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All posts created by Flari-Merchant

Lowland Campus Annex near a future NPC city?
I'll just say that little or medium updates can come across as nice things too. I'll also point out that I know squat about whether such things are more annoying/costly or work intensive than big whopping update packages.
Can't count the times I had problems logging in because I had Caps-Loc on. smile
lol! Marvelous work, Maxen. smile

Whoosh! Zhoom! Whoosh!
Oki! Now I'm in the error must have been in one of those additional files locations you listed, because this time the reinstall worked.

but is it possible to break up that first Texture.pig file in smaller chunk? the download failed near the end of that three times and had to restart the whole shebang…

Glad that fixed things for you. We may at some point be able to make some changes to the mac install/patch process to prevent this, but for now it's good to know that this can help if someone else runs into similar problems.

We do also plan to look into improvements to the download process at some point, with texture.pig being the primary pain point that we need to deal with. Sadly, breaking that file into pieces, while it will possibly be part of any eventual solution, isn't a trivial change, so it would have to be scheduled in alongside everything else.
Keep at it Bob. That (.pig) is beast for Win too. I think we all realize this whole thing is a long term Monument! It's going to take time. The original descriptions still offer more intriguing player control and agency and fun playability than any upcoming stuff I have seen yet. smile
Bob:"That's something we've talked about doing, but I doubt it will be on the schedule very soon."

"Aside from polishing up Enchantment any way we could get a tease at what might be next?" <–Asked the Heartless Impatient Demon… smile
Agree. MANY times, after hours of getting there, a group is pushing the limits of RL endurance (for whatever reason up late, whatever) to finish an esc. Wouldn't be terrible if there was a small consideration of THE BOSS simply popping when it is eligible.
Congrats to Aragon. Well Done!
OK … how about this one (aimed at new players):
Cash Shop Item - New Account Starter XP Pack.

The pack costs the same as a months sub but gives one character 1 month of XP instantly (no extra time added to sub) for the same cost as subbing for a month. Basically you forgo the extra play time to get the XP instantly.

Limitations: Account must be less than 6 weeks old. Maximum of one pack per character.
Sounds ok to me in principle. No immediate objections. Great idea. smile
Seems to be a gatherers market right now. No trouble selling raw mats, but lots of competition to buy them. But that's fine by me since I like to gather and explore but not much interest in crafting.
I agree and have pretty much switched to being a seller again, though I am always interested in buying at below market when I see it available! smile