back Now?

Only cash. Priority ONE. What I mean is that you need to figure out how to generate some serious cash in-flow. You need to focus on reasons for more players to try the game and ways to "hook"/motivate them to stay. What could you do with one more person that could illustrate/animate creatures and outfits, fix bugs or code features from scratch?

Things like:
lower premium or more character "bang for the buck"
player incentives through play rewards or actual cash rewards of some type
alternate ways to earn more xp faster

In this I mean low work(for you)/increased player motivations. I also mean that those "Pillars" need work but that isn't timewise-realistic without funding. Don't lose out on your many unique takes on things already implemented because you can't show them to the world in time to beat the rest of your competitors.
No ETA yet. There are some complicated bits we need to work through that set the tone for the rest of the plan, and we're closing in on those, but there are still a fair number of details to work through.
Not in any way attempting to be rude or annoying here with these questions, but the above leads me to feel like you have "a plan". Is the reluctance to write it out due to not having it organized in an orderly layout/timeline or is it just a vast strategy that is too long and obvious to bother sharing?

How stuck in pre-assigned priority is it and how much is left for "crowdforged" idea/discussion is there? Either order is fine (your game, money, risk) but I miss the original "ideals" of the "crowdforged feeling". smile
From a role play point of view you are going to have to do some fancy footwork to explain how a dead boss offers you a choice of loot.

From a game mechanic/balance point of view there are no issues with the idea.

As for Gold. The obvious excess cash flow into the game at present seems to be an artefact of the way we are all almost all high end T3 gatherers and escalation runners. If the game ever achieves a more normal state the influx of newer players will soak up that excess gold crafting gathering trading and selling stuff fairly quickly.

What I do find interesting is the idea that limiting the cash flow into an economy will somehow boost it. It certainly has not happened with the countries implementing austerity measures worldwide over the past decade. That seems to go against all accepted economic theory.
There isn't a functional real world economy that allows it's citizens to print their own currency. Not as far as I have read about or been able to find.
Printing money without limit is the stuff of hyper-inflation. It devalues the currency. Maybe not real noticeable now (with 20-30 active players) but it will eventually be a serious problem. That is pretty easy to verify. If you do not mind watching a 10 min cartoon about how this relates to MMORPGs: Here. Just watch and think about it.

Note that they do not suggest that coin generation be totally cut off. They do offer some real world like solution/ideas. I was very wrong when I long ago suggested that Azoth be made into a fully tradable (like currency) for more than coin currency. The way that Azoth works now is more like the right direction. It just needs more uses to help balance player economy AND Paizo cash RW influx.

I do not suggest that no coin drop. I only suggest that more craft-able(TRADEABLE) salvage be awarded than coin. Not a single perfect solution to avoid a joke economy but definitely a step.
I just wish we could agree on "even if there are QoL stuff that needs to be adressed RIGTH NOW" there is a possibility thaat having a duscussion thread about other things eh, eh?

Just having one hundred and thirty two thread with just "the vault is broken, and needs to be fixed" over, and over, and over again … feels a bit boring.

All honor to Cato and persistence…. but …
I think that we can.
Dont think asking for salvage to be added to boss drops is off the post topic of boss drops - but maybe that is just me….
If the devs spend time on this - i would rather them figure out how to have a mouse scroll through a bank - you know in case they ever want to get past all the frustrating portions of the game- so that we can find players to stick around long enough to get tired of the repetitive stuff …
Well I meant that my reply was further off the topic. Not yours. Since you mention fixing frustrations, that would be my preference as well. smile
Or just add the salvage as a very high chance of dropping for a boss kill- like 60% - 75%% of the time you get the salvage items the escalation offers- in addition to the other things.

Many of them have 2 types - some of have 4+ types - So inventories would be filling fast on boss kills but still - makes sense to me to have salvage drop off the boss at higher rates than normal mobs.
Off the OP's original purpose… BUT if we all agreed that too much hard coin drops in the upper escalations, a better economic game might be possible if salvage drops were dialed UP a bit and Coin drops were dialed down a smidgen.

Coin being magically generated by mobs in the amounts that it is, we'll never achieve anything like a proper economic cycle.
+1 I like it. After a certain amount of rewards and a small pop of players for trading, loot tables start to get pretty monotonous/redundant. Also, customizable choices always add more satisfaction.
There is a refining or crafting tax anywhere that you can craft things. At TK it is only 1 cp for +0 basic leather sheet (for example) but it goes up as your object goes up (I think) in tier and plus in most cases, until it gets into the sp's. This can vary according to home taxes vs. set settlement taxes like all else.

Yet I do grok that a refiner/crafter needs to make some profit to keep the machines running. I am stumped on your "full materials value". Are there some set "full prices" for raw materials or do you just mean like regular raw AH material prices like 100c per iron ore? <only naming 100cp because that seems a regular stable price for that material. smile
Thanks for answering, Rich. NightmareSR, mayhap Maker just didn't consider that. It actually COSTS a refiner coin (and arguably time) to run refine batches so I guess, if the above is the set formula, I'll stick with selling raw stuff.
Down here, Western Sydney was hitting 110F last week and towns out west were getting to 120F for several days in a row. Poor old snakes hate it and it killed lots of fish. Well and truly the hottest January nationwide on record.

Bit cooler this week though.
That must be miserable! smile